36 -year -old actress announced pregnancy!I have experienced 6 failure feelings, and my life is happy after marrying billionaires

On December 24th, according to Taiwan media reports, senior actress Chen Wei announced his successful pregnancy. As soon as the news came out, fans have commented on congratulations.

Chen Wei reported on her personal social account. She wrote that the two -person world is about to be 2+1!She also shouted to the baby who was not born. Your arrival really made us happy. You don’t have to choose the excellent in the population in the future, as long as you are happy.In the end, she did not forget to thank her husband for their intimate care during this time, which moved her very much.

At the same time, she was very happy and she also showed B -ultrasound.I saw her and her husband Chen Xiangxiang sitting in front of the Christmas tree. Both of them were wearing white sweaters and tacitly dressed.

The couple showed the baby’s B -ultrasound in the camera, with a bright smile and a good mood, they could feel their joy across the screen.

Chen Wei, 36, debuted as a model. With tall figure and beautiful appearance, she was quite good in the fashion circle.

Considering that the model eats youthful meals, she later transformed into an actor. In the past, she has appeared in Wu Kequn’s MV "What to Do Lonely" and the TV series "School Flower’s Personal Master 2".Fixed team.

For many years, although Chen Wei is not popular, he has been working continuously and has developed smoothly.Compared with her career, her emotional road is very bumpy. Before knowing her current husband, she has experienced 6 failure feelings.According to her herself, she almost ended each other, and one of the ex -boyfriends even betrayed her many times.

It wasn’t until he met Chen Yixiang that Chen Wei’s heart settled.Chen Yixiang is very big. He is the heir of a group. The group is the 25th container ship company in the world with an annual turnover of 24 billion yuan.

Despite the wealthy family, Chen Yixiang is not attentive. He is a very good man. After falling in love with Chen Wei, he only has the other party in his heart.

Five years after the two, he officially asked Chen Wei to propose, and Chen Wei, who confirmed the other party in the morning, nodded happily.

Afterwards, Chen Wei shared photos of kissing with Chen Yixiang on the social network and wrote that wearing a ring, I don’t think this is the end of the trophy. Instead, we are all ready to go to the next milestone together.

She also revealed that her nickname was the big nose. In the process of falling in love, she once wanted to give up because of some things. Fortunately, she finally insisted.

Two years ago, Chen Wei and Chen Yixiang held a wedding. In order to grand, they seized more than 700 relatives and friends, and there were many celebrities and stars to witness the sweet love between the two.

After Chen Wei married into the giants, life was very beautiful.Both husbands and wives like children, and they have been working hard to prepare for giving birth.Today, she is finally pregnant with her baby.

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