37 weeks in the third trimester+the day before yesterday, there is a contraction of fetal heart monitoring shows that there is already a contraction, it is a bit responsible …

37 weeks after the third trimester, how can the contraction judge whether it is about to give birth?

Is the contraction is about to give birth?How to difference?True contractions and fake contractions. I have been 37 weeks of pregnancy for five days. Every morning, my hands are swollen and my hands are very painful. The fist is particularly difficult.The legs have also been swollen these days. When I went to do fetal heart monitoring yesterday, I showed that there were contractions. At that time, I was quite scared. I do n’t know if this was going to give birth.

As a result, I didn’t say anything to the doctor. I said to the doctor’s cesarean section. The doctor said: I don’t know if you can stand at that time, so I was a little worried.The single contraction intensity of fetal heart monitoring is 50 %, and there are twice in fifty minutes, but I don’t feel much, but sometimes I feel stomach.When I did it yesterday, the nurse also asked me if I had contractions. I said: I don’t know what contraction is. He said that it was hard and occasionally.I am still a little worried, what should I do if it is less than 39 weeks?I dare not go out in the past few days, and I almost rest at home.

It is said that there are fake contractions and real contractions on the Internet. Trive contraction is about to be born. It is a regular, but the stomach has no other symptoms. How long can this be?According to the previous cesarean section, there are about eight or nine days. I do n’t know if I can do it at that time.What accidents, sisters you have been to, how long do you know how long you can give birth like me?Now spend your heart -mindedness every day, fearing that there will be symptoms such as breaking bleeding suddenly.

Today’s breakfast is simply making some porridge. Cook the cakes that the husband took back yesterday and cook two goose eggs, because almost a person at home during the day ordered takeaway.

My brother and sister told me: As long as you bed, you can stop until thirty -nine weeks. After eating in the morning, you can simply wipe the house in the room, and the towels are hot with boiling water.The weather was particularly hot these days, and I sweated when I could live. The room did not clean up.

No matter how uncomfortable it is, now you must clean up the house so that you can rest assured to lie.At five o’clock in the morning, my husband got up to buy vegetables and fruits in the morning market, and it was inconvenient to go downstairs, so I got up earlier.It is less than nine o’clock now.

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