37 -year -old Mali officials are pregnant, her husband is 11 years old, has been inferior, worked, and gets sweeter and happy

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37 -year -old Ma Li is pregnant

Looking at this picture, it must be eight or nine months old. It seems that you will "unload" soon!

Even Mali personally announced the official announcement:

Recently, I am busy with gaining weight, you are busy growing up, and finally you can share happiness with everyone, be grateful!

Some pregnant women and BABY patterns mixed in the text can see that they are really pregnant!

Husband Xu Wenhe reposted and said: I am busy taking care of you, and my wife has worked hard!

Ma Li announced the relationship in 2017. In April 2018, she led her marriage certificate. Her husband Xu Wenhe was 11 years younger than her. She was also a member of the happy twist. At that time, due to the greater age, she caused a lot of sensation and heated discussion.

Now I see them getting sweeter and sweet, and I am really pleased!

For the majority of single girls

"Female Man", Comedy Queen Ma Li Marry

Definitely a "most inspirational" thing

The groom is still 11 years younger than her post -90s Xu Wenhe

Ma Dongmei finally met her Charlotte

Ma Xiao finally met her Eddie

Declaration of marriage between the two

Sweet and sweet

One said, "Can’t wait for long hair and waist, marry now"

One said, "No, marry now"

It is worthy of being a big Northeast girl!

Xu Wenhe, born in 1993

Also the actor of happy twist

Let’s open the front and clear photos, grow like this

The two often perform on the same stage

It’s also because of work and fall in love with work

As early as January the previous year

Ma Li released the relationship on Weibo

Valentine’s Day also shows love publicly

It was also photographed by the media that had a doll on the street

It can be said to be very loving

And Yi Meijun was still surprised to find

Although Xu Wenhe’s Weibo is not large

There are not many fans

But since I am with Ma Li

I have been quietly praising her Weibo ~

Unexpectedly, Yi Meijun also has such a gossip side, right?

This sister who has been blessed by netizens loves

It also made Yi Meijun think of a anecdote–

One day in May 1991

34 -year -old Tie Ning and rain to visit Bingxin

Bing Xin asked Tie Ning: "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Tie Ning replied: "I haven’t found it yet."

"Don’t look for it, you have to wait."

The 90 -year -old Bing Xin said to her.

Ma Li, as a "senior comedian"

I brought us a lot of laughter

Although she always plays the role of a female man

But Yimei Jun has always felt

She has a beauty that transcends gender

Now, she finally waits for someone who knows how to appreciate herself

Yi Meijun just wanted to say: Lady, very vision!

Remember the last time I was swiped by Ma Li?

"Shy Iron Fist" caused a hilarious frenzy as soon as it was released

Ma Li’s performance can be described in eight words–


Is there any in your WeChat

A "iron pot stew itself" expression package?

In order to make this scene

Ma Li can be said to be very hard

It is said that it was 4 months before the filming of the movie

She entered the state of "change gender" in advance

I haven’t worn the skirt for 4 months

No matter where you stand, put one leg on a stool and keep shaking

Eat a gobbles and swallowed

Can sit in the paralyzed paralyzed

Walking is all domineering sideways, tiger and tiger style

The play in the movie is also playing in person

My fingers were injured, and my feet were stunned too

The last picture of the picture is enough

Have a play

It was Ma Xiao who took off the male athlete’s panties by the pool

In fact, when shooting this scene

The butt of the actor is facing Ma Li’s face

Almost posted on your face

But I have to want to

For an actress

It can be said to be very embarrassing

The scene of falling into the swimming pool to exchange souls

They took two days for two days

Earlier, Ma Li has worked for more than 20 consecutive days

In those two days, I caught up with her physiological period again

Also hanging Weia to fall into cold water again and again

Because it was tied up when it fell into the pool, it was easy to sting the water

Ma Li couldn’t swim, and she took a lot of water many times

After NG many times, she suddenly collapsed

Crying on Allen’s shoulder

Later, everyone was very happy after this scene was filmed

Ma Li goes back to change the wet clothes

Crying in the hotel corridor alone

It happened that the director Song Yang passed and saw this scene

I said with distress and guilt:

Sorry, I almost forgot that you are an actress.

Why did Ma Li shoot so hard?

The reason is to find from her life experience

Ma Li is from Dandong, Liaoning

Authentic Northeast Tiger Niu

However, the same is the same as the Qianjin baby in the world

She has been raised as a little public since she was a child

There is a barber shop downstairs in Ma Li’s house

At a very small time

Mom will take her to the hot little curly hair

Putting on a pink princess skirt, it is so delicate like a Barbie doll

The kindergarten teacher was reluctant to let go of her all day long

The style of painting gradually runs from elementary school

Because of sports talent

Ma Li is cultivated as a sports special student

Running, long -distance running, javelin, basketball sample training

The wind blows the sun, and the little father -in -law also becomes rough a little …

At the age of 14, Ma Li was seen by a teacher of Shenyang Art School

I have entered the Liaoning Culture and Art School,

Liaoning Cultural and Art Employees University of Performance Study

In 2001, she was admitted to the Department of Performance of the Chinese Opera

During college, she has always been the monitor

The scores of professional courses are particularly pointed

However, the graduation drama is here

She failed to play the female No. 1

A teacher said that she looks flawed

"Looking like a monkey"

"It’s best to knock the upper teeth, and then hoop a hoop"

This approximate "go for cosmetic surgery"

Almost became a straw that crushed Ma Li

Ma Li before became famous

Originally, Ma Li’s appearance was not bad

To ordinary people, it is also very comfortable

But starting from learning performance

She entered a world of beautiful women like clouds

Naturally dull like an ugly duckling

From Girls’ Generation

If there is a sense of inferiority, it is accompanied by Ma Li

The teacher’s heart or unintentional words

Broken her self -esteem and strong

It also made her walk into a dead end:

I’m not beautiful, I can’t compete with beauty.

I’m not beautiful, I can’t play the number one.

After graduating from college, she was suffering from depression

Inferiority, silence, no seeing people

At that time, the business at home was changed again

She has always rely on her mother to give her living expenses

When being asked by my mother a sentence "Is there any money?"

Suddenly I feel self -containing, and I feel more useless

During that time, she encountered a black intermediary

The door lock was filled with glue, and the mobile phone number was leaked to the report

Doing part -time job is arrears of salary …

That may be the darkest time in life

It was the drama saved her

Holding the mentality of "I’m not beautiful enough, then I’m going to play the drama"

Ma Li after graduating from college

I didn’t run the crew in the crew like my classmates


Continue to specialize in stage dramas

Practice in the mirror every day to roll, hit the body, and read lines

Only Shen sneak into the world of drama

Only then can she find a sense of confidence

At the beginning of the drama, Ma Li played the positive drama

He also partnered with Li Cunxin and Jiang Wenli

Once, a director watched her drama

Ask her to shoot a movie

The first day of entering the crew

Ma Li heard someone behind him pointed at the point

"Who is this, you can come in so ugly,

Does it matter?"

Later for a long time

Ma Li rejected all film and television invitations

The world is a wonderful kind of yin and yang

While closing a door

Another window is also opened invisible

In 2005, Ma Li starred in a drama

"The Manchu City is all pyramids"

She plays a female archeologist in it

There is a line:

"When I was in college,

My family asked me to report to a unpopular major,

Reported ancient Egyptian architecture,

I have graduated now,

But who is still stamped with pyramids now?"

One opening and one share of Northeast Grandma taste

I am amused at a time

In the amused audience

I happened to be sitting on the screenwriter, director Peng Da Mo, Ma Chi, the director of the happy twist

There is also the first -generation actor He Yan, the first -generation actor

The three of them were shining at the same time:

"She is not female No. 1,

But the excitement of the whole scene was snatched by her!"

Yes, Ma Li finally met her Bole!

Everyone in the next story is almost known

Ma Li entered the happy twist

"Crazy Stone" and "Jianghu Academy"

"Somali Pirates" and "Earl Earl"

"Rotating Carmen", "Charlotte Trouble"

Just like this

Her performance style is becoming more and more popular

It has become the "Queen of the Thousands of Drama" in the drama industry.

In 2010, the Mango Taiwan Lantern Festival at the Lantern Festival

Mali and He Yan collaborated on sketches

"Super Happiness insole"

It is the beginning of many people knowing Ma Li

"Hello everyone, I’m from Mary from Taipei"

"Hi everyone, I’m from the northeast of Mali"

The first second of Xiaojiao, the female man in the next second

This kind of switching contrast is cute

It also became Ma Li’s most classic performance style

She also won the praise of "Female Edition Guo Degang"

2013 ~ 2015

Ma Li Shenteng CP has participated in CCTV Spring Festival Gala for three consecutive years

Their sketches have become one of the most anticipated programs on the Spring Festival Gala

Ma Li also became

"On the Spring Festival Gala stage, after Song Dandan,

Actress who can really laugh at the audience "

I have been tempering for many years without asking for no one

Finally became famous in the world

The 2015 movie "Charlotte Trouble"

2017 "Shy Iron Fist"

Ma Li, who is born in a niche drama actor

Finally "popular"

From drama to TV to big movies

She brought us too much surprise, too many joy

The evaluation of a Douban netizen is particularly interesting:

Ma Li is Stalin in the comedy world,

Her laughter is sanctions.

When I saw her, I even thought of her

The magical Li Yan laughs in the brain automatically sounds

And the classic "Hao Qian Na Hao Jian"

The whole person seems to be happy?

This self -made performance style

How many actresses can do it?

Compared with many actresses who have made their debut

Ma Li’s fame is much later

But every step is so solid

That’s why she dared to say:

I am not a female star, I am an actress.

You see, sometimes

Beets to be taken in life, there is no less step in one step

Looks heartless hold, her sister Xie Yilin

I have said an extremely sad word:

"The female comedian is a no -returning path,

When you choose this road,

You have to give up becoming Lin Zhiling."

Today’s entertainment industry is so prosperous

Excellent comedy actress is still a scarce resource

It’s because this road is not easy to go

Volkswagen’s thinking fixed

The rules of many characters will add the actor itself

You are a female comedian, you can’t be too beautiful

You are a goddess, don’t pretend to be a goddess

Most of the female comedy characters in our impression are these categories:

Ugly girl, fat wife, village aunt, fierce woman

Sister Pomegranate from Qiongdan

Wu Junru’s sausage mouth

I’m deliberately dressed up ugly

They are deepening this stereotyped impression

Because: If you are too beautiful, you are not funny anymore

For a long time

Ma Lidu is competing with this concept

she says:

Comedy is not ugly, not to spoil itself;

Comedy depends on the script, understanding the comedy.

Why can’t it be like Quan Zhixian

The goddess laughed while the goddess?

Once, she was not good at it, and there was no styling team

It is also refused by fashion brands for clothing sponsorship

At that time, she was particularly dissatisfied:

I don’t eat by my face!

Today, she will be serious and beautiful, skin care

Make yourself beautifully

Don’t be more beautiful to compare with, nor to please who you can please

Just to stand in front of the mirror

Looking at the beautiful state

The mood is also beautiful

The right to be deprived of the rights of "beauty"

There is also the right to "show weakness"

You are a female man, so you can’t be coquettish

It is best to have no heart or lungs, bleeding and not crying

Ma Li once participated in a reality show

Need to challenge high -altitude projects

She was scared on the spot

Later, some viewers said:

She is a comedy, why is the real person so arrogant?

Ma Li wanted to explain it for a while, but finally held back

Another time recording a reality show in Sichuan Snow Mountain

She wants to run to the snowy mountains at an altitude of 4,860 meters to complete the task

Because the heart is not good, plus the hypox of the plateau

Ma Li suddenly fainted

After being rescued from the line of life and death

Ma Li saw the audience’s message:

Hahaha, Ma Li was so funny.

She is particularly uncomfortable:

I almost died, where is the funny?

She has played many female men with boldness

But she is not a female warrior who can’t enter the sword

In fact, she is born in sports specialty

Because the physical fitness of the acting drama has been falling

Ma Li has performed more than ten years of drama

There are thousands of performances, there are countless rehearsals

She is holding a "fight" energy in each scene.

Sometimes you have to hold a drama and walk on the wall

She said: It feels like shouting the kidneys

It’s not good now

It may be that the drama was too strong in the past

And a word of light fluttering in the other person is unknown

But it can make her sad for a long time

Look at Ma Li’s careless character

You may not imagine

She is the most sensitive Cancer in the twelve constellations

Cancer who loves licking the wound alone the most

And "the movie is the king of comedy, but in reality is extremely lonely"

Zhou Xingchi is the same constellation

Comedy actors have brought many people happy to many people

In reality, it may be the most sad group of people

Ma Li has said her "inferiority" more than once

I also say that I may not be as funny as on the stage in reality

She is famous for comedy

The positioning of yourself is not a "comedian actress"

It is "actress who acts comedy"

she says:

I believe that one day,

Someone will come to me to play the positive drama or tragedy.


I have not officially seen Ma Li’s positive drama and tragedy works

First see her waiting for her lover, as well as her own child

Yimei Jun chose to bless them

Also choose to believe

All Ma Li has experienced all this

Xu Wenhe can understand and cherish her

Today in the entertainment industry’s feelings, false and false division together

Please be in love with each other, and keep happily!

The actor Ma Li, who brought us a lot of laughter

No matter how happy you are, you will continue to laugh!

I also wish all the "female guys" who can meet their own happiness!


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