38 weeks of pregnancy, fetal weight is still growing, pregnant women should pay attention to these three things

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Xiaowen has been pregnant for 38 weeks, and it is about to give birth to birth.But she always felt that the fetus seemed to be long. I don’t know if it was her illusion or it was indeed the case, and then went to the hospital to ask the doctor.The doctor told her that it was true. Xiaowen puzzled that the fetus was so big, and why did the weight grow?Then the doctor told her some related knowledge, and Xiaowen suddenly realized.So why does the fetus grow in 38 weeks?

After 38 weeks, the fetus is still growing

In October, the fetus has always been in the process of continuous development, but at different stages, the development of the fetus is also different.The fetus cannot be regarded as a "fetus" in the early stages of pregnancy, an embryo, and is developing from embryo to the fetus.During this period, the organic systems of the fetus were mainly developed, and the growth of weight was not obvious.The limbs, facial features, and organs of the fetus in the middle of pregnancy are still in further development, and the weight is also growing, but the range is not very large.By the third trimester, the fetus is basically developing, but it is a critical period for weight growth.The weight growth is about 100 grams per week, and sometimes it will reach 200 grams per week.

What should pregnant women pay attention to in the third trimester?

1. Supplement nutrition, control weight

In the third trimester, pregnant women still cannot forget the supplement to nutrition, because we also mentioned that the third trimester is a critical period for fetal weight growth.Therefore, for the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant women should still supplement comprehensive and sufficient nutrition.At the same time, you should also pay attention to avoid eating and special, otherwise the fetal absorption of too much nutrition may become a huge child.This is not good for the health of the fetus, and it will also affect the process of childbirth.

2. Be prepared for delivery

Entering the third trimester, especially after the fetus enters the basin, the fetus is likely to be born in advance.Therefore, pregnant women should understand the signals of these childbirth in advance, such as seeing red, water breaking, etc. At the same time, we must know how to deal with these symptoms correctly to better protect themselves and fetuses.In addition, pregnant women to be born in the birth package must be sorted out. Once the signs of childbirth occur, pick up the package to go to the hospital, which can save a lot of time.

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3. Adjust the mentality

The closer to the due date, the heavier the psychological burden of pregnant women, and the childbirth is full of various tensions and fear.If pregnant women have been in such a psychological state for a long time, they are not good for the development and childbirth of the fetus.Pregnant women should learn to regulate their mentality, learn more about childbirth, or talk to others, and they can be relieved.

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