38 years ago, 21 -year -old Diana stood up and played with Charles on the seaside. The picture was too beautiful.

Diana and Charles were pregnant shortly after they got married. We still remember that Diana was tired of falling asleep at the dinner.The news of Dai Fei has been pregnant, and the people of the United Kingdom are happy for her.

During this time, Diana was also very happy. Wang indooring and out and out of the king took her as a baby. Prince Charles also showed her tenderness and showed a rare and considerate appearance.

In February 1982, Prince Charles came to the beach with Diana, who was pregnant, to enjoy the sun, beach, waves, and the private time of the two.

At that time, Diana was pregnant for five or six months, and she was just a little bit pregnant. She was very energetic, her pregnancy was very easy, and her mood was good. She was a lot of fat. Next to Charles with thin arms and legs.Completely.

Charles is very concerned about the pregnant wife, and his eyes are not away from each other. Two people sometimes on the beach and enjoying the sun bath with sunglasses.Time.

Diana, who was pregnant for the first time, enjoyed this joy and movement. Facing the photography camera, she also put her long legs on Charles’ legs. The two looked comfortable, far away from the royal family and the public, and let the little couple really open up.

On June 21, 1982, Prince William was born.The relationship between the two was further eased, but this "honeymoon period" did not last too long. After Charles was the freshness of his father, he spent time on his favorite polo, fishing, and swimming.Leave.

On September 15, 1984, Xiaohari was born. At this time, Charles was already familiar with the way. After a simple visit, he left the ball.

The young Diana suffered two pregnancy and had children. The indifference of her husband hurt her. Since then, the relationship between the two has also plummeted.

In 1987, Charles disclosed his relationship with Camilla, and said that he had no fantasies about his marriage with Diana.

In the middle of the two, the two people’s "bloody" divorce is not much. In short, in 1996, Charles and Diana officially divorced.

Diana, who finally left the royal family, was finally "freedom", and she also found a good man in her mind -Dudi, the son of Egyptian rich.

After experiencing all kinds of storms, the two really wanted to be together. They had notified their families, and even found the marrying pastor and church to prepare to open the sweet life in the second half of their lives.

On July 17, 1997, Diana took her two sons to San Trupez, southern France. This was the last summer of her life and a summer of happiness.

Diana and their sons live in a large villa on the beach. There are 30 bedrooms. There are everything in clothing, food, housing, and transportation, and Dudi is also in extraordinary to them.

At this time, the Diana people were middle -aged and experienced the worst fairy tales in the world. The people around them changed one after another. What would she think at this moment?At that time, the time to play with Charles seemed to be in front of him, but now there is only the empty body left. Fortunately, his son is with him.

At that time, Prince William was 15 years old and Prince Harry was 12 years old. It was the age of playing and making trouble. They were always so free and happy with their mother. Maybe at this time they could understand why their mother had to die with the royal family!

But they did not know that this was the last time with her mother. Every time they recall, Prince William feels sad and regrets. If they can do something at the beginning, will the mother be killed in Paris?

One month later, on August 31st, Diana and Doden arrived in Paris. After dinner, they drove away. The paparazzi followed all the way and took the final shadow of Diana. The familiar blond hair exudes a soft luster.

In the marriage of Diana and Charles, Camilla couldn’t be around.

Without Camilla, Diana and Charles can still maintain their surface peace, at most a royal couple who disappears in love.

In fact, after getting older, who is still in love or not?Keeping children, grandsons, and doing some charity, isn’t it enough to be busy with Diana?

Just like the Queen Bing and Prince Philip, they also reported a lot of negative reports when they were young.Children go hand in hand for the overall situation.

Camilla’s curse is terrible. Charles has been a prince for a lifetime and loves Camilla for a lifetime.

Today, Charles and Camilla, in their 70s, regardless of the rumors of the outside world, regardless of their faces or not, they always laughed like a child when they appeared together, and they couldn’t hide their tacit understanding in their eyes.

They will also stroll the beach and enjoy the comfortable old age. Even if the two have been in shape, their skin is loose, the pace is slow, but the sea is still blue, the sun is still so brilliant, and the scenery is still so charming.

This really sighed, the two lived to the end and laughed to the end.Unfortunately, Diana, who died early, thought that the moment of life could end abruptly at the moment, and she broke the soul without leaving nothing.

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