41 -year -old Ren Jiaxuan Guan Xuan Xuan’s pregnancy, took a baby B -ultrasound full of joy, and had no marriage plan with his boyfriend without a marriage plan

On March 13, Selina, one of the members of the SHE members, sent an official on the personal social platform to be pregnant.She has been 41 years old and has experienced a marriage. She finally ushered in her spring. Last year, she had a 7 -year -old boyfriend official to declare a relationship with her young boyfriend. This year, she welcomed the little baby. I really want to congratulate Selina!

Selina was happy to share the news of pregnancy with you in the audio, and also generously revealed the name of BABY in the belly. She named the baby "small waist fruit".Selina said that she has not seen the gender of baby, and "small cashews" are suitable for both male treasures and female treasures.I have to say that Selina thinks very thoughtful.

In the audio, Selina said that the baby was pregnant when traveling to Vietnam last year. It has been 12 weeks for a long time, and she has been prepared for a long time before.Therefore, when it is determined to be Huaibao, Selina’s inner joy is self -evident, and her boyfriend Xiao Xu is also happy and happy.

In this audio, Selina shared her pregnancy and pregnancy mood. When it comes to these times, she choked several times. Even if she couldn’t see her expression, the sound of excitement was very moving.Now that she has finally upgraded her expectant mother, her mood and mentality remained very good. I hope that Selina can continue during the subsequent pregnancy.

Later, Selina posted on her personal Weibo again. This time, she wrote a small composition to express her excitement at this moment. It was really infected by Selina’s joy and happiness across the screen.

Selina wrote: "Thank you sincerely, I am full of joy, and share a good news with you, I am pregnant." This time, she still emphasized that the name of "small waist fruit" is very neutral, but men can women, sweet and salty.It can be seen that whether "small waist fruit" is a female treasure or male treasure, Selina and her boyfriend Xiaoxu will be extremely spoiled, and they can already foresee the future childcare picture of the small couple.

Although the "small cashew fruit" is still small, Selina can’t wait to write down the expectation of her baby. She said that "the mother hopes that the cashew fruit is a happy child" and instantly broke the defense.

At the end of the article, Selina wrote that she wrote an oil poem when she was in love last year, and this time she announced the news of pregnancy. She expressed fairness and wrote a song for the baby in the belly.Both words and sentences can feel Selina’s happiness and joy, congratulations!

In addition, Selina also released the B -ultrasound of "small cashews" for the first time.The little baby in the 12 weeks is very clear, and it can be clearly seen from the head to the little feet.I believe that Selina and Xiao Xu, who saw the baby in the belly, melted in the heart.

Selina also showed her own health manual of pregnant women and her father’s childcare manual. It seems that she and her boyfriend have been ready to welcome the baby.

After seeing Selina’s pregnancy good news, good sisters Ella and Hebe sent their blessings quickly.Ella was the first mother of the three, and now Selina has also been upgraded to expectant mothers, leaving only Hebe or single.So hebe has to cheer well, and I hope that the good news of her in the near future will be heard in the near future.

Netizens also sent sincere blessings to Selina: "My little father is a mother, and the second generation of the second generation of the group will come to the beautiful new world."I’m going to cry, congratulations, and ushered in the second generation of our regiment. Jinbao has a younger brother or sister. "It can be seen that everyone is very concerned about Selina.

As we all know, Selina had a five -year marriage. She and her ex -husband Zhang Chengzhong loved deeply and was once called a model couple.At that time, Selina was still linked to Zhang Chengzhong because of the burns.But the last two did not come to the end, ending with divorce, regrettable and regrettable.However, now Selina still maintains a friend relationship with her ex -husband. When there is new feelings for each other, they also bless each other generously, which fully interprets each other!

In March last year, Selina was photographed after a man who returned to the hotel with a man.Although Selina rarely publicly showed affection with her 7 -year -old boyfriend, in the few photos, everyone still showed up by the couple.In order to protect the boyfriend’s boyfriend, Selina has a caring code for the other party, but from Selina’s expression, she is indeed happy.

The feelings are deep and ushered in Baby. Originally thought that Selina and her boyfriend would put their marriage on the agenda in the next step.However, according to Selina’s agent, Selina and her boyfriend did not have a marriage plan, and earlier Selina also said in the interview that she would no longer marry.

Of course, whether or not to get married, congratulations to Selina for upgrading as a mother. I hope she will maintain a good mentality and good state during pregnancy. Soon after, Ping An will give birth to "small cashews"!

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