42 days after giving birth are the "golden period"!Moms do these 5 things, and their body recovers quickly

Each woman in pregnancy is full of expectations for the future, but when the child is born, the life of women will change tremendous. Many women even become chaotic because they do not have the experience of their children.Put back into the stomach again.It is impossible for life to return to the past after giving birth to a child, but the body can still be recovered, so the postpartum recovery points must be remembered.

1. Scientific confinement

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause tremendous changes in women’s bodies, especially the changes in reproductive systems and breasts are the most obvious. Therefore, women should quickly restore their bodies to the original state through the way of confinement.

Nowadays, women have to discard the traditions left in the past, such as not bathing, not exercise, and so on.During the confinement, the room can also be properly brought off. Under the premise of keeping warm, you can get out of bed. After 2 to 3 days, you can take a shower.You can take a bath, but you must keep warm after taking a bath, and immediately blow your hair.

2. Pay attention to protect the wound

Whether it is a smooth birth or a cesarean section, the wound must be carefully protected.When the wound is not completely healed, the wound is dry to avoid inflammation and redness, swelling, heat, and pain.If the wound appears inflamed or painful, consult the doctor in a timely manner to heal the wound faster with the help of a doctor, otherwise it will have a bad impact on postpartum recovery.

3. Observe lochia

During the confinement, women should often observe lochia, and they can know how the uterus recovers through lochia.It is recommended to observe the color, quantity and odor of lochia.Lulu generally lasts 4 to 6 weeks, and the color will gradually change from dark red to pale red and brown until white.If the amount of lochia is roughly the same as the flat menstrual flow, then it means that everything is normal. Whether it is the color of the lochia or the amount of abnormalities, it is necessary to go to the hospital for relevant examinations.

4. Balanced diet

During confinement, there is no need to make big fish and meat every day. A reasonable diet is the most important. The daily food types must be rich and diverse, including soup, meat, eggs, vegetables, etc.Obesity can also enable mothers to have sufficient milk.

5. Pay attention to leakage and constipation

Postpartum women are prone to leakage of urine or constipation. Most of them are caused by the relaxation of the basin of the basin. If they do not pay attention to it, the pelvic floor muscles will be repaired in time. Due to the various symptoms caused by the bottom muscle, they will followThe age of age is increasing, so there is a situation of leakage or constipation during confinement. Communicate with the doctor in time to determine the time to repair the bottom muscle.

6. Pay attention to the recovery of the body shape

After giving birth to a baby, the belly will become large, and the skin will become particularly relaxed, and even some women will grow stretch marks.Some women think that this is not a big deal. It is not too late to repair it in the future. In fact, the sooner the postpartum recovery, the better. For example, the golden restoration period of stretch marks is 3 to 6 months after giving birth.It will become bigger and bigger.

After confinement, that is, 42 days after giving birth, you must also go to the hospital for review.The main examination items include liver and kidney function, blood pressure, wound conditions, routine hematuria, uterus, ovarian, attachments and pelvic bottoms.Through these inspection items, you can intuitively understand the specific situation of physical recovery during confinement, as well as more specific planning for postpartum recovery.

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