42 years old, 9+ weeks early, how can ultrasound find uterine fibroids, how to go through pregnancy smoothly?

The 42 -year -old sister -in -law was pregnant with Erbao as expected. She came back to the B -ultrasound. She was troubled because?In addition to the report of the B -ultrasound: early pregnancy is 9+ weeks, it can be seen that the fetal heart beats, and it is also found that there are small fibroids in the uterine muscle layer, 0.8*0.7cm size.

As a "gynecological first tumor", uterine fibroids are also considered millennium of ancient diseases. They are more common in women aged 30-50, and the incidence of more than 30 years is as high as 20%.

Because most patients with uterine fibroids do not have any symptoms, they often accidentally discover during the physical examination that a few symptoms such as increased menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual periods, or symptoms such as frequent urination, constipation, waist acidity and other symptoms, as well as the lower abdomen mass.Overcarisitation found uterine fibroids.

Sister Ji’s uterine fibroids are very small, only 0.8*0.7cm, located on the uterine muscle layer.In the process of pregnancy with a tumor, it is worried that red degeneration occurs in uterine fibroids during pregnancy, and pain and abortion during pregnancy will occur, but this chance is only about 10 to 15%.A red lesion appears, first choose conservative treatment.

Fibroids may grow up during pregnancy.This is also a dynamic monitoring during pregnancy.However, some studies have shown that in the middle of pregnancy, fibroids with diameter <6cm remain unchanged or slightly increased, and fibroids with diameter> 6.0cm gradually become smaller; until late pregnancy, most fibroids remain unchanged.Or shrink.

After listening to my popular science, Sister Xun’s heart was put down. She asked me: "Dr. Fu, do you mean that my fibroids are small and located in the uterine muscle layer, will it not affect my baby? Is this meaning?"

The pregnancy of uterine fibroids is a high -risk pregnancy. It needs to increase the number of birth examinations and strengthen the monitoring. Sister Jian’s fibroids are very small, and the position is also the uterine muscle layer. It can only be said to be relatively safe, but it also needs to strengthen monitoring.

Most of the pregnant mothers with uterine fibroids are looking forward to treatment. Generally, uterine fibroids are abolished during pregnancy. Due to surgery, the uterine wall incision after surgery can cause excessive blood loss, abortion, premature birth, and fibroids.

What happens during pregnancy with uterine fibroids during pregnancy?

Under the slurry uterine fibroids to reverse; the abnormal increase of fibroids or in the pelvic cavity affects continuing pregnancy; fibroids compress the approach organs, and severe discomfort symptoms occur; red degeneration and conservative treatment of fibroids will be invalid.

The choice of surgery time should be performed 24 weeks ago.

In addition to paying attention to uterine fibroids during pregnancy, what else do I need to pay attention to when they are 42 years old?

Big pregnancy over 35 years of age is called "old pregnancy."Compared with women with appropriate age, the ratio of various diseases in the elderly pregnancy has increased by 2 to 4 times.

For example, the natural abortion rate of adult pregnancy increases; the premature birth rate increases; hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy; increased increasing increasing yield; increasing incidence of congenital dementia.

Fetal malformed pre-production screening period is mainly in the following three periods: 1. Early pregnancy examination: 10 weeks ago, 11-14 weeks (chromosomal soft indicators, preliminary morphological screening, twin chinomygone judgment);

2. Examination during pregnancy: 20 ~ 24 weeks (systemic ultrasound screening);

3. During the late pregnancy examination: 28-34 weeks (leakage screening and growth and development).

Three periods of inspection cannot be replaced by each other. Only the combination of three can reach a higher detection rate.

Among them, the amniotic fluid puncture at 20 weeks of pregnancy, this test is a normal young pregnant mother does not need to do it.Studies have shown that the older the pregnant woman is, the higher the incidence of innate foolish and deformity children.

Pay attention to indicators such as blood sugar and blood pressure: elderly women are prone to pregnancy, heart disease, pregnancy hypertension syndrome, and gestational diabetes.If pregnant women who have heart disease are likely to endure pregnancy because of inability to withstand.

The natural childbirth is difficult to give birth, and you must prepare in advance.The adaptation of the cesarean section of the elderly pregnant woman is high, and 90%of the elderly maternal choices choose cesarean section.

The health guidance of Sister Xun’s early pregnancy is as follows:

1. Regular prenatal examination, and continue to supplement 0.4 ~ 0.8 mg/day to 3 months of pregnancy. Those with conditions can continue to take composite vitamins containing folic acid.

2. Daily living and living must be regular, avoid labor, ensure sleep time, and have appropriate activities daily.Keep the indoor air fresh.

3. Say "NO" to an unhealthy lifestyle!Such as smoking, drinking, drug abuse, etc.Avoid contact with poisonous substances such as reflection, high temperature, lead, mercury, benzene, arsenic, pesticide, etc., to avoid close contact with pets.Avoid high -intensity work, high noise environment and domestic violence.

4. Use drugs carefully to avoid use of drugs that may affect the normal development of the fetus.

5. Keep mental health, relieve mental stress, and prevent the occurrence of psychological problems during pregnancy and postpartum.

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