43 -year -old women in the United States want to take paid vacations to declare that they are pregnant but have been seen by colleagues to see their fake stomach fall

Robin Folsom (Robin Folsom), 43, was accused of forging a pregnancy to get paid holidays from her 74,000 pounds (about 630,000 yuan).After a "dad" that did not exist, after being discovered by her colleagues, her plan failed when her colleague was discovered.

"Daily Star" February 17 news, 43 -year -old Robin Folsom (GVRA), the foreign affairs director of the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA), has an income of about 100,000 US dollars (about about 100,000 US dollars (approximately£ 4,000), responsible for supervising the agency’s marketing and media dissemination.She told Gvra’s boss she was pregnant and arranged for maternity leave.

However, when a colleague saw the fake belly falling out, Formum’s plan began to disintegrate.

Formum even made up a fake father named "Blan Outm Berbel" for her child. After "delivery", Formum sent a photo of the baby to several colleagues, butNot all of the photos of the same baby seem to be

The judge said: "We did not find any evidence to indicate the existence of" Bran Outm Berbbwe ", which is why she was also accused of having a crime of identity fraud.

Formum told her the boss that she had a child once in July 2020 and then became pregnant again in August 2021.However, investigators could not find the official record of Formum’s delivery, and her medical insurance record did not show any costs for prenatal examinations or delivery.

Prosecutor Chris Carr announced this week that after the local jury sued her, Formum was accused of committing three false statements and one identity fraud.

After the accusation was made public, the members of the jury commented: "All state citizens, especially those who represent their institutions and the media and the public, should comply with the highest standard of integrity and honesty.

"State citizens’ fraud will not be tolerated," the Minister of Justice Karl said in a statement.

"By cooperating with the independent supervisor of Georgia," he added, "we can find, investigate and end this so -called deception behavior. We will always stand up and protect the taxpayer’s money. We look forward to telling us on the court.Cases.

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