48 -year -old Xu Jinglei, this time she became pregnant?

■ 01

Xu Jinglei, who was not in the rivers and lakes for a long time, was suspected of getting pregnant recently.

In the photos she posted, she faced the sky and enjoyed the sunlight, which looked very comfortable.

The most important thing is that she is loose and blessed, and everyone should be pregnant.

Netizens touched the vine and found a lot of traces.

In August of this year, when Xu Jinglei and Miao Qiaowei were in the same frame, they were loose, slightly abdominal, and seemed to have a pregnancy.

In October, Xu Jinglei had not seen her parents for three years, and flew to Los Angeles, as if she had spent the past spending her to spend her pregnancy.

However, this happened to Xu Jinglei, but it was not surprising at all.

In 2013, she frozen 9 eggs.

She also launched several interview programs and talked about frozen eggs.

She said that frozen eggs are equivalent to buying a maternity insurance for herself.

Although there is no desire to give birth now, I am also worried that if you regret it one day, if you want to be a mother, frozen eggs are equivalent to looking for a good retreat in advance.

She said that even if she gave birth to a child, she had nothing to do with men and marriage, but she felt that she had enough to play. She could experience the role of mother in time.

It is not important to even the child’s father.

This style is really Xu Jinglei.

It is really hard to imagine that Xu Jinglei, who accompanied us through youth, was 48 years old.

On acting skills or artistic achievements, Lao Xu is not the best among her generation of actresses.

But she did not fight, but she was always able to be on the C position of the topic.

I simply summarize in a sentence of her life attitude ——

Lao Xu, true literature art for a lifetime.

■ 02

"Xu Jinglei, she is an ordinary woman in Chaoyang District, Beijing."

"A rock fan, handsome and handsome, different from women with eyebrows outside"

This is Wang Shuo’s evaluation of Xu Jinglei.

There is another one at the end:

"My favorite point in Beijing women is that they all take themselves as men."

Wang Shuo said that he likes Xu Jinglei, not only because of her beautiful and talented, but also because of her personality like a boy.

The reason why Xu Jinglei forms such a personality has nothing to do with her father.

Xu Jinglei once bluntly, her childhood and teenagers were very depressed.

His father had implemented military management of her since she was a child, and her daily life was clearly arranged: morning running, learning English, writing diaries, memorizing Tang poems, reading essays, copying posts …

The most important thing every day is to practice words, because the father thinks that girls can write good words, and they can be mixed in any unit.

When Xu Jinglei practiced the post, his father stood aside and stared at it. He was slightly relaxed, and he was scolded lightly.

Father Xu is a "tiger dad", but at the same time, he is also a loving father who is an example.

She had strict requirements on her daughter in her studies, and she also gave her meticulous concern and support in her life, giving Xu Jinglei a sense of security.

Xu Jinglei once wrote, "He is the most work dad in the world."

When Xu Jinglei was 10 years old, Dad Xu resigned from the bulb factory, and went to the sea to start a business and opened a neon lantern factory.

His father was busy with his career and did not have much free time to control Xu Jinglei.

Xu Jinglei in his youth finally had a trace of space.

In 1992, Xu Jinglei was admitted to the acting department of Beijing Film Academy.

Without the control of her father, she began to let go completely.

Erson, drink, smoke, group bands to play rock, and call them brothers and brothers with a group of angry youths.

In her words, "I want freedom too much, and even the right to ask for freedom. I always feel that I must do something bad, it is completely rebellious for rebellion."

Her rebellious period came late and was particularly important.

In his forties, he is still in rebellion.

His childhood was too depressed, and he was full of longing for freedom.

It has a rebellious factor in the character and has a strong self -awareness.

Various rules that are customized are not at all.

Since childhood, she has been polished by her father. When she grows up, she has a wide range of interests. She is serious and rigorous, and she can do the extreme.

Calligraphy is included in the Founder Damage, writing blogs, and making himself a blog queen.

Born in a businessman family, he has a high emotional intelligence and can deal with all kinds of people. The wind and water mixed in various circles rarely make evil with others.

Talking about Xiao Feng’s life, he prepared a powerful network for himself.

Sober self -awareness, strong learning ability and execution ability, coupled with the good weaving relationship network, eventually a quadruple and talented. In the eight sides, it was very young.

■ 03

Xu Jinglei and her big boyfriend Wang Shuo, still the topic in the circle.

When Xu Jinglei was in her sophomore, she had an extramarital affair with Wang Shuo in her 30s. Even Hong Huang said: Xu Jinglei surrendered better than me.

At that time, Wang Shuo was not only a writer and screenwriter, but his contacts in the Beijing circle were also quite powerful.

Even Feng Xiaogang had to call his younger brother in front of him.

He and Xu Jinglei are a relationship of development: "In our Beijing, the outstanding representative in the 1950s was Liu Sora, and he could write and write songs. The outstanding representative in the 1960s was Faye Wong. In the 1970s, I hope it is Xu Jinglei."

With Wang Shuo’s support, Xu Jinglei participated in the TV series "You at the same table" and officially entered the film and television industry.

Xu Jinglei himself is also fighting. Although he is not a top beauty, his acting is aura, and the audience is surprisingly good.

Subsequently, with "A Wind and Snowy Moon" and "Make Love to the End", Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, and Zhang Ziyi were tied as Four Little Flowers.

After the TV series was finished, I wanted to make a movie, and Wang Shuo still escorted himself.

Different from the old death of ordinary couples, the relationship between Xu Jinglei and Wang Shuo is also incredible.

When Wang Shuo divorced and was blocked, she saw Wang Shuo’s life down and bought him a house to help him re -pull the resources.

As a result, Wang Shuo also left a famous rumor in the workshop:

"My legacy after my death belongs to Xu Jinglei."

It’s a bit of a soul partner.

After Wang Shuo became a year -on -year friendship, Xu Jinglei’s emotional life was still rich, and there was basically no window period.

In 2004, when she filmed "The Letter of a Strange Woman", she fell in love with Huang Jue and was photographed together with the United States and Dai couple ring.

Later, she fell in love with Zhang Yadong, a talented talent.

In 2006, Xu Jinglei and Han Han came to a period of "Weibo to pass love". The two talked about movies and lives on Weibo. Various intercourse and scolding were called "blogging" by netizens.

Xu Jinglei responded: "If you don’t say flirting, it’s also friendly."

Later, Xu Jinglei tried the water music scene and entangled with the musician Sambo for a while.

The most stable and long -lasting relationship was to Li Xing.

He also said that he found a long -lost calmness and sense of belonging.

These men have a common feature: talent.

Instead of "Mu Qiang", it is better to say that she is "Mu Cai".

Gao Xiaosong said that she was a "big honey" that made the straight male soul surrounded by the dream, but it was not.

It is not that the word "big honey" is not good, but that the word itself shows the sense of masculinity.

"Big Honey" is an enhanced version of the Tianluo girl who came up with a group of elderly literary men.

But Xu Jinglei is a woman with a strong self -awareness. In her character, there is only "飒" and no "honey".

You can imagine that she is like Xu Qing in "Old Cannon", "You go to the street to fight, I will help you move bricks; you go to the streets, I will help you sing and voices, you are beaten into a vegetative, I raise you for a lifetime"Intersection

Sometimes I feel that in the soul of Xu Jinglei, there is actually a smart and self -consistent old man.

Treating emotional investment and restraint, it will be given a physical manner, but it is very sacrificed.

You and I have enjoyed life.

Xu Jinglei also said, "I and my predecessors are all good friends." This is also her most powerful place.

She can be inspired and inspired by every talented boyfriend, thus completing her self -precipitation, and opening up the country in the new field.

As for feelings, it is better to endlessly, and she can make money without seeing the other party.

Finally, I still don’t forget to turn every boyfriend into their own connections and continue to provide resources and help for their careers.

When talking about this, what you need is not only emotional intelligence, but also pattern, vision and skill.

It is good to say that she is "green tea" or "charming man", but she is indeed a film and television circle who has absolutely reached the right to talk about the power of the words.

■ 04

Although in various chicken soup texts, the image of a female Wenqing who is as light as chrysanthemums and as much as she wants.

But objectively speaking, Xu Jinglei is a particularly pragmatic person.

What can be casual and what should be cautious, she is clear in her heart.

She was the director and thought about it at first: you can’t lose money, to ensure the interests of investors.

In recent years, she has begun to find resources and push newcomers, and be a boss behind the scenes.

Without her news in the entertainment industry, she still made a lot of money.

She looks like a Buddhist department, but her career has never been lost.

After all the bottom of the family, naturally, it is not in the fierce fighting on the fame.

Even determined to be a "play coffee": "My goal is to be a miscellaneous family, and then I am very happy every day."

Her daily life is either in front of the floor -to -ceiling windows at home, cats, draws, and practice words;

I also unlocked various new skills, making cakes, golf, beads, handicrafts … It seems to be "playing", but it is constantly learning and growing.

Compared to those female stars who are always strong and fighting under the spotlight, Xu Jinglei said that she prefers freedom.

In marriage, her attitude does not meet the traditional definition.

In the early years, the "frozen egg incident" was on the cover of the magazine, becoming the only part of the female star at that time.

She has been with Huang Lixing for 12 years without receiving a certificate, but I get along very well. He respects every choice of her and supports every decision of her.

I think the day of being willing to be a mother should be the rebellion.

From the perspective of Lao Xu, the child is not born for any man, but for herself.

It can be said that, regardless of career, feelings, or private life, Xu Jinglei has achieved festivals and systems.

Live not, transparent, comfortable, interesting and emotional.

This relaxation and transparency are unique in the entertainment industry.

For Xu Jinglei, people’s evaluation has always been mixed.

Women who have a maverick have always been disadvantaged because they only live on themselves.

Some people marvel at her talents. Some people say that she is so talented, but either top or courageous.

Some people praise her high emotional quotient and play all kinds of circles; some people say that she is the ceiling of a charming man, mixed with men’s gang, and obtained the so -called talented female name by men.

Some people envy her free and free, and some people say that she is a delicate self -interest, and she will never let herself suffer.

But compared to other actresses, her life is not so ups and downs.

Some are just, standing alone, standing on the world opposite the world, but in the light and light wind, they put what they want in the bag.

She has a strong sense of security and absolute control of her life.

In a sense, this is indeed the luck and confidence brought by the origin.

But if my daughter lives alone in the future, I will support her and bless her.

Why are too many women who are so tired, because they care too much about the outside world.

It seems that you can’t keep up with everyone’s rhythm. If you are a little disagreement with the surroundings, you will become a "alien".This psychological "tiredness" far exceeds the "tiredness" that is busy running for the family for work.

If a woman thinks good, first treat herself as a separate person.

The choice of life should be from the inner choice, which has nothing to do with others.

Moreover, don’t always be a "good person", because the road to please others will never end.

When I last live, a friend asked me: Twelve, I am curious, what is the experience that makes you think so transparent at this age?

I thought about it, and answered her with a smile: There was nothing very profound secret. When I was young, I was lonely. If I wanted to do it, I did it. I did n’t want to be a good girl.

The rebellious person must first be a warrior.

But without rebellion, there is no self -awareness.

After the rebellion, you will know that your original appearance can be accepted.

You don’t have to pretend to be a certain look. The people you attract are people who like your original face.

This process will definitely be accompanied by denial and accusations, but this is the cost of freedom.

Because no matter what you live, someone will see that you are not pleasing to the eye.

When people reach middle age, everyone will have a compromise. I do not encourage every girl to live as Xu Jinglei. After all, not everyone has such capital.

But if you have a freedom in your heart, you will always live a more comfortable than others.

For example, I am nearly 40, and I firmly believe — my 40+ will definitely be more comfortable than 30+.

This foundation should be in our hearts.

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