5.20 "Lover’s Robbery": What happened to those girls who were pregnant?

Another annual "5.20 Internet Valentine’s Day". In this romantic festival, many lovers have come out of the virtual world and have a good and sweet time with their favorite people.When the affection is strong, the two sides will inevitably go to the entertainment for a while, but if they are not careful, the woman may be pregnant unexpectedly, and the "Valentine’s Day" becomes a "lover."

According to relevant data, it shows:

1. Whether it is 2.14 Valentine’s Day, or before and after the 5.20 Internet Valentine’s Day, the sales volume of condoms has increased, which is three times more than three times on weekdays.

2. 1-2 months after the festival, the gynecological department of some hospitals ushered in the small peak of women handling "emergency accidents", which is not related to the "romantic date".

"Maternal and Child Reference" focuses on this topic with female friends.

1. How is "accidental story" made?

We also followed some female netizens–

@: The first time in the sophomore, the ex -boyfriend said that there would be no problem "in vitro". As a result, "accident" came after more than 20 days, but he only threw a few cold words: go to the hospitalI am out of money!

@我: I went out to travel with my boyfriend at the time, and it was difficult to ban myself. It happened to be in the middle of the night. I was not prepared beforehand. He said that it would be okay to take a bath, but it was still a "shot".Less than three months when my hospital returned, he found another new love.

2. What should I do if I am pregnant?

Whether it is ignorance or accident, if the results that cannot be changed and unable to make up for it, women who are "first parties" have nothing more than two choices- "stay" or "flow".

@不: I didn’t dare to go to the hospital at that time. The ex -boyfriend trusted the medicine … I saw the red blood flowing from below, and I didn’t dare to think about it now.

@小: At that time, I was young and ignorant. After listening to the words of the scumbag, I felt that the sky was gray when I was pregnant.After returning from the hospital, menstruation has been messy, and he is very exclusive to intimate behavior. The scumbag is very disgusted and broke up with me.

@Pudding: 19 years old, "accident" is here, but I choose to give birth to the baby. Can you imagine that "the age of a child has given birth to a child", how unbearable life is it?I am only 28 years old now, but my face is dry and very embarrassed, so I regret it!

It is not difficult to see that among women who are not married first, there are very few married women, and more than half of women are forced and sadly walked towards the hospital’s operating table.

3. Who is the main force?

The next month after the "Pink Festival", the hospital began to usher in a wave of business.

Among the women lying on the operating table, female students became the main force.

After the lack of social experience and not being completely mature, they often ushered in the pain of "accidental pregnancy" after a "wind and snowy moon".

@: On Valentine’s Day, I handed over my first. After just more than 20 days, I became pregnant.In the corridor of the hospital, I was shocked and scared. I blame my ex -boyfriend several times. He quarreled with me in the eyes of the public and forced me to break up on the scene.

@: The candlelight dinner at 5.20 was too atmospheric. I drank a beer. I was hard to myself under the action of alcohol, and enjoyed a moment of joy.Because I was not prepared beforehand, I found that I was pregnant shortly after the travel, so I had to swallow the bitter fruit brought by my impulse.

4. What harm to the body after "flow"?

A: Psychological suffering.84%of women will produce different degrees of psychological pressure and psychological shadow after surgery, and suffer from regret syndrome. "And the unmarried and later brokerage have a much more psychological disorder, and a few women will leave a lifetime wound in their hearts.

B: Sequelae.10.12%of women’s surgery will have abnormalities such as infection and bleeding; about 18.92%of women will have abnormal menstrual abnormalities, and the secondary infertility rate is 1.38%.

5. How to avoid?

The principle of "Three No"

In this era of "unmarried pioneering", it is advised that female compatriots must learn to protect themselves. They must first consider "whether to do it", and then think about "what will happen".Essence

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