7 months of pregnancy found that the intestinal cancer adventure producer "Life Fate" takes you to feel the stubborn life of anti -cancer mothers

7 months of pregnancy found the advanced intestinal cancer

Cesai section in advance women maintain life

Wu Biyun lives in Huaian, Jiangsu.Although only 29 years old, she has three years of anti -cancer experience.This time is the 50th time she has done immunotherapy in three years.Prior to this, she also had 2 operations, 7 chemotherapy, 20 radiotherapy, and 5 targeted therapy.

In the age of 30, it is already advanced bowel cancer.When the bowel cancer is detected, the tumor has been covered in the abdominal cavity.When Xiao Wu was 7 months ago, Xiaowu was detected.Xiaowu, who was pregnant in July, was very huge in the abdomen at that time. If the fetus was not cut out in time, there would be a major bleeding and endangering the life of the mother and daughter.The premature daughter was immediately sent to the neonatal intensive care unit, and Xiaowu after cesarean section also traveled to the edge of death due to advanced bowel cancer and acute intestinal infarction.

After experiencing Xiao Wu, who has experienced a child, now he cherishes himself and his daughter’s life that is not easy to pick up.In the opinion of the local doctor, Xiaowu in the late intestinal cancer was difficult to have been in three years, and she had carried the pain of tumor immunotherapy again and again, but miraculously raised it.

Xiaowu’s husband Xiaoshi has been with Xiaowu in the past three years, and has worked with Xiaowu and worked together with Gan.The two have been married for four years, and Xiao Wu has started a wedding planner with her husband Xiao Shi while he was treated. Although the three years of anti -cancer brought tremendous economic pressure to the young family of three, the couple worked hard to make money.Make the original difficult life gradually hope.

Xiao Wu, who looks capable and sharp in work and life, pays more attention to physical health in the days when there are not many days.Sometimes I go to the square to dance the square with my sisters.

Tumor immunotherapy is unsustainable

Anti -cancer mother wants to leave no regrets for her daughter

Xiaowu has been treating his malignant tumors for three years.Generally speaking, immunotherapy treatment will have drug resistance in two years.If there is drug resistance, the only way is to replace the treatment plan.If the new treatment plan does not have the treatment effect, then Xiaowu faces only death.

Therefore, in the past two years, Xiao Wu has been seeking other treatments other than drugs -the opportunity to surgery for the third time.However, Xiao Wu traveled all the major oncology hospitals in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. Almost all doctors told her that there was no chance and necessary opportunity at the time.

Xiaowu, 29, seemed to go to the edge of the cliff of life at once.I was worried that she could not wait for her daughter to marry, and often hinted that her life could not leave regrets. She had been a wedding planner for 10 years, and always fantasized that she could plan a family wedding for her daughter.

Bei Shang surgery is only to extend the time of survival

Can anti -cancer mothers cross difficult?

For the two of her favorite, she decided not to take the biggest risk, and she had to fight for the biggest survival opportunity.This time, she chose to go north to Peking University Cancer Hospital to seek the help of digestive tumor experts.

This time, Xiaowu looked forward to the opportunity to surgery for two years.She decided to go home first to complete the last immunotherapy, and after the body was adjusted to the best state, it performed a option surgery.

After returning from Beijing, Xiaowu accompanied her daughter every day, just watching her daughter quietly, and the happiness of each minute and every second was so beautiful and warm.

As the surgery day approaches, Xiaowu’s concerns about the risk of surgery are also increasing day by day.This goes, can you still come back, and Xiao Wu has no bottom.On June 18, 2023, Xiaowu made up his mind to eventually adventure to try to extend her life. She is about to accompany her husband to Beijing for surgery.Early in the morning, Xiao Wu and her husband could only send Lele to the cousin’s house temporarily. This is also the first time Xiao Wu left his daughter to go north.And this difference, can I still meet again, Xiao Wu dare not think.

Intestinal cancer patients are extremely difficult to surgery

Whether the organ can be preserved into the key

Regarding Xiaowu’s surgery, Dr. Hao Chunyi, Director of the Second Division of the Hepatoball and pancreas of Peking University Cancer Hospital, presets two surgical solutions.

Xiaowu now has three tumors in the body. According to Xiaowu’s tumor condition, the most conventional surgical type is to perform pancreatic duodenal resection. In addition to removing the tumor tissue, it is also necessary to treat the organs in organs invaded by the tumor.Do not remove.Although this type of surgery is large, it is relatively easy to operate. Its biggest disadvantage is that it will have a serious impact on Xiaowu’s postoperative quality of life.

So Director Hao used this as a last resort.What Director Hao is fighting now is whether it can make the tumor cut all under the premise of retaining the dirty organs.This greatly increases the difficulty and risks of surgery, as well as the possibility of various complications after surgery.

After the exquisite dissection of the departure, Director Hao first completely removed tumors located on the duodenal intestinal lowering and intestinal arteries.Next, Director Hao began to move towards the tumor on the back of the pancreas.This is the most difficult and most difficult risk in the entire operation.Director Hao found that the pancreas of the bile tube and the duodenal large nipples were very close to the tumor. In addition, the anatomical position was very deep. A little accidental injury would be caused by removing the tumor.Postoperative infection and complications endangered Xiaowu’s life.

After step -by -step fine operations, Director Hao successfully removed the tumor on the back of the pancreas within 15 minutes.The biliary tube pancreatic segment, the duodenal large nipples are intact.In the end, Xiao Wu’s duodena was perfectly repaired by Director Hao, and the surgery achieved great success.

After the operation, Xiaowu’s recovery was very good. Her biggest expectation is that she can recover earlier and go home to see her daughter.I believe she must have a chance to grow up with her daughter.

"Life Fate" small science

At present, there is no exact method to effectively prevent bowel cancer. Daily adjustment of diet, active exercise, quitting smoking and drinking may reduce the risk of bowel cancer. Regular examination and processing of intestinal polyps can also help:

1. Adjust your diet.The occurrence of bowel cancer is related to frequent intake of high -protein foods and foods containing chemical carcinogens.Therefore, in daily life, red meat such as beef, lamb, pork, etc. should be reduced.At the same time, reducing meat products that have been cured, smoked, and chemical preservatives are reduced. These foods may contain a large amount of heteroids and polygon aromatic hydrocarbons, which can increase the risk of intestinal cancer.It is recommended to eat more coarse grains, fresh vegetables and fruits.

2. Active exercise.Overnight or excessive body fat will increase the level of insulin in the blood, promote cell growth, inhibit apoptosis, thereby increasing the risk of intestinal cancer.Exercise can not only reduce body fat, but also accelerate intestinal peristalsis, reduce the residence time of feces in the intestine, reduce the poor stimulation of the intestinal mucosa of the feces, thereby reducing the occurrence of bowel cancer to a certain extent.

3. Quit smoking and drinking.Long -term smoking and drinking are the risk factors of bowel cancer.The longer the smoking time, the more daily smoking, the younger the age of starting to smoke, and the greater the chance of sickness, especially the danger of starting smoking in teenagers.If drinking and smoking, the two have a synergy, the danger of cancer is more dangerous.Therefore, quitting bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol is helpful to prevent bowel cancer.

4. Regularly check and deal with intestinal polyps.Some intestinal polyps have the possibility of evil and change, which can develop into intestinal cancer.Perform intestinal examinations regularly, and discover the timely processing of intestinal polyps, which can also reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

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