7 -year -old boy bleeding after eating 3 ice cream!These 4 types of children, really don’t recommend eating ice

Source: Pediatrician Xiehebaoxiulan is hot. I feel sorry for this summer without eating a few ice cream.However, as soon as it involves children, all kinds of soul torture comes: Can you eat it?Will you diarrhea if you eat it?Fortunately, no one asked if he was heated to eat it for your child?

But having said that, these 4 types of children really cannot eat ice cream.

Which children can’t eat ice cream?

Babies under 2 years old

The American Children’s Society suggested that it is best to wait for the baby to taste ice cream after the baby at least 2 years old.

Because the ingredients of "white sugar and glout syrup" are ranked forward.Frequent large amounts of sugar intake will have the risk of dental caries.

In addition to the sugar and fat content of ice cream on the market, they are much higher than cream and yogurt, and they are far higher than the energy that children need. In this way, they will have the possibility of obesity.

Therefore, it is not recommended that children contact desserts such as ice cream too early. After 2 years of age, they should avoid frequent and large amounts of ice cream.

2. The baby who eats cold is easy

If the baby usually does not eat cold and suddenly eats cold, it is very likely that gastrointestinal discomfort will occur. In this case, we usually do n’t consider eating.

In addition, for children with intestinal stress syndrome, diarrhea may be pulled at low temperatures, and ice cream may be one of the causes.

Intestinal stress syndrome:

Intestinal stress syndrome is a set of persistent or intermittent seizures that change the intestinal dysfunctional diseases with abdominal pain, abdominal distension, diarrhea, and stool traits into clinical manifestations.

Most of this disease is related to factors such as spiritual, diet, cold.

3. Babies with intestinal diseases themselves

If the baby itself has intestinal diseases, such as gastritis, esophagitis, gastrointestinal ulcers, etc., don’t eat it.It is easy to stimulate the intestine and cause bleeding.

A 7 -year -old boy in Fuyang, Anhui ate 3 and ice cream in a row. As a result, he bleeds. He lost 8000 ml of blood within 24 hours, which is equivalent to replacing the blood of the whole body 5 times!

The cause of major bleeding is that the child’s duodenal parts have a huge ulcer. Then, under the stimulation of a large amount of cold food, the arteries of the duodenal bowl rupture and sprayed bleeding.

4. Parents are firmly not allowed to eat

If parents resolutely oppose their children, don’t eat it. After all, children have no money to buy, and they still have to obedient.

Under these circumstances

It is more comfortable for children to eat ice cream

Summer is hot, and eating cool things to eliminate heat and thirst. Who doesn’t love?

And sometimes eating cold foods make children more comfortable.

For example, during the child’s illness, when the appetite decreases but can accept frozen food, eating a popsicle and ice cream for children can not only provide energy, but also supplement moisture.

Or children with oral herpes or throat pain during fever, popsicles or other ice foods can also alleviate the discomfort of the oral cavity and throat. At the same time, they can also temporarily appease the irritability of the child during illness.

In daily life, when children are in a low mood or need encouragement, a sweet ice cream can take the child to take off in place.

So occasionally eat, no problem!Is there any reason to deprive the children’s happiness

Don’t worry about these ice cream …

Too cool children will diarrhea after eating?

It is not that eating cold will make the baby diarrhea, but it is related to the hygiene of ice cream, the child’s diet, and physical condition.

As long as the hygiene of ice cream is qualified and has not been contaminated by bacterial viruses; children usually eat cold, so basically don’t have to worry.

After eating children, do not like to eat and affect appetite?

Don’t eat before meals, otherwise you don’t want to eat anything. This is not an ice cream pot.

Moreover, the weather is hot recently.We are not that.

Too cool children will be cold when they eat?

People are constant temperature. Eat ice cream and drink cold water, which will not cause the body temperature to lose constant temperature.Because it was hot when it was in the stomach, it would not be cold.

Moreover, babies with diseases and throat discomfort have been used to eat cold drinks such as cold drinking.

Because of a lot of sugar, we can’t eat too frequently even if we can eat it.

But we don’t have to deprive children the right to enjoy food for some unnecessary "cold, cold, diarrhea", so that it is unfair to children.

Eat ice cream tips:

Therefore, under normal circumstances, children are not absolutely unable to eat cold drinks, but to control the amount and time.

Try not to eat before three meals, otherwise the sweetness brought by sweets will affect the child to eat dinner, and the child will not eat well.You can eat it in the middle of the two meals, such as around 10 am, around 3 or four pm.

Because it is not realistic to eat it at all, we can satisfy the children across three forks. For example, eat 1 or 2 times a week, just eat it every day.

You can also make low -sugar popsicles, such as fruits and yogurt directly into popsicles, safe and convenient.

I want to eat ice cream like this


Choose regular and familiar brands

Anything we buy is best to buy regular products from regular channels.At least it is a reliable brand we have heard.When buying, you should be optimistic about the date of production and shelf life.

In addition, tell you a good way to protect your wallet:

Avoid buying ice cream with excessive publicity to add some special, expensive, specific origin, and special ingredients.

There are also those who express romantic and elegant, such as light milk, Luo Ying, must be happy, or emphasize the quality of materials, such as low sugar and low fat, imported raw materials … the probability is IQ tax.

The raw material of the traditional ice cream accounts for the big head of production costs. Usually, the packaging materials are not so delicate, so most of the packaging we touch in the ice cream cabinet is not cheap.


Look at the ingredient table

① Look at the main nutritional ingredients

Milk fat proportion: [whole milk fat] > [half milk fat] > [planting fat]

The whole milk fat indicates that the fat comes from milk, which means that the milk content is more, the nutritional value is higher, and the taste is better.When buying the ingredient table, the first place is that milk is right.

For crispy or chocolate -flavored ice cream, cocoa or cocoa liquid blocks must be better than cocoa butter.

② The added sugar is as little as possible

In the ice cream, you will inevitably add sugar. If you eat it for your children, the less you add sugar, the better. At least do not have "sugar than milk" (the sugar is arranged in front of the milk in the ingredients).

③ Avoid special ingredients

Some ice cream may also add some auxiliary materials, such as fragmented nuts, chocolates, matcha, coffee and the like.

Before eating, you should pay attention to nuts, chocolate, matcha, coffee and other flavors of ice cream before eating. In order to cover up bitterness, more sugar is often added. Children within 3 years of age are best not to touch.

In the end, no matter how healthy ice cream, it is not possible to drink milk and milk products. Bing cream children can eat, but parents still have to control their children.

In the final analysis, ice cream is just a daily heat -relieving food. It should be eaten, and you must hold back when you can’t eat it ~

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