8 months pregnant, the boss wants to kick me out (175)

My dear, this is the sisters of "My Begonia My Autumn" — Chapter 175 of "The Wind of Tianming", I hope everyone likes it

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"Minghui, I didn’t forget the matter of last year. With this opportunity, I did not die in the material, I was with his surname!"

The whole song was fierce, and the meat on the fat face shook a few shake.

Wen Yang, who was standing at the door, moved his headset and sighed.

Qian Minghui was afraid that Qu would have a rake or not to admit it. He asked his husband to open his mobile phone and listen to himself, and be a kind of self -protection.

After Wen Yang heard for a while, Qian Minghui said.

"Then, according to your plan, what about Amy and Sweet Snow? When you step on the material in your backhand, they are already dark, what should they do?"


When Qian Minghui asked this sentence, she was standing by the window and looking out.

Outside the window, a round of red day was rising from the building, and Beijing ushered in another new morning, a new day.

"Sweet Snow is now the first echelon anchor. The image is good and obedient. Amy is also rising. If it is not these two people, the material may not believe this set, right?"

Qian Minghui looked out the window, and she raised her chin slightly and blowing the morning wind.

It is because of sweet snow and Amy, and Yu Cai believes it, and then enter Qujin’s set.

Dye black first, then washed whitening. During the process of washing the white, Li Xu, a subsidiary of the material, re -fried men and women CP with sweet snow to win a win -win situation.

"Do you plan to get Li Xu’s black material? Or is you going to cry Li Xu’s garbage? Flowers? Family violence? What else? To gain a sense of evil, there is any one in it, but step on Li Xu, sweetXue was completely destroyed. "

Fans can tolerate their favorite artists, idols, and stars once, but they are not allowed to do again and densely.

"No," Mr. Qu shook his head. "Sweet snow can still be washed, just spent some effort, we can take it slowly."

He also walked to the window, facing the beauty outside the window for a while, "Minghui, I really can’t swallow the last time."

In December last year, Yu Cao rolled up and spread rumors, making him almost bankrupt, and various rotten encounters became a one -stop.

The money is gone, the team is scattered, and the person is almost gone. The thrilling layer of the layer will still be worried.

Yu Cai was looking for him last night, and he was proud of "I have the dirty material of your head anchor", and said very much. There is a great meaning, "if you don’t cooperate, I just put the material".

Mr. Qu turned his head and went to the investment company introduced by Wang Ming. He knew that they were purchased by the company. At this time, when did the stones be stones, when will it be?

A short video company on the way downhill has been brilliant. The weight of the main selling of money is on those first and second -tier anchors. It is a voucher for money. The contract is deducted from the price.Code.

As for sweet snow and Amy, he could still afford it and could not afford it.

"Do you know how much they will give us?" President Qu revealed a slap and was shocked to see Qian Minghui. He smiled, "With this money, we can make a lot of sweet snow."

50 million, Qian Minghui swallowed his mouth, and heard the next sentence: "I give you five million, you persuade Amy and sweet snow to cooperate, how about?"

Wen Yang at the door opened his eyes in surprise and frowned slightly.


"I don’t agree." Qian Minghui answered quickly, and she didn’t even bring her. She bent over and lay on the edge of the window, overlooking the city scenery in the distance.

No matter how high standing, the field of vision is limited, and it is sometimes false.

The human heart and horizons are the cage that is sleepy, and this sometimes has nothing to do with where to stand.

"Sweet Snow and Amy should not use the method of dealing with the materials. To deal with Li Xu, there can be other methods, not to mention, even if you don’t deal with him, you can still support it for half a year.Investment, his big tree will collapse. "

The short video company is burning money every day.

"Although Sweet Snow has come down now, her career is blossoming. In my eyes, she is more valuable than materials. We do this, not worth it."

Mr. Qu sneered: "Half a year? I don’t want to wait, the market changes too fast, and the material is capable. If he doesn’t kill him, he will turn over."

He said softly, "I don’t wait."

I ca n’t talk about this. The company is from Qujin. Qian Minghui said that it was a senior migrant worker. The boss was willing to sacrifice the employees. What else can she do?

Qian Minghui felt that the morning wind was a bit cold. She left the window and slowly returned to the desk: "Naqu should never discuss with me, you are a boss, you said it."

Before Qu Jin spoke, the door was pulled away from the outside. He didn’t knock on the door. He opened it directly. Xin Zhangzhang stood beside the door, his face was not very good.

The two looked at each other, and Zhang Yan hummed: "Mr. Qu, Amy directly announced a minute ago, admitting that he was the same, saying that he was in love with Sweet Snow."

The more he said his face, the more ugly, and in the end he was almost stinky. The most outrageous thing was that Amy Guan Xuan@他 他, sweet snow also responded, the two posted a couple photo,

One was posted on the left half, and the other had the right half.

By the way show a love!


President Zhang looked at President Qu, but Yu Guang, his eyes, stunned Qian Minghui: "Who did this idea? Isn’t this the same plan to mess up all plans?"

Mr. Qu also went to see Qian Minghui at first glance.

"Mr. Qian …" He dragged his voice.

Wen Yang’s eyes beside the door looked at Mr. Zhang beside him, his eyes were dark, and President Zhang opened his mouth to say something. He felt that his neck was cold. He turned back to see Wen Yang and swallowed everything.

"It’s me," Qian Minghui was calm, she looked at the watch, oh, "It’s eight? It happens the first burning point."

She looked at Qujin, "I don’t agree with any black dyeing and then whitening. How many marketing cases are dark, it is black, and it is not white, so I want to go to the way.There are all blessings, we will not hide. "

She walked towards the door, "I was going to tell you this. In order to hide it in the material, I just cut it first."

Amy and Sweet Snow are her artists. Their brokerage contracts are in her hands. The contracts are clearly written: All marketing of the anchors, Qian Minghui has the right to fully deal with.

There is no need to ask the song, and there is no need to meet the decision. This is Qian Minghui’s own words.

Although in the past two months, because of the heavy body and because she was slowly handed over, she was discussing with them, but she was just willing to retreat. In fact, she could not retreat.

Qian Minghui walked towards the door, Zhang retreated, and stepped back to the large office outside, a little embarrassed.

Qian Minghui stood beside Wen Yang, patted his hands at the side of the Propaganda Department, and shouted, "Get up and do, don’t rest, the control review of the control review, the gift of the gift."

"Amy," she saw Amy who was standing up at a glance, "Congratulations, the official announcement."

The girl looked at her nervously.

Qian Minghui smiled: "Keep love."

Emi started crying when she covered her face. She was a little boyish, but this cry was scary.

Qian Minghui laughed and looked back at the chief of the song that was still ugly, and lowered his voice: "Generally, how many thousands of thousands are, I have no ability to kill you in the material, disrupting your plan, I’m really sorry","

Her face was brilliant, and she didn’t mean "unable to live" at all. Instead, she cleverly led to another step.

"However, now that now the official announcement is announced, then get some linkage, okay?"

Qu is always unhappy, but still gives face: "What linkage?"

Qian Minghui bent down and stretched out to the conference room, and smiled: "Let’s come with a pink confession festival of the head anchor. Everyone has a selling point. Come on, we will talk about the meeting room."

Qu Jin paused and walked to the conference room. Qian Minghui held his waist and followed.


Stepping on the wave of early news, sweet snow and Amy officials announced, and then the company’s twelve head anchors "officially announced".

Some are thank you who have been with your lover for many years, some are your pets, and some have taken the opportunity to announce their boyfriends, or girlfriends, and some people are weird. Come to a "I have no one to confess" and ask for love.

One morning, no, one day, the entire company was caught in a pink bubble. At three o’clock in the afternoon, the company announced that the Mid -Autumn Festival promotion was advanced to make live broadcasts and make benefits for fans.

Amy was originally a three -tier anchor with only more than 3 million fans. It increased the powder two million a day. Although half of the courage and half of the courage to scold her nausea, the popularity was high.Essence

A video of the sweet snow filming in Hebei was showing a face.

I was busy until ten o’clock in the evening, and the net data was very beautiful, and Qian Minghui finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She still has to stay tonight. This kind of thing must be kept for three days. After three days, the popularity will pass completely, and Amy and Sweet Snow will be truly safe.Not enough.

This is not the first time she sleeps in the office after pregnancy, but it is the first time in these two months. Wen Yang didn’t say anything. He paved her bed, burned her feet with hot water, and took care of it.

"I do n’t do well today, but if I do n’t cut it first, Qu will always worry about those two little girls."

Qian Minghui was lying on the small bed, Wen Yang lifted her legs and massaged her legs at the end of the bed. Her knee was puffed with her feet, and her shoes were two yards.

"I think you do well." Wen Yang’s voice was gentle and had the power of stabilizing people’s hearts. "You look at Qujin’s face in the afternoon.

That was, I was stinky in the morning, and I couldn’t tear her directly. It wasn’t until the afternoon that a merchant called to ask for an advertising position before he started laughing.

I have money to enter, who is unhappy.

However, he heard that he was furious. He spent 200,000 to buy a few pieces of waste paper. People were in love. He wanted to borrow arrows in a straw boat and did not succeed.


"There are some magic obstacles in Qu. This company was founded with Yu Cai. He paid money and contributed to Yucai. He took people away with Yucai. He felt that he was sorry for him and was betrayal."

Qian Minghui closed his eyes and sighed gently.

In fact, the words should be divided into two, and the Congquan side is betrayal.However, if it is from Yucai’s side, at most, it is at most that you can’t talk about it, although it is very lacking to take people.

But in the businessman, who left the old company to go to the new company, do not want to take away yourself, how smooth is it?

This is everywhere in the workplace, and Qian Minghui feels fully understandable.

Besides, people follow you with hard work. The company has from scratch to the summit. Although there is no money, it is really the founding hero. You transferred to the market director to a foreign household.

Yucai people are very powerful. This year is that their company’s decision -making problems have nothing to do with him. He still does well, but he is not lucky.

"Qu always has the mentality of being betrayed, and the company almost died at the end of last year, so I hate … I can understand it."

Qian Minghui sighed, "I look at me, it’s almost the same."

Wen Yang understood what she meant. Qujin was not a bad person, but her heart was a bit small, and the pattern was not large enough. Such a boss could not be rich in common. Now the company is booming, and Qian Minghui will ask for maternity leave for several months.

The two looked at each other, Qian Minghui smiled, a little sad.

"Wen Yang, in fact, it is difficult to find a good boss than a good man."

Wen Yang was teased. He leaned down, his forehead was against her, and he narrowed his belly carefully to prevent himself from touching her belly.

"It’s hard to find a good man like me."

Qian Minghui laughed, she pushed a warmth and attached it casually: "That’s that, my husband is the best."

Wen Yang was praised, sitting directly and pressed his legs.

Qian Minghui had a calf, stunned at a certain part, Wen Yang glanced at her, and she stunned again, deliberately.

When Wen Yang really had some reactions, when the eyebrows had to be erected, she retracted her legs and no longer provoked.

Wen Yang scolded and talked about other topics.


On the other side of several offices, Qu Jin looked at the real -time data on the computer, and the expression on his face couldn’t say whether he was happy or angry.

Both are happy and angry.

Happy is that the crisis is easy to turn into invisible, and unexpectedly adds powder to sweet snow and Amy.

It seems that Qian Minghui is also right. Nowadays, those who are willing to spend money are still young people, and for young and young people, their attitude towards love has been enlightened and tolerant.

It is no longer so restrained and stereotyped. Men or women can do it.

The most despised thing is never the object of love is male or female, the same sex or the opposite sex, but in dishonesty in emotion …

What he was angry was that he didn’t know how much he wanted to see the scene where Yu Chan asked him, but he might never see it again.

Qian Minghui didn’t even say hello to the official announcement, and did he still treat himself as a boss!

Such cross -border is too much!

He looked at Zhang Yan a weird expression, smoked the root cigarette, and quickly came over to ignite. He took a mouthful: "Qian Minghui really has two brushes, but it is not obedient."

I feel that I am a fool in the morning in front of Qian Minghui, how much money, is a fool.

This feels uncomfortable!Too uncomfortable!

He was still counting money, and the other said "I don’t agree" and returned, C.

Zhang Ye smiled. He looked very beautiful, had a narrow face and tall nose, with a pair of beams and smiling, which looked more intimate than Qian Minghui. The latter was bright and beautiful, and he was like a spring breezehandsome.

"She has been pregnant for 8 months, it’s okay, I persist for half a month, and then she can be easy for four months."

He said softly that in his opinion, Qian Minghui was very clever and powerful, but what really made people really make people Qian Minghui.

It is the one around her, there seems to be no sense of presence, but Wen Yang is everywhere.

Especially his eyes this morning, like a chilling knife, make people uncomfortable.

"What did Qian Minghui do? Do you know? I always think this person … I always feel a little familiar."

(Chapter 175, finished)

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