8 reasons for sweating 8 reasons?

Reasons for sweating

Master the distinction between biological and pathological night sweats

1. Physiological night sweats: During pediatrics, the skin is very young, with more moisture, rich capillaries, strong metabolism, and uncomfortable plant nerve regulation function, and it is easy to sweat during activities.If the children move too much before falling asleep, the functional metabolism of the various organs in the body can increase the heat production of the body. During sleep, the skin vascular expansion and the increase of sweat glands increase, and sweat to help heat dissipation.Secondly, eating before going to bed can enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase the secretion of gastric juice, and the secretion of sweat glands also increases, which can cause children to sweat more after falling asleep, especially within 2 hours of falling asleep.In addition, if the indoor temperature is too high, or the quilt is too thick, or when using an electric blanket, it can cause sweating during sleep.

2. Pathological night sweats: After falling asleep, some people are mainly sweating in the middle of the night, which is often caused by low blood calcium.Low calcium is likely to enhance the excitement of the sympathetic nerve, such as opening the "faucet" of the sweat glands, which is particularly common among children with sickness.However, night sweats are not a unique manifestation of mirror disease. It should conduct comprehensive analysis according to the feeding situation of children and outdoor activities. It is also necessary to check blood calcium, blood phosphorus, and wrist bone X -ray films to determine whether the children are mobilized.

3. Middle ear and inner ear diseases: Different ear problems can cause dizziness, such as otitis media and Meni disease. Generally, cold viruses will also invade the inner ear to cause problems, and even cause vomiting.

4. Pharmaceutical impact: Some blood pressure drugs, heart and diabetes, and even sensitive drugs may have this side effect.

5. Chronic diseases: Diabetes, trachea, kidney disease, etc. If the control is not good, the above situation will also occur (such as too low blood sugar).

6, arrhythmia: Cardiac disease causes dizziness in the brain’s oxygen disorders, and the center of heart is slow.

7. Anemia: Like pregnancy or women’s menstrual flow, it will reduce the oxygen content of blood, which will cause dizziness.The body is weak and sweaty.

8. Excessive blood pressure or too low: Sometimes if the blood pressure is too high or too low, it will also affect the brain and cause dizziness.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "sweat is the heart fluid". If night sweats do not stop, heart yin consumption is very serious, and it should be actively treated.While treatment, pay special attention to self -maintenance.(Picture source: Vision China)

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