800 pregnancy sow mold toxin poisoning cases, have you encountered your pig farm?

A more than 800 pig farming company appeared in the acute death of pregnant sows, and 37 sows died in that month.After investigation, it was ultimately diagnosed as an acute death caused by mold toxin poisoning.

1. Basic situation

The breeding company has more than 800 sows, and the company’s production is responsible for the two leaders of Zhengzheng and deputy.Essence

The director’s prosecution: When the sow is pregnant to 1 to 2 months, the sow appears hot, the appetite suddenly decreases or abuse, part of the abortion, the pig’s body is red, the body temperature rises to 41 ° C ~ 42 ° C, the breathing is rapid, and the breathing is rapidThe course of the disease was short, and the symptoms died 1 to 2 days after the symptoms. After the death, there were congestion in the nostrils.

2. Diagnosis

At first I was suspected that the sow abortion caused by the high pathogenic blue ear virus was taken to take 20 blood samples to send the local animal health supervision institution to the veterinary laboratory test, and the high pathogenic blue ear, swine fever, pseudo -rabies and rings were detected.Four antibodies of viruses.

The test results show that the four antibodies are uneven, the qualified rate of high pathogenic blue ear virus antibodies is 60%, the pass rate of swine fever virus antibody is 80%, the pseudo -rabies virus antibody qualification rate is 75%, the qualified rate of the ring virus antibody is qualified90%.

In this case, the company’s veterinarian technicians suggested that the sows who are pregnant within one month of pregnancy strengthen the immunity of high pathogenic blue ear disease vaccines, each of which is 2 heads;Music and composite multi -dimensional, the treatment effect is not obvious, and death still occurs.

3. Anatomy symptoms

The pregnancy sow, which is acute death, sees the fetal congestion and bleeding obvious; cellulose pleural pneumonia, the cut surface is marble, with cellulose attachment on the pleura, thoracic cavity and pericardium, bronchial and bronchus contain a large amount of foam mucus, enteric membrane lymph nodesSwelling, bleeding, red cut surface; a large amount of mucus on the throat, no ulcers; no fastening swelling at the blind mouth; the liver yellow, the spleen swelling, the groin lymph nodes are enlarged, and the cut surface is black.The fetus has begun to rot and has bad odor.

Preliminary diagnosis: The acute death caused by multi -kill Bacteria caused by mold toxin poisoning. At the same time, the uniformity of the antibody is poor. The cause of the pathological changes in the immune organs may be the chronic poisoning caused by mold toxin to destroy the sow’s sow’s.Immune system.

4. Treatment plan

Increasing the amount of mold dehydration in the feed, add 2 kilograms of Longchang bile acid to one ton of sow, and discharge fungal toxins to protect the liver. Drinking water is added with multi -dimensional pigs. For sows with clinical symptoms, sows are injected.After 3 days of treatment with this scheme, the sow mortality rate was basically controlled. The sow symptoms of clinical symptoms were eased, and the amount of feeding gradually recovered.

5. Suggestions

1. Ensure the quality of sow feed, add high -quality mold dehydration agent for a long time to control mold;

2. Multi -dimensional for pigs in the middle and late pregnancy; control treatment as soon as possible clinical symptoms;

3. After adjusting the status of the pigs, we will strengthen immunity for high pathogenic blue ear disease and swine fever.

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