A large amount of oysters in a beach in Guangdong, someone picked up one or two hundred pounds, the fishery department: it is recommended not to eat


Great Lake Beach, Shanwei, Guangdong

A lot of oysters appear

Many people go to catch the sea to pick up and pick up

Some citizens told reporters

I picked up one or two hundred pounds by myself

May 31st

Staff of the local marine comprehensive law enforcement brigade said

At present, the source of oysters and whether it can be eaten is not clear

It is recommended not to eat

△ Citizens pick up oysters on the beach (provided by the respondents)

According to a video shot by many netizens, the beach on the beach was covered with oysters. Many citizens took the bucket to go overnight. At night, many people still wearing headlights, buckets or bags to pick up.Multiple video positioning shows that the location of picking oysters is located in Dahu Beach, Haifeng County, Shanwei City, Guangdong.Some netizens said that the place where he picked up oysters was located in Jinxiang Yinyin, Lufeng City, Shanwei.

Mr. Yu, a citizen of Shanwei, told reporters that in the past few days, he saw someone picking up oysters on the local seaside on the Internet. At 4 am on May 30, he drove his friend to pick up near the beach of Dahu Lake.When they arrived, there were already one or two hundred people picked up at the scene, and there were people who had one car and one car. The beach covered with oysters was two or three hundred meters long.However, the oysters on the beach have different heads, and many of them have been rotten. He and his friends picked and picked themselves.Because of Sando, he has soaked the oysters in the seawater and has not been eaten yet.

Mr. Liu, a citizen of Shanwei, also said that after seeing the news, he picked up a one or two hundred pounds of oysters near the beach of Dahu at 1 pm on May 30.

△ Citizens pick up oysters on the beach (provided by the respondents)

The incident quickly caused heated discussion among netizens

Many netizens said:

As a foodie

Is the most concerned about eating?

Fishery department response

The source is unknown, it is recommended not to eat

In this regard, the local fishery department of Shanwei said that the relevant situation is not clear.

The staff of the Haifeng County Marine Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade said that it is unclear that there are a large number of specific reasons for the beach. There are many fishermen farming near the beach of the big lake. It may be that the breeding oysters are rushed ashore by the sea.I do n’t know if these oysters are safe. It is recommended that citizens do not eat as much as possible, and they will reflect the relevant situation to the superiors.

How to eat oysters healthily?

According to experts from the Shenzhen Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, oysters, like other double shellfish seafood, eat a large amount of seawater in gills. If the oysters grow in the pollution waters, it will be easily polluted.

Norru virus depends on the digestive system of oysters. Generally, it is difficult to remove the Noro virus in the oyster body, and the purification treatment is not very effective.

Therefore, the risk of being infected with this virus is particularly high.

Dip juice to kill no death necroma

Nuo Ru virus is acid -resistant. If the oysters are polluted, dipped in lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, or alcohol, will not prevent infection.

Frozen or shallow heat killing undead virus

Noru virus can survive at low temperatures under the freezing point.Compared with most germs, Noru virus is relatively heat -resistant. Even if the food is heated to 60 ° C and it is maintained for 30 minutes, the virus can still be contagious.

Don’t eat the weaker immunity

Old people, young children, pregnant women, and weak immunity should avoid shellfish seafood, including oysters, including oysters.Don’t eat oysters that are only cooked (that is, you must cook).

Although the oysters are delicious

But be sure to cook it before eating!

in addition

Oyster with unknown sources

Try not to eat!

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Source: Southern Daily

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