A male doctor in a foreign gynecological and gynecology department, using the stool of his position to let hundreds of women pregnant with their children

Brothers and sisters should be the most close relatives of their parents, but can you imagine a stranger who passed you on the street, maybe your brother and sisters?

The documentary named "Our Father" once came out of the discussion.

The director used a creepy narrative way to reveal the story of a doctor’s father who wiped out humanity.

A doctor named Donald Clai used his own position in his 40 -year -old doctor’s career to inject his sperm into many women through artificial methods.

Many women pregnant with the children of this obstetrics and gynecologist without knowing it. It was not until these children grew up, and this dark story was revealed.

How ridiculous is this doctor named Donald Clai?

In addition to the Donald Clay incident, what similar incidents did happen?What are the results of these events?

Many couples who want a child but can’t get pregnant, most of them choose artificial means like IVF for conception.

The foundation such as IVF has brought the gospel to some infertile patients, but it has become a means of evil.

A couple in the United States once ushered in the way of IVF and even donating sperm to usher in their daughter Jacoba.

Over time, Jacoba gradually discovered the fact that he was not his father and mother’s biological daughter.

Because his blonde eyes and the explicit genes of everyone in the family are not right.

Subsequently, Jacoba’s parents told her the fact that Jacoba was born by donating sperm.

At the age of 35 at Jacoba, curiosity drove her to do DNA testing, perhaps to find her father to find the roots.

But Jacob’s behavior revealed a secret.

In 2014, Jacob performed a DNA test. The test report showed that she had 7 siblings in the world.

This is a very strange thing. The number of sperm donations is limited and quality restrictions.

No one will donate so many sperm at the same time, and Jacoba finds that something is wrong.

As a result, Jacob contacted the brothers and sisters of the same father through the Internet.

However, terrible things happened, and they found that their brothers and sisters were not only seven.

With the release of DNA detection data reports, their siblings changed from seven to 10 or even 20, and eventually reached more than 90.

Obviously, this matter must be strange.

As a result, the brothers and sisters contacted by Jacobar began to resume their lives and the common incident they had experienced.

Then they discovered a terrible thing, that is, their mothers had surgery in the hospital of Donald Clay, Donald Clay, in the United States.

And they finally identified their biological father through DNA tracking technology, that is, Donald Cle, a doctor who performed test tube surgery for their mother.

It turned out that Donald Clai replaced the man’s sperm with his own without knowing it.

This is his experiment for this abnormal doctor.

But for those victimized families, the operation of doctors ruined the happiness of their lives.

Without any woman, I can imagine that she pregnant with a child of someone else without knowing it.

What’s more abominable is that Donald Cle itself has many genetic diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

As a doctor, a obstetrician and gynecologist, Donald Clay should know that he is inferior to inferior genes, if the result is inherited.

But he did not stop what he did, and continued to play an absurd game that annihilated humanity.

With the fermentation of the incident, more and more victims appear.

Among these victims, there are many people who suffer from coagulation disorders, systemic digestive problems, and rheumatoid arthritis.

The reason for all this is attributed to the demon named Donald Clay.

Although Donald Clay was finally punished, it could not make up for his harm to the victim’s family.

However, it is unique that as early as the 1940s and 1950s, similar incidents in Nevada, the United States.

In the 1960s, a doctor named Kinsen Fitil established a women’s hospital.

The original intention of the establishment of this women’s hospital is to provide services to women. In short, it is a specialized obstetrics and gynecology hospital.

Dr. Qinci Fitil, who established a hospital, is also a well -known local obstetrician and gynecologist. He has been engaged in obstetric obstetrics in Nevada for more than 60 years.

Because of its excellent technology, Queensey Fetir was even selected as the best local doctor in the local area in 1991.

But this is such a prestigious obstetrician and gynecologist, but in the back to the ground is a demon who hurt countless families.

In the 1950s, artificial insemination technology was not popular, and many unable to give birth not far away to the Nevada to find the Queensi Fiti.

This is because Qinxi Frieiel has the most cutting -edge artificial fertilized reproductive technology in contemporary contemporary. His artificial fertilization successor is extremely high.

What everyone did not expect was that in the actual operation of Qinxi Frieiel, he replaced other people’s sperm for artificial insemination with his sperm.

From the beginning to the end of this operation for 40 years, how many families have been persecuted.

If it wasn’t for a later woman named Wendy, I found 24 brothers and sisters with DNA technology, and this incident would be buried forever.

However, the degree of madness of this doctor is far beyond our imagination.

In fact, there are five biological children in the home of Qinusi Fitille. In addition, he also adopted a daughter in the orphanage.

This adopted daughter did not expect that she would eventually become the experimental product of Queensey Fiti.

When she was 17 years old, she lent her excuses for her body to check her body and implanted her sperm into the adopted girl through artificial insemination technology.

The 17 -year -old girl in the flower season was forced to be pushed to the children of Qinxi Frieiel.

In addition to the behavior of annihilation of human adopted daughter, Qinsea Fiti did not let go of her biological children.

In 2000, the son of Quinci Fitille brought the 87 -year -old Qinqie Fiti to court.

蒂 Quincy Fiti, his son charged his father in court, abused himself as a child, and even obscenned many people.

After this incident burst out, many people also saw the true face of the doctor.

When everyone thought that Qinci Fiti would be punished accordingly, reality gave people a heavy blow.

Because Qinusi Fiti did not get the due punishment.

At that time, Qinxi Frieiel obtained tens of millions of dollars of wealth relied on accumulated reputation and superb technology.

Prior to 2000, DNA technology did not popularize, and his evil deeds were not exposed. Therefore, before that, Qinxi Fiti had lived outside the life.

Until 2000, he was sued in court by his son and was accused of many families.

However, the team of lawyers of Qinusi Fitil seized the loopholes of the law, saying that the law at the time did not say that doctors could not use their sperm for artificial conception surgery.

As a result, Queenci Fitille escaped. Later, he applied for a noise. In order to escape the economic punishment, he directly handed over his assets to the trust fund.

By 2006, Queensey Fiti died. He was 94 years old. He was hateful that until his death, Qinsea Fitil was not severely punished.

After reading these two cases, many friends are distressed, and at the same time, we are fortunate that there are no such abnormal doctors in my country.

But is this really the case?In fact, such things have been exposed in our country.

In fact, my country’s artificial conception technology is relatively strict. For example, some men who donate sperm can only donate once in their lives to avoid some absurd things.

However, there are similar tragedies in my country.

In 2020, a pair of abundance that could not be born, and succeeded in having a child through IVF.

The couple were very happy, but the current DNA technology has been very popular. They later found that the child and the man had no blood relationship through DNA testing.

The incident quickly attracted the attention of the police. After investigation, it was found that the child’s biological father turned out to be a doctor Zhao, a doctor who performed an IVF surgery at the time.

In the process of doing surgery, Zhao replaced the sperm originally belonging to Wang with his own, which directly led to the remaining children in the last.

What many people did not expect is that when DNA technology is so popular today, Zhao even dared to commit crimes.

After investigation by the police, Zhao was not doing such a madness for the first time.

As early as Zhao was discovered, he had already started with many victims.

Zhao was finally judged by the relevant court for crime and punishment for fraud.

Many friends do not buy such punishments. Zhao has harmed the interests of many families. It should give more severe punishment, similar to rape, or intentional injury.

The reason why this line is not determined is that the first reason is that my country ’s legislation in artificial pregnancy has not improved.

In addition, according to the definition of rape and intentional injury in the criminal law, Zhao did not do related behaviors, so it was difficult to convict.

This incident also reminds people of gene editing baby cases that shocked the world in 2018.

In June 2016, He Jiankui used the technology with low security and effectiveness of safety, and implemented the national embryo gene editing activity prohibited by the state.

To complete this activity, from 2017 to 2018, He Jiankui convened 8 AIDS volunteers to participate.

The end result was that two volunteers were pregnant, and one of the volunteers successfully gave birth to the twins called Lulu and Nana in November 2018.

After the twins had an accident, He Jiankui announced the incident, because Lulu and Nana could naturally resist AIDS virus through gene modification.

After this incident was revealed, the world shook the world. After all, from a scientific perspective, this was a study of across the times.

He Jiankui, an associate professor of Southern University of Science and Technology, became famous because of this, but it was said that it violated relevant laws and regulations in my country.

On January 21, 2019, the relevant departments of Guangdong Province organized an investigation team to investigate the matter.

Finally, it was determined that through the way He Jiankui raised funds, he personally performed the ban on the embryo editing activities that the state was banned.

Finally, three relevant doctors including He Jiankui were sentenced to illegal medical treatment, and then criminal responsibility.

The birth of life and the continuation of life are essentially natural.

The emergence of artificial insemination techniques has indeed benefited some couples who can’t get pregnant, but such means can not be a means for some people to achieve bad purposes.

If you want to avoid such a thing, you must start with the people themselves.

If you are determined to use artificial insemination, you must do everything well and prepare to investigate the relevant background of the doctor.

For the supervision department and the legislature, it is necessary to do a good job in supervision and legislative work, so as not to happen again after another incident, the criminal escapes punishment because of the law of law.

So what do you think about this series of cases?Welcome to share a message.

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