A married man in Nanning claims to be the company’s boss, cheats money with pseudonym, and threatens pregnant girlfriend to give money

Source: South China Morning Post

There is a family who has a car beauty company in Nanning who has a family, but he is still active on the wedding dating platform as a pseudonym "Cheng Bing" unmarried, and cheats some older women.After the woman was pregnant, Nongmou also threatened with "breakup" and "fetal fetus", allowing the woman to obediently use the card to cash out or loan for their squandering.

In October 2018, Ahua, a 30 -year -old woman in Hechi City, met a man who claimed to be "Cheng Bing" through a marriage dating platform.Cheng Bing said he was unmarried and opened a car beauty company in Nanning.After the two met, Ahua moved to Cheng Bing, who was handsome.The two soon determined their relationship.

Soon, Ahua was pregnant with a child.However, Cheng Bingchang constantly asked Ahua for money on the grounds of the company’s need for funds or investment engineering.If A Hua did not give money, Cheng Bing was revealed, and threatened to break up without children.Ahua, who was pregnant, had to swipe a credit card or ask his family to ask for money.

In September this year, Ahua, who was pregnant for 5 months, asked his family to ask his family for 80,000 yuan. His father felt wrong, so he asked relatives and friends to come to Nanning to understand Cheng Bing’s details.Twist it to the Qingxiu Mountain Police Station.

After investigation, before that, women had reported the case that Cheng Bing was deceived by 270,000 yuan.Subsequently, the case was transferred to the criminal investigation team of Qingxiu Branch of Nanning Public Security Bureau for treatment.At this time, Ahua has been deceived 590,000 yuan.

After investigation, the police found that "Cheng Bing" was named Nong, 31 years old, and was married in 2017. He had a daughter.Nongmou did drive a car beauty company, but only using the company to pack himself, the company has been at a loss.Nongmou has no houses and no car, and all go to high -end communities to rent a house.

Police initially verified that from November 2017 to September 2019, Nongmou cheated four women and cheated money on the grounds of falling in love, and three of them were pregnant.For pregnant women, Nong’s usual fraud method is to threaten to break up and not children.In order to retain farmers, these women brocaded their credit cards or loans for them.One of the women was deceived by 1.3 million yuan and burst a dozen credit cards.Another woman had just known Nong for a month and was deceived by 50,000 yuan.

After the incident, the wife of the farmers who had been in the drums knew the situation and actively cooperated with the police investigation.At the same time, the police also found out that the nong guys cheated 90,000 yuan in their wives and colleagues with their fake property certificates.In addition, Nongmou also fraudulent "big sister -in -law" margin for "big sister -in -law" on the grounds that his brother and brother entered the company.

According to the police, Nongmou made a fake identity card of "Cheng Bing" in both the pseudonym of "Cheng Bing" on the platform of marriage or dating platform.According to Nong’s explanation, the money from his scams has invested in virtual currency investment and daily expenses.However, he has lost more than 10 million yuan, and now he only has a virtual currency worth more than 1 million yuan.In this regard, the police called on the victims to report the case as soon as possible.

It is reported that at present, Nongmou has been arrested by Qingxiu police suspected of fraud.

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