A one -night stand happened on the night of the alumni party, and she was pregnant with the cub who once chased her man (below)

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When Qi Qi came out, I saw that the headlights in the room were turned off, only the small lights on the bedside, and Wei Tingzheng sat on the bed and looked at the mobile phone.

"Don’t you take a bath?" She walked over and sat at the other end of the bed.

"Washed it." He looked up at her.


Qi Mian opened the quilt, lay in, and said lowly, "I’m tired, sleep first."

Without hearing Wei Tingyu’s voice, she closed her eyes and silently counted sheep in her heart.

I don’t know how long, I felt the lights on the bed were turned off, and the bed beside her sank. Then, her whole body was incorporated into his arms.

"Sleep, we are husband and wife."

She couldn’t help but stun.

After a long time, Wei Tingyu spoke again. His voice was very light. "No matter what happened, you don’t need to bear it alone. This time you change me to protect you."

Qi Mian’s body was slightly stiff.

She moved and turned over to him: "Ting Ye …"

"I know, sleep, thank you everything for me." He held her in his arms and kissed her forehead, nose, cheeks …

"Oh … Ting Yan, I’m pregnant."

Hearing, in the darkness, Wei Tingxuan was sighing: "Sleep!"

The next morning, Qi Mian woke up very early. After waking up, she felt strange for a moment. Wei Tingyu’s voice came from her before she reacted. She got married and she married Wei Tingyu.

"Did you sleep well?"


He kissed her cheeks gently, sat up and sat up, and got out of bed and dressed. "Sleeping, you are not suitable for travel now. After you give birth to your child, I will supply you a honeymoon."

Qi Mian was lying on the bed without moving. She had a small problem. In the morning, she would always get up in the bed for a while. Listening to Wei Tingyu, she stunned.

Then said: "It’s okay."

"Well, you want to sleep, sleep again, and a little aunt comes to cook for you for a while. I’ll go to the company first."

"Do you want to go to work?" She muttered.

Wei Tingyi turned around, walked into the bed, leaned over and pinched her face: "I don’t go to work, how can I raise you and children?" He was tender on his face.

"Oh …" Although Qi Mian was a little unhappy, he still explained that he would let him leave.

In a hotel suite, Zhao Mingcheng flew the coffee table in front of him, and he shouted with anger: "Wei Tingyu, you dare to grab my woman, it seems to be alive and crooked."

"Master, the old man deliberately instructed you to stop, don’t do anything." The middle -aged man standing aside said.

"Uncle Li, how do you let me swallow this breath? The whole school knows that Qi Mian is the woman I saw by Zhao Mingcheng." He looked iron.

"Master, how can he compare with you at this moment."

"Huh!" Zhao Mingcheng hummed coldly.

"Master, there is a piece of land in the new district, the imperial court has already seen it, are you …"

Zhao Mingcheng looked at Uncle Li and saw a touch of light from his eyes. He laughed: "Uncle Li, you are worthy of my dad’s most proud assistant."

"Master, Zanzan, Uncle Li’s life was given by the master.

"Okay, Master Ben is going to participate." Zhao Mingcheng sneered. Wei Tingyi must step on you under your feet this time, and there is no day when you turn around.

A few days later, in the office of the Emperor Cing Company, Zheng Yu stood in front of the desk and reported, "President Wei, the Zhao family has participated in, do we still raise the bidding?"

Wei Tingyu put down the documents in his hand and looked up, "plus a round."

Zheng Yu stunned: "President Wei, did you not say that there is suspicion of speculation in that land?"

Wei Tingxuan smiled slightly: "Well, it is suspected of hype, so we have to give this land to the Zhao family."

Zheng Yu paused, pondered his words, and then realized, "President Wei, I know how to do it."

In the hotel, Zhao Mingcheng drank red wine while watching the bidding on the TV.

Knowing that Huang Ting raised the price again, his face was ugly. Uncle Li on the side looked at his eyes and said in silence for a while: "Master, you can increase the price again.So much money. "

Zhao Mingcheng pursed his mouth tightly, and his face was covered with haze. "Unexpectedly, he fried this land so high."

"Master, you don’t want to follow this time?" Uncle Li asked.

"Uncle Li, this land is so high, even if I take a hand, the return will be very low. The old man is not necessarily happy."

Uncle Li frowned, and after thinking for a moment, he said again: "Master, is it so important to forget the original intention of shooting this land? Wei Tingxuan is anxious to ask for this land, it must be valuable, otherwise he will not do thatDo you lose to him in the business field? "

Hearing the words, Zhao Mingcheng’s face sank, gritted his teeth, and sneered: "Hey, isn’t he going to win this land, no matter how much the price is raised, he will buy it. At that time, he will win this piece.Land, his company was also suffered major losses. "

"Uncle Li, if you pass it on, banks from all over the country will not be allowed to loan Wei Tingyu. At that time, he will sell the company’s shares. We will collect it at a low price and kick him out of the imperial court.At that time, Qi Mian will also be my pocket. "

Zhao Mingcheng took the Ruyi as an abacus, but ignored the uncle Li on the side. Uncle Li glanced at him coldly and turned away from the room.

In the hidden corner in the corridor: "Ting Ye, Zhao Mingcheng followed."

"Okay, I know, thank you Uncle Li, you come out now, the car is downstairs, someone will send you to foreign abroad, Xiao Min is waiting for you there."

"Ting Ye, take care, Uncle Li is grateful!"

"be safe!"


A week later, Zhao Mingcheng got the right of that land. His entire face was green. He had a few pounds and a few pounds. How could he bear a lot of money.

On the other side, he broke his wealth directly.

"Uncle Li, send me someone to find someone." He roared.

"Master, found that Uncle Li had flew abroad, and when we went abroad, there was no trace of his disappearance."

"Waste, a group of waste."

"Wei Tingyu, dawn, I want you to pay the price." He shot a ruthless light in his eyes.

He gave the family so big, and the old man would definitely not protect him. Besides, his father is no longer, his uncle’s house and cousin are here, and the old man gives him up and directly change to a heir.He sneered, he was actually a pawn in the hands of the old man.

"Come here." He said towards the man in black.


Zhao Mingcheng whispered in his ear, and the man froze: "This … can you do it?"

"Rest assured, I will take care of your family, no matter if you can achieve it." He smiled and patted his shoulder.

The man nodded and nodded.

In the apartment, Wei Tingyu came back from get off work and saw Qi Mian busy in the kitchen. He hurriedly changed his shoes, put his clothes on the sofa, and walked over.

"How do you cook."

"It’s boring, you don’t let me go to work, I can only be with them."

"Come out, there are oil fume in the kitchen, are you afraid of vomiting?" He pulled her hand and walked out.

At this time, the news was playing on the TV. "From the Zhao company today, the new leader finally chosen to Zhao Minghui.

"What’s going on?" Qi Mian asked in doubt.

"The company’s mobilization, very common thing."

Qi Mian stared at Wei Tingyu, and always felt that the matter could not be related to him.

"Wife, am I so handsome?" He turned his head and said with a smile.

Qi Mian: "…" She reached out and pinched his cheek, "It’s handsome, I don’t know how many little girls are fascinated by this face."

Wei Ting’s eyebrows frowned: "Why do I be fascinated by the little girl, can you be fascinated by you?"

Qi Mian said dumb.

The next day, Qi Mian bent downstairs. Suddenly, a tramp appeared. She enthusiastically took out a hundred yuan bill and threw it in the bowl of the tramp and turned away.

She just walked into the silent place, and suddenly, she rushed from behind her, scared her, and saw the murmured of the stray man just rushed towards her, and Qi Mian screamed.Where did you come over and dragged her into her arms.

"It’s okay!"

She shook her head.

"Husband, he …"

"Just a tramp!"

"Really?" Qi Mian watched the tramp away from the security guard.

"Who makes you so beautiful, even a stray man fascinated." He said coolly.

Qi Mian: "…" Does she say that there is a little girl fascinated by him? As for him, he is fascinated by the tramp, and he is also a tramps man?

"go home!"

At night, Wei Tingzheng sat gently from the bed, glanced at Qi Mian, who was asleep, and got out of bed lightly and pushed the door out.

His mobile phone shook at this time, and he walked to the floor -to -ceiling window and picked it up: "Is it done?"

"President Wei, you can rest assured." Zheng Yu’s sound came from there.

The corner of Wei Tingyu rose slightly: "Okay, go and rest!"

"Hey, President Wei, can you make a small request?"


"Can I apply for a year leave, I have been too busy recently, my girlfriend has opinions."


Suddenly, Qi Mian’s voice came from the living room, and she hugged Wei Tingyu from behind.Said to the phone.

Zheng Yu heard the voice of the boss, and said hello, and then hung up the phone.

Wei Tingyu turned around and embraced her into her arms: "When did you wake up?"

"When you come out."

"Have you heard it?"


"The tramp in the afternoon was found by Zhao Mingcheng. He was sent abroad by their old man, and he would never come back in the future."

"Ting Yan, Zhao Mingcheng, he is from the Zhao family, and will return sooner or later, then are we …"

"No, rest assured, no one will separate us in the future." He has taught Zhao Mingcheng. He is now a semi -disabled person. With the style of the Zhao family, he cannot let him return again.

"Husband, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t tell you so badly at first, indirectly hurting you a car accident." She always felt guilty, she liked him, but she couldn’t respond to him.

Zhao Mingcheng said in school, who dares to offend him.

"Fool, aren’t you for me? If you promised me, in my situation at the time, it is estimated that even life would not be guaranteed."

It was because he knew Qi Mian’s approach, he was not entangled with her, and he studied hard to make himself strong.

At that time at the alumni party, he learned that Zhao Mingcheng was coming. He was anxious and left on his way to accompany his customers. He just saw Zhao Mingcheng entangled Qi Mian.

Wei Tingxuan wanted to include Qi Mian’s studio into the partners of their company through the bidding of their company. In this way, he could pursue her newly pursuing her, but he hadn’t rushed to implement it. Zhao Mingcheng returned.

He was pretended to be scared, and he took Qi Mian into the room. The scene happened. If he didn’t think about it, he was pregnant with his child. Of course, he would not let go again.

"Old fox!" Qi Mian poked his chest.

"Little fox!" Wei Tingzheng bit his ears.

The two smiled each other. He was the only one in her life. She was his favorite in his life.


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