A picture tells you, where did the growth of growth during pregnancy?Learn to control weight

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Under normal circumstances, the weight of the fetus is about 6 pounds, but our mother’s weight increases at least 20 pounds during pregnancy, so where is the weight gain except the fetus?

In fact, this is related to our genes. Our ancestors make a living for hunting, so we have a hungry meal, so in order to allow our children to have enough food to eat after birth, that is, that is, that is, it isMom’s milk, so the mother was desperately piled up fat when she was pregnant.

Where is the accumulation?Packing on our hips and accumulating on our chests, and then these fats will provide energy to mothers after the mother gave birth to a child, and it will become milk nourishing children!

Mom’s weight increased by about 15 kg when she was pregnant.Among them, the increase in blood flow is 1.36 ~ 1.82 kg, the increase in breasts is 0.45 ~ 1.36 kg, the weight of the placenta is 0.68 kg, the weight of amniotic fluid is 0.9 kg, the weight of the uterus is 0.9 kg, the body fluid increases 0.9 ~ 1.36 kgThen the fetus weighs 2.95 ~ 4.08 kg, and the storage and muscle development of fat are 2.72 ~ 3.63 kg.

There is a magnitude of weight gain, so some mothers have more weight gain, and some mothers will increase less weight. Among them, the difference in fat is relatively large. Some mothers will have more fat reserves.Some mothers have a lot of fat in their body, so they do not need to store fat.

The "BMI index" is the square weighing (kilogram) except for our height (meter) square.

If a BMI before pregnancy is 18.5 ~ 24.9, then we belong to normal weight, and the increase is 11.5 ~ 16 kg.

The BMI index before pregnancy is 24 ~ 27.9, which is overweight, so the goal of gaining weight is 7 ~ 11.5 kg.

The BMI index before pregnancy is greater than 28. Then we belong to obesity. When we get pregnant, the weight increase is 5-9 kg, and even the weight does not increase, mainly because the fetus can grow healthily healthily.

However, the BMI index before pregnancy is less than 18.5 and is thin. The total goal of our weight gain during pregnancy is 12.5 ~ 18 kg.

Most mothers gain weight too quickly when they are pregnant, so learn to control weight.

The most important thing to control weight is that we need to reduce energy intake!

First: Make changes in thought

Many elderly people think that they should eat more when they are pregnant. The fatter, the better, or eat two people to make up for themselves.These wrong concepts can easily lead to too fast weight during pregnancy.

So we need to know that we can eat seven or eight minutes during pregnancy, and even in the early pregnancy, we may decrease slightly.

Second: Don’t eat too much white rice

Many homes are eating white rice or sophisticated noodles. This is actually refined food. The blood sugar is very fast, and the feeling of satiety is not so easy to come out, so I eat too much.

We need to control the intake of staple food and eat more coarse grains, such as sweet potatoes, taro, corn and other coarse grains.

Third: Don’t eat too oily

Pregnant women can consider using air fried pots. For example, when making meat foods, it will not be fishy without oil. It is best not to exceed 25 grams of cooking oil every day.It will fall out less.

Fourth: Avoid invisible calories

For example, after eating a sip of soup, or like soup, chicken soup, fish soup, these are all contained in a lot of fat.Or when we cook noodles, we have fat in the soup, and we recommend eating nuts when we are pregnant, but the amount of nuts of nuts is relatively high.

Fifth: Choose low -fat or skimmed milk when drinking milk

It is recommended that my mother drink about 500 ml of milk every day when she is pregnant. Either we just drink milk powder or we just drink pure milk, but if the pregnant mother wants to control weight, it is recommended to drink low -fat or skimmed pure milk.

Sixth: Control the intake of sweet drinks

Whether it is milk tea or our common Coca -Cola, and various beverages, and some sugar -free soda marked, these pregnancy cannot be drunk. Although it is said to be sugar -free soda, it is also very calorie in it.It refers to not adding white sugar, but it has other sugar.

Seventh: Eat less fruits

Many mothers think that fruits are nutritious foods, and this is not wrong, but there are a large amount of fruit sugar in the fruit. It is easyAct.

Eighth: Use a small bowl

When we eat, we choose a smaller bowl. After eating, I feel psychologically feeling that I have eaten a bowl of rice. This can reduce the intake of food.

Therefore, if pregnant mothers want to control weight, these 8 points are very effective.

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