A series of embarrassing changes after pregnancy: There are so many farts, I am embarrassed to go out

The embarrassing change series after pregnancy is here again.

Last time we were talking about long hairs on the stomach. In fact, this is okay. After all, this is a "inner" thing, only what we know, this time we are talking about another more embarrassing ~ Why are there so many after pregnancy?fart?

Before the lazy mother, the boss was a young and beautiful beauty. She was so fierce when she was doing things. When talking about business is also fast and accurate, we all envious of these little followers.

At that time, the female boss was with the second child, about six months. Because of her leisurely work, she often took her Dabao to play. When a four -year -old child was always talking, the child asked "Mom, why are you so much fart? "Otherwise," Mom, why don’t you polite? "" Mom, your fart is so bad! "

At this time, we are polite and embarrassed at this time, and sometimes we even laugh.

In fact, because everyone is here, they understand, so there is no psychological burden. The main thing is that the boss is approachable, and colleagues are just a few treasure moms.

Seriously, for us, thinking that this is relatively common and easy to understand.

But it would be awkward if it was in other public places.

Imagine that there is a fart suddenly on the bus; there is another fart in the breakfast shop; there is a fart when the supermarket checks out; when you walk in the small park, you also come to such a …

Will the atmosphere suddenly become weird!

The first reason is simply because of pregnancy

Don’t always feel that there is something great to get pregnant, because pregnancy is really amazing.

There are too many things that women change their bodies, such as changes in the chest ~ bigger, softened, long hair on the body, less hair, acne and so on.

Farting more is also one of the changes.

The reasons are due to changes in hormone levels in the body.

The increase in hormone levels in pregnant women after pregnancy can lead to a decline in digestive function of pregnant mothers, so most pregnant women will have nausea and vomiting.

In fact, in addition to these, because of the decline in digestive function, the gas in the intestines of the pregnant mother will accumulate more than usual, and then the phenomenon of irregular exhaust, that is, fart.

Therefore, we can often hear some pregnant mothers, from time to time to make some sounds or some sounds of sound, perhaps just some farts that have become shocks.

This is not because of pregnancy, but sometimes I can’t help it.

The second reason is that the fetus grew up due to pregnancy.

After the middle and late pregnancy, the growth rate of the fetus has become very fast, especially after the period after entering the third trimester, the baby’s baby increases by about 200 grams per week.

The weight of the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, which means that the uterus is getting bigger and bigger. The increased uterus is pressed down.

Therefore, pregnant mothers will have frequent urination, constipation, and increased fake contraction in the third trimester.

At the same time, the capacity will be smaller because the intestine is oppressed. The time when the food stays in the intestine is longer, which is more likely to ferment more gases, which is also a reason that causes the pregnant mothers to fart.

The third reason is caused by improper diet of pregnant women

In addition to the two reasons above, one reason is because these "farts" are "eaten" by pregnant mothers.

For example, some high -protein and high starch foods can cause more gas to produce more gas in pregnant women.

Like soybeans, potatoes, broccoli, etc., it is more prone to flatulence.

In fact, although many people know that this is the case because of pregnancy, if it still puts a fart from time to time in public, it is really indecent and awkward.

But it is impossible to avoid this, and I have never been out after pregnancy. After all, there are still many pregnant mothers who have been at work before childbirth.

1. Eat less meals

As mentioned above, after pregnancy, the digestive function of pregnant mothers has decreased due to the impact of hormones.

So do n’t eat too much at a time when you eat, you ca n’t digest too much, it is also a burden for the stomach, and it will produce more gas.

The principle of eating less meals should be used to increase the amount of food to increase the amount of food.

For example, pregnant mothers can estimate the total amount of food they need to eat every day, and change three meals and four meals a day to five or six meals a day. The total amount does not change.

If the total requirements are not very high, then "eat when you are hungry."

2. Appropriate exercise to promote gastrointestinal motility

The gastrointestinal motility of pregnant women is relatively slow, but we can solve it by massage or appropriate exercise, because this can promote gastrointestinal motility, accelerate the discharge of waste in the gastrointestinal, and avoid more gas.

But whether it is a massage or exercise, you should pay attention to the dynamics of the fetus when doing it. For example, the fetal movement, if the fetal movement is severe, stop immediately.

Don’t stimulate the stomach when you just eat full or hungry.

3. Eat less foods that are prone to flatulence

If pregnant mothers have a lot of farts, try to eat less foods that are prone to flatulence, like broccoli, soybeans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, chives, celery, oats, etc.

Of course, if the pregnant mother has no discomfort, there is no need to avoid so much in diet.

4. Don’t be too tangled with this problem

In the end, this is related to the pregnant mother’s own thoughts.

In fact, if you want to drive a little bit, it is not a problem. It is just a "benefits" attached to the pregnancy. Adjust the diet structure. Usually exercise appropriately, and generally it can alleviate a lot.

The most important thing is to have your own psychological level, not too tangled with this problem.

Is the satisfaction brought by the baby’s baby not enough to cover this small "flaw" brought by "fart"?

Say, do you have a lot of fart during pregnancy?

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