A woman in Shenzhen has a sudden uterine scar pregnancy bleeding, and the multi -disciplinary joint effort has successfully "demolished"

Care section of scar parts of the section (CSP, referred to as scar pregnancy, also known as cesarean section incision diverticulum pregnancy), refers to a rare type of the pregnancy of the pregnancy in the incision of the previous cesarean section.6.1%of abnormal pregnancy after cesarean section.If it is not treated in time, it often produces dangerous consequences such as severe bleeding and uterine rupture.Improper treatment can cause removal of the uterus and even life -threatening.

Recently, a case of scar pregnancy in a cesarean section in the gynecology department of Shenzhen Hang Seng Hospital in the early morning of the Gynecological Department of Shenzhen Hang Seng Hospital.Bleeding.On the second day after embolism, laparoscopic scar pregnancy tissue clearance+cesarean section incision diverticulum repair saved life, retained the uterus, and unloaded this "timing bomb" that threatened life.

Uterine arterial embolism, escort gynecological surgery

Patient Ms. Lin (pseudonym), 36 years old, had a cesarean section surgery in the past, has not had a birth check in this pregnancy, and has been discontinued for more than two months.On the day of the onset, it was around two o’clock in the morning. Ms. Lin suddenly bleed a lot of vagina. She was frightened and quickly dialed 120. Then, the 120 ambulance sent her to the emergency department of Shenzhen Hang Seng Hospital.

At that time, she was nervous, short of breath, cold skin, and pale complexion. Her lower abdomen pain was accompanied by vaginal bleeding, with a heart rate of up to 125 times/min, and blood pressure 90/60mmHg.Director Ou Gouyu of the Emergency Department arranged the bedside ultrasound in accordance with the green channel process. The result was prompted: an anterior uterine position, a pregnancy sac is seen in the scar of the lower section of the front wall.It can be seen that fetal heart beating.Seeing more vaginal bleeding in gynecological examinations, no pregnancy tissue was discharged from the palace mouth. Considering a cesarean section of scar pregnancy abortion and bleeding shock compensation period.Immediately give oxygen absorption, establish venous dual channels, and ECG monitoring, and transfer to gynecological treatment.

After receiving a report report, Deputy Director Liu Weimin of Gynecology arrived at the scene to command and rescue, launch an emergency plan, and improve the necessary examinations, serious illness, blood preparing, and preparing surgery.According to the latest diagnosis and treatment guidelines, Deputy Director Liu Weimin made important instructions for the experience of treating scar pregnancy with many years of treatment: within 5 minutes, prepare pre -surgery for uterine arteries intervention embolism.Surgery.

Therefore, he quickly phone to inform the Cardiovascular Department of Internal Medicine Guo Yujun to prepare for uterine arteries intervention. Because the patient was accompanied by his family members, he reported to the hospital’s total duty class.Surgical consent, organize coordination and treatment.

Director Guo Yujun quickly entered the catheter room, and quickly and accurately completed the bilateral uterine arterial intervention of embolism in 30 minutes. The patient turned to danger.

△ Director Guo Yujun, the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, performed uterine arterial embolism for Ms. Lin in the DSA catheter

On the second day after the embolism, Deputy Director Liu Weimin implemented the patients with scar pregnancy tissue in laparoscopy+cesarean section incision diverticulum repair, cleared the scar pregnancy tissue, trimmed the incision of the anterior cesarean section of the uterine cesarean section destroyed by the pregnancy tissue.Sewing the incision, reinforced and embedded the wound.The patient’s fertility is completely retained.At present, Ms. Lin’s condition is stable and recovered well.

△ Deputy Director Liu Weimin of Gynecology Liu Weimin Cleaning of Hollywood Scar pregnancy tissue+Clicp Labbing incision diverticulum repair

Men disclosure should go to the hospital early and regularly for examinations in order to determine whether the pregnancy site is normal as soon as possible. Early discover the risk factors, and intervene early to protect the safety of the mother and fetus. "

What is uterine arterial intervention embolism?

Uterine arterial intervention embolism is a minimally invasive surgery, which greatly reduces the risk of large bleeding and resection of the uterus during scar pregnancy treatment. It can maximize the safety of patients. It is currently the first choice for scar pregnancy and safe and effective treatment.There are many advantages such as small trauma, less pain, low risk, and fast recovery.

Vascular intervention treatment is not only used for vascular embolism of hemorrhagic diseases, such as obstetrics and gynecology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, respiratory bleeding and other diseases; it is also widely used in arterial pollution chemotherapy and uterine fibroids of various systems of systemic tumors.Blood supply blocking of diseases such as adenomia disease provides a wider choice space for clinical treatment.

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