A woman in Xi’an was recurred for 5 months of pregnancy, and her family members had 110 family members to restrict them to the hospital.

Source: Shaanxi Metropolis Express

Mid -June

Xi’an Mental Health Center

Here is a special patient

This patient is a pregnant woman

In the case of assisting family members 110 and 120


Ao Lei, deputy chief physician of the Xi’an Mental Health Center: "5 months of pregnancy, diagnosis is schizophrenia, excited and impulsive, there may be some victims, both to family and medical staff."

It is understood that the patient was 26 years old and had a 9 -year history of mental illness. What his family did not expect was that he suddenly developed at home when he was pregnant.

Patient’s family: "The symptoms of coming to the hospital were mad at the time. When others asked her, she said that I was a mental patient, and I didn’t answer anything. My future felt dark, and I didn’t know what would happen next.It ’s just a adult, children can do n’t.”

Wang Lei, the attending physician of the Xi’an Mental Health Center: "If it is not treated, her disease will also have risks to the fetus. If treatment, medication or other treatments will have an impact on the fetus and may have the risk of terators."

After analysis and judgment of the hospital, small doses of medication can not improve the patient’s condition.

Director of the deputy chief physician department of the Xi’an Mental Health Center: "I organized a group of multi -disciplinary contact consultations, fully discussed the patient’s condition, and then decided to perform electric shock treatment. In the second trimesterThe placenta stripping these situations, we make the corresponding plan for this situation, and then make an assessment. We can do it when we can do it. "

After the electric shock was treated, the situation of this pregnant woman improved.

Director of the deputy chief physician department of the Xi’an Mental Health Center: "After three treatment, the patient’s mental symptoms have basically disappeared.

Now the patient has recovered and was discharged from the hospital, waiting for the child to fall quietly.

Patient’s family: "Checking fetal heartbeat and the like in the hospital is currently good, everything is normal."

News source: "Urban Express" evening version

Reporter: Bai Kai

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