Actress "face" makes people play: Mao Xiaotong’s ancient dress is swollen, Jin Chen crying scenes weird

It is normal for actresses to "fine -tune" their faces in order to become beautiful and younger, but if they are not sure of the "fine -tuning" degree, it is not good to make the audience play the show.Recently, four actresses have presented in a state of not naturally in their TV series.

The "Biography of Yun Xiang", which is currently on the air, is a drama starring Chen Xiao and Mao Xiaotong. The heroine played by Mao Xiaotong is a high -strength heroine. It stands to reason that her ancient costumes should be heroicFeeling, but that slightly swollen face does not match the image of Xia Nu.

In the same shot, Chen Xiao will not have a swollen face. After all, his face has normal gully, and he is not full enough to make the texture "disappear".

Whenever the two are in the same frame, there will be obvious contrast. Chen Xiao’s forehead is flat, and Mao Xiaotong’s forehead is bulging. At a glance, you can see who moves his face.

In some shots, Mao Xiaotong raised her head a little, and she also exposed her unnatural European -style parallel double eyelids. With swelling her face, her face was full of modernity.

The actor’s face that is too full of bounce in the costume drama will really make the audience play, even the actors with good acting skills in Mao Xiaotong are no exception.

At the beginning, when Mao Xiaotong was 22 years old, when he filmed "Zhen Huan Biography", his appearance was quite ancient. At that time, his face was full and his skin was smooth because he was young, not because of injections.

Later, her fine -tuning thinking was to make her face full, so that she would have a full sense of girly, and she would look sweeter.Just this way, her ancient costumes have no more classic beauty.

Some time ago, CCTV broadcast the entrepreneurial drama "The City of Youth" starring Qin Hailu, Lin Yushen, Ji Yiza, and Zhu Yuchen. The heroine played by Qin Hailu was the president of a power equipment company.

In some shots, Qin Hailu looked well maintained. Even if he was 44 years old, he was not obvious, and his head lines and eye lines were invisible.

However, changing the shot, Qin Hailu’s face seemed a bit swollen under the whitening skin filter. It can be seen that her face is not because of her natural beauty, but the embodiment of technology.

Especially some lenses did not add beauty filters, and she could clearly see her forehead swollen.

From the side, is Qin Hailu’s forehead lines, the same as Mao Xiaotong.

Of course, it is not to say that the boss of the power company cannot do the beauty, it is just a boss who is working hard all day long and is willing to do practical things. It is a bit strange to see your face swollen to see customers and talk about business.

At the beginning, Qin Hailu was a single eyelid when he first debuted, and a little baby fat.

By 30+, her bags and decree patterns have become obvious. Compared with her current state, she can probably understand that she is to make it beautiful and young, so she will do it.

Recently, there are also the workplace light comedy "Ordinary Road" starring Guo Qilin and Jin Chen. Compared with many domestic workplace dramas, it is considered to be more grounded.However, the heroine played by Jin Chen is not very grounded. She has a wide parallel double eyelid, three -dimensional nose, contracted nose, plump and round lips, with "boiled water" makeup, not like an internship lawyer, more like a more like an internship lawyer, more like a more like an internship lawyer, more like a more like an intern lawyer, more like a more like an intern lawyer.It’s an Internet celebrity.

Every time Jin Chen and Guo Qilin are in the same frame, they always feel that their style of painting is very fragmented, one like shooting beautiful idol dramas and one like playing life drama.

Jin Chen had a crying scene, and also exposed her "side effects" of her face.At that time, the plot was that the heroine’s father was with her girlfriend and became pregnant. She cried for her mother’s forbearance for many years and crying for her father’s selfishness.However, this crying face is weird, not to mention Jin Chen.

Jin Chen’s original appearance was actually very pure, her nose was not so sharp, and she felt like a girl next door.

Compared with the refined photos of the past, it can also be seen that Jin Chen’s facial features have not been the same as they are now. The previous feeling is more pure, and now it is more aggressive and beautiful.

In the spy war drama "Bo Bing" shortly after the finale, the female second played by Chen Xiaoyu was a member of the Military Intelligence Department. Her makeup and costumes were particularly fashionable, and she couldn’t see that she played the story of the Republic of China.In fact, it is not only Chen Xiaozheng’s pretty fashion. All the protagonists are very tide. Probably the director wants to make a fashionable spy war drama.

In the play, Chen Xiaochen’s small and exquisite nose and sharp chin particularly attracted much attention. When you watched it, he wanted to ask the female two: Which doctor of the Republic of China is so powerful?

Obviously laughed, but her mouth could not be opened as if limited.It can be seen that although her face becomes beautiful, she also affects her acting and cannot flexibly mobilize her facial features.

Chen Xiaosheng has been fine -tuning in recent years. If the state is in good condition, it can be naturally beautiful like acting in "Mrs. Dendu’s Pearl", relying on the face value.

If the state appears before the state is recovered, it will leave the moment when she records a variety show two years ago.

It is normal for female celebrities to make fine -tuning in order to maintain a nearly perfect appearance, but they still hope that they must grasp the degree, otherwise the swollen and face collapse when filming will not only waste a chance to show their own opportunities, but also affect the audience’s chasing drama.commitment.

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