After "Yang Kang" more than coughing?Sydney with it steamed together, Shengjin Runjun

After "Yang Kang", many friends left a "cough" problem, which made people feel uncomfortable.

So, is there any good way to solve it?

Try peppercorns steamed pear

Earlier, He Juan, a professor at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and chairman of the Chinese Medicine Society of Chinese Medicine Society, said in an interview ——

"For the symptoms of cough and pharynx discomfort leftover in the later period of (new crown virus infection), the effect of eating peppercorns steamed pear -steamed pear is more effective. Among them, peppercorns are warm, and pears are biased from nourishing yin. Whether it is wind -heat or rheumatic infectionThey are completely applicable. "

In fact, China has been recorded in my country since ancient times.

The dietary monograph of the Tang Dynasty "Food Therapy Materia Medica" contains: "Cough, a thorns with frozen pears as fifty holes, and one piece of pepper in each hole.Cold, eat it for pepper. "

Among them, the taste of peppercorns is spicy and warm, and has the effects of warm and cold, dehumidifying and relieving pain; pear is sweet, cool, and enters the lungs and stomach meridians.

The peppercorns steamed pear can combine the advantages of the two, reconcile the medicine, the coolness of the pear is controlled by the thermal nature of peppercorns, and the effect of pear lung lung cough is played.

It is not suitable for people with itching, dry cough, and hissing, and it is not suitable.

Steamed pear

Materials: 1 Sydney, 15 pieces of peppercorns.


1. Cut Sydney from 1/3 of the top, pull out the heart of the pear, use chopsticks to pour some small holes in the pear meat, add peppercorns, add an appropriate amount of water, and cover the upper part of the pear.

2. Put Sydney in the stew pot, and add water in the jar without the pear.Slowly simmer for 1 hour, pick off the peppercorns, eat pears and soup.


1. The amount of peppercorns can be increased and subtracted by personal conditions. For example, friends who are easy to get angry can be reduced to 10 capsules as appropriate; friends with cold constitution can be added to 20 capsules.

2. If you drink a little tight throat, it means that the pepper is placed more. Add a pear and an appropriate amount of water and cook it.

There are many ways to eat peppercorns

Pepper is not only an important condiment in the kitchen, but also a good medicine that can be taken internally and externally.

Putting peppercorns in daily meals can still gain a lot of unexpected benefits–

01 Oil splash peppercorns bean sprouts

Materials: 2g of peppercorns, 400 grams of mung bean sprouts, an appropriate amount of salt and peanut oil.

Method: Wash, drain the mung bean buds, remove the buds and roots.Hot oil in the pot, add pepper and fry incense.Put the bean sprouts in the colander, put the spoils on the left hand on the oil pan, pour the hot oil on the bean sprouts with a spoon, pour it to the bean sprouts to change, and mix salt and mix well.

Efficacy: Mung bean sprouts can be alcoholic and poison, heat poison, and three cokes.

02 Pepper Ginger Jujube Tea

Materials: 20 grams of pepper, 10 grams of ginger, 5 jujube.

Method: Wash and slice the ginger, and cook in the same pot.

Efficacy: Pepper and ginger help Yang Sanhan, jujube and spleen, and the effects of combating healthy spleen to warm the stomach, warm the kidney to help the yang.

03 Pepper -pepper and salt and shrimp

Materials: 30 fresh shrimp, 200 grams of marinated salt, one peppercorns (about 80 capsules).

Method: Rinse fresh shrimp with water, drain water, remove shrimp lines, shrimp, etc. for later use.Mix salt and peppercorns together, put 2/3 of the water -free pot, and cook the high heat. When the color of the peppercorns starts to deepen, put the fresh shrimp.Put the rest of the salt and pepper on the shrimp, cover the lid, and cook for 3 minutes. Stir with a shovel with a shovel, continue to cook for 2 minutes, and then open the lid to run the water vapor.

Efficacy: Shrimp has the effects of nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac, milk, and virus. The use of peppercorns can not only be fresh and fishy, but also help the yang, and work together to strengthen the spleen and qi, nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac.

Note: The peppercorns are warm and dry. Pay attention to the yin deficiency and fire, steaming of stomach fire, inflammation of the liver fire, and phlegm -thermal obstructive pulmonary.

Information: China Traditional Chinese Medicine News, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Health China

Edit: Huang Mei

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