After 12 years of the woman’s upper ring, the accident was accidentally pregnant because of the "running off" due to the birth ring.

"I have been on the birth ring, how can I still get pregnant!" Until the abortion surgery was lying on the medical bed of the obstetrics department of Puren Hospital in Wuhan, Ms. Wang was willing to believe that she was really pregnant.Fei Zhiyi, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Center of Wuhan Puren Hospital, reminded that after leaving the ring, you must not be "put on". Every year, you must regularly check and check the ring. Once you run off, take it out in time.

In 2011, Ms. Wang released the ring after giving birth to her child. At the end of May this year, she had a menopause.At first, Ms. Wang did not take care of it, but the two months passed the holiday in the past. Ms. Wang, who was puzzled on July 14, took a self -test in her early pregnancy pregnancy test paper. After seeing two bars, Ms. Wang was stunned."Will it be a test paper?" Ms. Wang hurried to the hospital for examination, but the ultrasound displayed "early pregnancy in the palace"."It’s good for more than ten years, how can she suddenly get pregnant?" She covered it.

On July 17, the puzzled Ms. Wang accompanied her family to Wuhan Puren Hospital in Wuhan.After inspection, it was found that the breeding ring "escaping" was shifted."This is a ring of pregnancy! This is not uncommon in this case." Obstetricians in Wuhan Puren Hospital in Wuhan explained to 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 汨 “mainly uses local aseptic inflammation and phagocytic cells in the uterine cavity to interfere with fertilized eggs.If the birthplace runs off, the interference effect will weaken.According to statistics, the incidence of abnormalities in the birth ring is about 15%.

The hedging device taken from Ms. Wang’s uterine cavity.

On the morning of the 18th, the obstetric team carried out an artificial abortion for Ms. Wang and took out the birthplace."The doctor reminded me for a regular maternal examination when the ring was released at the time, because in the past few years, there has been no uncomfortable uncomfortable, and she did not go to the hospital." Speaking of this, Ms. Wang regretted it.

The obstetric team is checking Ms. Wang.

Fei Zhiyi, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Center of Wuhan Puren Hospital, reminded that the in -palace is a relatively simple and effective contraceptive device, but it does not guarantee 100 % effect, especially when it displays, fall off, or use it.When the time is too long, the effect will be greatly reduced, causing contraceptive failure."Be sure to check it regularly after the upper ring." She said that in one year, she should do a B -ultrasound inspection in the first, 3, 6, and 12 months.It also needs to pay attention to its own symptoms and the results of gynecological examination.

Fei Zhiyi pointed out that whether the ring pregnancy can reach the full moon and the final delivery, it depends on the two factors, one is whether the patient itself has fertility needs, and the other depends on whether the embryo is healthy in the process of growth and development.Need to check and conduct close monitoring.In addition, there is also a "shelf life" of the birthplace. Generally, the stainless steel metal ring can be put in 15-20 years. Silicone, plastics or other types of breeding ring can be placed for 5-7 years.It even caused symptoms such as inflammation reactions and bleeding.

【Source: Changjiang Daily】

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