After 28 weeks of pregnancy, edema began to emerge, and six moves could be easily dealt with.

Pregnant women have edema because the liquid components in the blood vessels exude the blood vessels and accumulate in the tissue gap.Generally speaking, the problem of edema will occur after 28 weeks. Because the woman’s uterus is large to a certain extent, it will compress the vein return, so the phenomenon of lower limb edema will occur.As for this problem, we can solve it as long as we use these methods. Don’t continue to drag, otherwise it will only become more serious.

These six tricks can easily deal with edema

For pregnant women, don’t be too nervous and tired. It is best to rest for half an hour after eating every day. It is best to take two hours in the afternoon.Make sure to sleep for more than nine hours of sleep every night, and you can lie down and rest more.If there is no condition in the job, you can choose to put your legs on the chair after lunch and take a semi -lying posture to rest for a while, and the problem of edema can be easily solved.

Many women are not easy to fall asleep during pregnancy because of changes in hormones in the body, which is not good for alleviating leg enlargement.In the evening, it can make the indoor light softer and play some soothing music, which is of great benefit for women’s sleep.In the daytime, don’t let your own pressure too much, don’t always take work as one thing. You should rest when you rest to ensure that your body is good.

In daily life, we can also use the following methods to reduce edema. For pregnant women who often need to sit in work, we can set up a bench under the feet and put their legs on a bench.If there is a gap during the work, you can walk properly, so that the blood flow rate of the lower limb can become faster.When lying down, try to lying down or lying on the left side. This lying posture will effectively solve the problem of edema of the leg.

Do not choose to stir Erylang’s legs when you sit, try to stretch your legs as much as possible, and move the heels, toes and joints.So when you are sitting, don’t always keep the same posture, and it is not a bad thing to move more.

Do not wear socks that can oppress the ankle and calf. The socks choose a loose. Do not choose too tightly, which will only affect the blood flow.If you want to wear elastic socks that treat edema or prevent edema, you can choose high waist models and wear socks before getting up in the morning.If the physical condition is good, you can choose to perform appropriate exercise, such as swimming, which is good for reducing edema.

Eating more protein and fruits and vegetables is also very useful. You must ensure that poultry, fish, shrimp, egg milk and other foods are made every day, including soy foods.These foods are rich in protein. For pregnant women with anemia, they also need to eat some animal liver every week. This can supplement iron, because the main cause of pathological edema is that pregnant women are anemia and malnutrition.

Vegetables and fruits can be eaten more every day. This is because the two contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body, which can improve the resistance of pregnant women, strengthen metabolism, and also play a role in diuretic.Pregnant women can eat vegetables and fruits every day. In addition, high salt, pickling and canned food need to be avoided.

You can choose to lie flat and raise your feet at the same time.It is difficult to return the heart with venous blood in the lower body, because the distance between the feet and the heart is relatively long.Intravenous blood relies on muscle contraction and the valve in the blood vessels to send back to the heart. Therefore, after lying flat, raising the feet slightly, so that the blood can return to the heart, and the puffiness problem can be further eliminated.

So do not always put your feet on the ground, and lift it into the air as much as possible but treat the problem of edema.

Many pregnant women have to go to work with their big belly because of their work.Although it is not a good thing to go to work during pregnancy, sometimes we can’t choose.

And most of the pregnant women usually sit working. When the feet are often close to the ground, the blood veins of pregnant women will slow down.In order to return the venous blood in the legs to the heart, you can put a small table under your feet when you sit on the chair.

Usually, some housewives will continue to clean up housework after pregnancy, so they often sit on the ground to clean up room debris.Of course, if this is a long time, it will definitely cause leg edema.However, when we sit on the floor, we can use a foot pad to raise the foot pad so that the blood veins of the legs will return, and the problem of puffy legs will not appear.

So in the face of the problems of edema after 28 weeks of pregnancy, we must be vigilant, don’t think this is a trivial matter.If the edema continues to spread, the physical condition of the pregnant woman will become very bad, and even often hurts her legs.Usually, as long as you change your habits a little bit, you can effectively achieve the condition of reducing edema, so we should use these tips to make our bodies better.

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