After 50 days of pregnancy, her husband had to do a parent -child identification, but she drank pesticides excitedly

The older youth Tan Dejun was rejoicing a year ago. Now his wife Zhou Xiaojuan is more than 50 days of pregnancy, making him overjoyed, but a few days ago, Zhou Xiaojuan suddenly drank pesticides and committed suicide. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in time by his family.It will be a corpse and two lives.What kind of thing is it that a pregnant woman ignores the fetus in the abdomen and is determined to leave the world?

Tan Dejun came to the ward, but found that Zhou Xiaojuan had been discharged from the hospital, and there was nothing left on the empty bed.The nurse said that Zhou Xiaojuan’s various examinations have not been done yet, and the fetus in the abdomen is unknown, but last night, her father and a young man came to the hospital to insist on picking up her, and the medical staff had no choice but to help.Tan Dejun was shocked to hear this statement. What exactly did his father -in -law want to do? Why do you know himself if he was discharged from the hospital? Instead, he led another man. Is there any conspiracy behind this?

Tan Dejun hurried to his father -in -law’s house and wanted to ask clearly. As soon as Tan Dejun entered the door, he was reprimanded by Zhou Xiaojuan’s uncle. The uncle said that Zhou Xiaojuan would drink pesticides during pregnancy because he suffered from Tan Dejun’s domestic violence.I also had to start a chair and smashed Tan Dejun.

At this moment, Zhou Xiaojuan came out of the house. She was messy and looked very bad. She looked very poor. Uncle was sitting on a chair and asked Tan Dejun to kneel down to pay for his family, otherwise he would never stop with him.Is it really as uncle’s saying, does Tan Dejun have any bad behavior to his wife?

Tan Dejun was a welder with a monthly income of tens of thousands of yuan, but because he was short and no one was willing to marry, he had not married until he was 31 years old. Until he met Zhou Xiaojuan, the two got married for 5 days.However, the life of the two was not harmonious, and always had no quarrel because of trivial matters. Tan Dejun rarely returned home when he worked outside. He knew that Zhou Xiaojuan was pregnant before he rushed home.

According to Zhou Xiaojuan, she had a dispute with Tan Dejun that night, and she was so angry that she drank pesticides, but she was unwilling to say about the fetus and the man in the abdomen.

Tan Dejun suddenly returned to his own home. The joy of the wall on the wall has not faded, but Zhou Xiaojuan’s things are almost left. Tan Dejun suddenly said that maybe all this is Zhou Xiaojuan’s conspiracy. Even her child may not be her own.EssenceTan Dejun took out a yellowed paper, which was a proof he wrote when he married Zhou Xiaojuan.

Five years ago, Zhou Xiaojuan had a boyfriend and gave birth to a child, but then the ex -boyfriend was sentenced to sentence, and Zhou Xiaojuan found another destination. Tan Dejun was afraid of being harassed, so that the village committee wrote this proof.Now that it is so troubled by this world, he suddenly remembered that Zhou Xiaojuan’s ex -boyfriend was released from prison. Tan Dejun had discovered that Zhou Xiaojuan called with his ex -boyfriend and specifically remembered the phone number.He was torn away, and it was difficult for him to doubt the blood of the child in his wife’s belly.

Tan Dejun’s mother said that her daughter -in -law was also sorrowful. At the beginning of her daughter -in -law and Zhou Xiaojuan, a few days after they got married, Zhou Xiaojuan was checked for two months. She acknowledged that this was not Tan Dejun’s child.Who is it, the Tan family wants her to kill her child to start a new life, but she protested with a hunger strike.In the end, Tan Dejun could only be forced to be a nominal father, and now the child is raising at Zhou Xiaojuan’s mother.

Although the Tan family also had doubts about the children in the belly of Zhou Xiaojuan, in the distress of their children, they still decided to take Zhou Xiaojuan to the hospital for a production inspection to confirm whether the child was affected by pesticides.One hour later, the two sides came to the hospital together. Tan Dejun suddenly received a text message from Zhou Xiaojuan’s ex -boyfriend. "Juanzi called me and said that she was pregnant again.I will never want it. I hope you can control her and don’t come to me again! "

Few words completely destroyed Tan Dejun’s dignity as a man, but Zhou Xiaojuan said in front of the iron certificate that this was deliberately stimulating Tan Dejun by his ex -boyfriend. The ex -boyfriend just came to pick her up.But this explanation is too pale. As a married woman, she has maintained a close contact with her ex -boyfriend, which is a kind of behavior.

Seeing that the explanation was unclear, Zhou Xiaojuan suddenly cried. Tan Dejun proposed to ask Zhou Xiaojuan to do parent -child identification to prove that the child was his own blood.Zhou Xiaojuan said yes, but her eyes were very erratic. She was not sure at all, and eventually retreated and refused to identify.

A few days later Tan Dejun took Zhou Xiaojuan to the hospital again. The doctor suggested that they give up the child because the power of pesticides is too great and will affect the child.Tan Dejun turned away and was completely desperate for this period of lies from the beginning.

Zhou Xiaojuan, who had finished abortion surgery a few days later, walked on the road staggering, behind her ex -boyfriend and two children.Zhou Xiaojuan took out her mobile phone. When she was undergoing surgery, she accidentally discovered the evidence of Tan Dejun’s derailment. Tan Dejun and a married woman chatted very ambiguous, and the explicit photos made people look straight.Zhou Xiaojuan called Tan Dejun’s call. Tan Dejun acknowledged that he found a girlfriend on the Internet out of revenge on Zhou Xiaojuan.The betrayer.

The two did extremely disgusting in the same bad way, never respecting love and family, and also lost the bottom line of being a person. These two people are worthy of precepts of all young people!

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