After 56 years lost, the mother and child gathered across the province

Shi Zi Nan Li Chong/

Miao Yuansheng and his mother reunited with Lu Zhipeng

"Mom, I finally found you …" On the 4th, the reporter learned that Miao Yuansheng drove his family from Shandong Province to Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and gathered with the 56 -year -old mother Jin A’e.

Back to the hometown of the soul, when seeing the loved ones who thought about it, Miao Yuansheng kneeled on his knees and shed tears of excitement.

Looking for a relatives, thick bones and fleshy.At the "Baby Going Home", the Nanxun District Charity Federation and Nanxun Dream Volunteer Association introduced Miao Yuansheng’s family to the family -seeking process and read the results of DNA comparison.son.

As the results were read out, volunteers appeared in everyone’s attention with Miao Yuansheng, who had been waiting for a long time.The moment when she saw her mother, Miao Yuansheng’s tears were like a dyke, and they talked about the distress and thoughts that had been holding for more than 50 years.

Miao Yuansheng held her mother’s hand Lu Zhipeng tightly

Miao Yuansheng’s sister Shen Huiqin said that it was helpless to send his brother away. In the past 50 years, the family never gave up looking for it. "At that time, the family was poor, and the days were too bitter.The younger brother was sent away, and was later adopted by his adoptive parents in Shandong. "

Bloodlined family relationship is a continuous line.Since knowing that she was held, Miao Shengyuan has always wanted to find a real loved ones.In 2012, he commissioned the Nanxun Dream Volunteer Association to help find relatives, but he did not respond.

Until the end of 2021, Sun Gencai, the head of the Nanxun Dream Volunteer Association, with the help of the DNA big database, he found the Shen Huiqin house in Shenzhuang Yang Village, Nanxun Town, Nanxun District.At this point, this 56 -year -old family -looking road painted a reunion.

"I used to dream of finding my mother, and I always wanted to find my roots. This road seeking relatives is really full of twists and turns, so I am very grateful to Nanxun volunteers and caring people for their help. Seeing so many relatives is inIt makes me feel very warm. "Miao Yuansheng said that after recognition with his loved ones, he would cherish this hard -won affection.

It is reported that the Nanxun Dream Dream Volunteer Association has gathered more than 3,000 volunteers, spreading all over the country.In just a few years, the association has carried out more than 4,600 public welfare activities, with more than 120,000 aid groups, and obliged to help relatives for nine years to help 63 families reunite.

Source: Surging News

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