After a caesarean section, the belly is still as big as "pregnancy". How can I reduce it?


At 48 days after giving birth, because the urine is not wet, he went out to buy fart grain alone.

Originally a happy thing, who could think of good mood, would be disappeared because of a word from others:

"Beauty, choose urine for the baby, shouldn’t you be born?" Look at your belly, should you be born? "

Listening to the shopping guide, don’t mention how uncomfortable it is.Obviously the children have been born, but their stomachs are still like a pregnant woman, and they have not changed at pregnancy.

If you don’t answer the shopping guide, because you really don’t know how to answer.More, I didn’t want to embarrass each other, so I hurriedly took a pack of urine, and quickly left the scene.

After returning home, for a long time, the mood was particularly low.The most afraid of is to take a bath and look in the mirror. Looking at the fat on the stomach, don’t mention how uncomfortable it is.

I always thought that as long as the baby is healthy, it is not important for other things.But this time, I was determined to lose weight, at least to reduce the fat on my stomach.

After a caesarean section, how can I quickly lose my belly?

1. The timing is important

After the production, women cannot immediately put weight on the agenda, because the body also needs to recover. At least 6 weeks, do not consider weight loss.

Although Chinese women have the habit of confinement, in fact, 30 days can not fully restore women’s bodies.

The best time should be two months after giving birth.Even breastfeeding, as long as there is a thin belly plan, you can get on the agenda.

No matter how you reduce your health, you must put your health first. You ca n’t be in a hurry, you must adapt to your body.Still the sentence: The thin belly that is gradual is definitely not wrong!

2. Balanced diet

In order to ensure the children’s rations, many postpartum mothers eat "crazy", even if many foods do not like themselves, they will still "grieve".

At this moment, except for the phrase "great mother love", I never know how to describe it.However, children’s rations are important and there is no mother’s health.

If you want to lose weight, you must work hard on your diet.What you want to share with everyone: do not need to reduce the amount of food, but pay attention to the diet structure to ensure nutritional intake.

When it comes to diet diet, many mothers think of "eating less".But breastfeeding is different. Whether it is a breastfeeding mother or a child, it needs nutrition.

Therefore, you only need to pay attention to the mix of ingredients during lactation.The previous soup soup, water and large fish and large meat, and large fish, milk, fruits, and fish and shrimp with high protein content.

3. Movement is also standardized for weight loss

"Hold your mouth" and "open your legs" are standard for slimming, and it is indispensable.Since the diet has begun to pay attention, the exercise is naturally not less, it is time to act.

Two months after giving birth, most women are recuperating, and there is a small time for walking.This is why the fat on the belly has always been there.

The mothers of postpartum mothers cannot be like ordinary people, because the wound of the caesarean section has not healed and the strength is too strong, which has a great impact on the recovery of the wound.

Suitable for postpartum mothers, in fact, it is particularly simple. Every time after meals, don’t always think about sitting or lying, but let yourself walk and move around, just sweat slightly.

Another is that you can learn some postpartum yoga. This is a yoga action designed and developed for postpartum mothers.Of course, under the guidance of a professional teacher to avoid hurting the body.

4. Abdominal massage cannot be less

Some people say: After a caesarean section, the stomach is large because the uterine cavity has not returned to place, and there is too much fat and garbage without metabolism.

Accelerating the metabolism of the waist and abdomen has become the key to reducing your belly.It sounds difficulty, I always feel that I am breastfeeding, and many methods that enhance metabolism cannot be done.

In fact, it is not as difficult as expected. As long as you can stick to the abdomen every day, you can also promote metabolism and make the garbage toxins in the belly slowly discharge.

Considering that the surgery has just given birth to a child, it is also important when massage.With the navel as the center, then massage the circle twice, or rub the belly up and down.

A warm little suggestions for postpartum mothers:

By the way, you must have heard of the abdomen belt, or the abdomen underwear?

After a cesarean section, the doctor will actually recommend that you use the abdomen belt, mainly through the effect of external forces, so that the organs in the uterine cavity will quickly return.

Many women feel uncomfortable and do not like abdominal belt.As everyone knows, these products with their own abdominal function have the effects of auxiliary thin belly.

Therefore, it is time to choose two sets of comfortable belly underwear for myself to make my belly smaller.As long as you persist, you can see the tightening of your belly.

If you don’t want to be said to be "big stomach", you must quickly arrange these slimming methods.The most important thing is not to let a certain sentence affect your mood.

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