After a woman is pregnant, in addition to changes in her belly, there will be three changes in this place

When a woman is pregnant, some parts of the body will not change before, such as: stretch marks, feet edema, changes in the chest, etc. Many women will experience these changes during pregnancy.Some women have not increased their chests after pregnancy. Today, is this phenomenon normal?

When a woman is pregnant, her breasts will indeed get larger.From the perspective of clinical observation, in general, the changes in breasts will gradually discover that their breasts become larger from the 8th week of pregnancy, and when pregnancy, the breasts become larger.Due to the impact of increased breasts and progesterone during pregnancy, the breasts and hyperplasia of breast glands and mammary gland lectures have gradually increased the breasts.At the same time, breasts are also accompanied by the color of areola. It is also a normal phenomenon that some pregnant women’s breasts are not bigger.

When women are pregnant, although the breasts will become larger, and starting at the eighth week of pregnancy, the breasts can gradually see the effect of breasts.However, due to the effects of estrogen and progesterone, some pregnant women’s breasts may not necessarily become larger. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women should eat more nutrients and high fat content.

1. Early pregnancy

At 4 weeks of pregnancy, the various symptoms of pregnancy reactions will slowly show, the color of the areola starts to deepen, the breasts will have a swollen feeling, and the blood vessels around the breast will be exposed and more obvious.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

When women get in the middle of pregnancy, many people can clearly feel that their chests have become bigger. In addition to swelling and pain, they can also touch the masses in the chest, and the color of the areola will become deeper and deeper.

3. The early pregnancy

By the time of pregnancy, some pregnant women’s breast pain and swelling may continue to childbirth, and the isola darkening will become more obvious.

During pregnancy, breast changes are affected by changes in the internal hormones of the body. After pregnancy, the increase in hormones inside the body, such as estrogen, progesterone, adenoplasses, prolactin, etc. These hormones will promote breast development, Show rapid growth inside the body of pregnant women.

Women do not have to worry too much about changes in the chest after pregnancy. Most of these are normal phenomena whether they become bigger or not.In life, pregnant women should do a good job of breast care. If abnormal phenomena occur, they should seek medical treatment in time and follow the symptoms of the doctor.

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