After an ectopic pregnancy, avoid ectopic pregnancy again, pay attention to 3 problems

Women who have been in ectopic pregnancy may still encounter ectopic pregnancy in the next pregnancy. Before pregnancy, pay attention to a few contents, which may reduce the chance of re -ectopic pregnancy.

1. The treatment method of ectopic pregnancy affects the next pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy is more common in tubal tubes. It can be used to remove the fallopian tube on one side, or retain the tubal tubal cutting embryo surgery.The embryo can shrink itself and absorb itself. This situation is not much, depending on the situation.

If one side of the fallopian tube is removed, it can only rely on the fallopian tube to transport sperm, eggs and fertilized eggs. Since the ovarian on both sides is generally alternating with each other, the pregnancy rate is lower than that of ordinary women.When you have time, you have the opportunity to get pregnant.If it is retained, surgery, or drug treatment, and be alert to ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tubes on the side, because there is a problem with the fallopian tubes on the side of the ectopic pregnancy, and it remains to be checked whether it can be successfully played by the transportation function.

There is no necessity for the fallopian tubes that have not occurred in ectopic pregnancy. There may also be problems such as water accumulation, blocking, obstruction, distortions, adhesion, etc. Women with a history of extraterritical pregnancy will be re -pregnant to check whether the reserved side tubes are unobstructed before pregnancy.

2. Before pregnancy again, evaluate the fallopian tube function: no matter what kind of treatment method is adopted, women with a history of external pregnancy are recommended to check the smoothness of the fallopian tubes before pregnancy, such as tubal angiography, or laparoscopic treatment.If the fallopian tube is healthy and smooth, you can start to prepare for pregnancy. If there is a problem with the fallopian tube, you need to get pregnant after treatment, so as not to occur again.If the fallopian tubes have completely disrupted the function and hopeless treatment, I want to consider IVF.

3. Once you are pregnant, check whether the intrauterine pregnancy as soon as possible: delay menstruation, early pregnancy test strip detects weak yang, it is recommended to check HCG for blood, confirmed whether to be pregnant, and find that after pregnancy 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended to do ultrasound at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy to see if there is a palace for palaceInner pregnancy sac.

Doctor Chen reminds: Women who have no uterine cavity surgery, pelvic inflammatory disease, bad pregnancy history (fetal stop, abortion, ectopic pregnancy), and women who have the same history of the same time during menstruation are generally low.Check the evaluation ability, do not be nervous for pregnancy.

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