After being promoted to Baoma, these "pregnancy signs" will be left on the body, which is very different from before pregnancy.

Pregnancy is actually a thing that makes the whole family very happy. The family will eventually join a new member. Everyone is looking forward to the child’s arrival.But during pregnancy, women can also feel very distressed, that is, their bodies are constantly changing, especially after giving birth to children, they will leave these "gestures" on their bodies.

Ms. Wang is a very beautiful person. Before having a child, she always liked to dress herself, so she was more like a 20 -year -old girl compared with her peers.But after giving birth to a child, in order to restore herself to the state of her child, she has been actively exercising, and she will also do yoga to restore her body after giving birth.

Ms. Wang has always been very confident, because her current state is not bad before production, and she also feels that in front of outsiders, the other party will definitely not recognize that she has had a child.However, when Ms. Wang accompanied her friends to buy living items for her children, it was recognized by the clerk because of her mother who had given birth to a child.

This surprised Ms. Wang. She thought that her body was very good, and it should not be recognized easily.So she asked why the clerk was so determined that she was a mother who had had children?The clerk also explained that although Ms. Wang looks young and her body is also very good, it can be concluded from the scar under the navel. It is left by a caesarean section.Will recognize it.

In fact, before and after giving birth to a child, the expectant mother’s body will change many changes. Even if the maintenance is better, how can no matter how well you restrain your body?However, these changes still have no way to change, especially after comparing with before pregnancy, it is found more obvious.

In fact, every mother will leave some signs after giving birth to a child. Through these logos, we can easily understand whether the woman has given birth to a child.The first is the ugly stretch marks. The reason why this happens is because the woman becomes fat when she is pregnant, and her skin will be opened.EssenceAlthough at this time, my mother will use olive oil to wipe her body, but it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect in this way, so we can find out if we look at the woman’s belly. These stretch marks still look obvious.And it is difficult to completely eliminate.

Furthermore, there will be some fat on the mother’s body. All of this is because women will make the baby in the belly more comprehensive during pregnancy, so they can only sacrifice themselves desperately.One of the easiest problems in this way is that it has become a big fat man, and some mothers even get 50 or 60 pounds.

Although it is said that after giving birth, there will be some weight, but the belly is like a balloon, and it will never be as firm as before.So these mothers’ bodies will look very bloated, especially the flesh on the thighs and waist are lingering.Especially when some mothers are breastfeeding, they dare not diet to lose weight, so the figure of these mothers is more and more like aunt.

In addition, there are some scars on the stomach of the mothers, all of which are all because they chose to give birth by caesarean section.Of course, if you choose to give birth smoothly, there will be no such problems, but some mothers are not as smooth as when they are born, so their belly will definitely leave a certain scar.And the caesarean section itself is undergoing surgery, so it is inevitable to leave scars on the stomach.Therefore, once these mothers choose a cesarean section, it will be difficult to wear a swimsuit and navel in the future. After all, a scar on the stomach is not very good.

After giving birth to the child, Baoma’s body will have such a symptom, that is, some mothers will become very serious.The reason why this situation occurs is because after the mother has given birth to a child, the endocrine function has not fully recovered, and the estrogen will also decrease significantly.Easy to fall off.In addition, after giving birth to a child, psychological quality and nutritional factors are not as good as before, so this is also very likely that they have hair loss, and it is easy to make the people around them hurt.

Through these changes, it can be seen that pregnancy has indeed brought great changes to women, and it can also prove that the mother is indeed a great existence, and they have paid a lot for their children.So this proves that in the future life, we should better treat these mothers, especially family members, and should give mothers more help in taking care of their children.

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