After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant, and I called my ex -boyfriend during hesitation. His attitude made me sad.

Last month, an important decision was to lift the marriage contract with the boyfriend who had already been engaged.

Bing and boyfriend have been in love for three years. It is reasonable to say that such a relationship can be very difficult to walk together. Bing also attaches great importance to this relationship, so under the testimony of the elders, they chose to engage in the process of getting engaged, because both parties felt that they were married.The marriage was also put on the agenda quickly.

That day, her boyfriend was going to attend a classmate party, and she was going to go, but she had to work overtime temporarily, so she chose not to go, but they did not go to the party. They also sang K together, told Binggo.Bing was busy doing work and did not reply.

After finishing the work, Bing decided to see it, and then the party could go home with her boyfriend at the end of the party. The next day just weekends without going to work.When Bing arrived at the place where he sang K, forced it, he saw his boyfriend holding a female classmate, and his mouth just happened.

And that’s just right, Bing saw this embarrassing scene, and then Bing turned his head and walked away.Afterwards, Bing’s boyfriend kept apologizing, and he repeatedly said that he drank too much for a while.Although Bing believes to a large extent, I believe that her boyfriend has no derailment.

However, because I have a flat appearance, I have no confidence in this relationship, my boyfriend is good, and the opposite sex is very good.And I have been not sure about my boyfriend, and I have to get married.This makes Bing even more confident.

So no matter how hard the boyfriend begged, he still chose to break up.When the boyfriend saw that Bing was so resolute, he chose not to meet Bing.Bing also felt that this relationship would pass soon.Try to heal.

When Bing felt that he could face this past feelings, he found that he was pregnant. The thing was such a dog blood. Even his girlfriend felt that Zi Bing would reunite with her boyfriend.

Bing had to contact his boyfriend, and then told the other party that he was pregnant.At this time, the boyfriend was silent for a while, and it is estimated that he did not expect to be like this.Then he said to Bing:

"If you persist in the past decision, then I will accompany you to kill this child."

If you do n’t say, this makes Bing very disappointed. She originally hoped that her boyfriend could retain herself, but her boyfriend had no extra words.

The doctor warned Bing that her constitution was not easy to get pregnant, and it was more likely to have a child to get rid of this child, but now the attitude of her boyfriend has made Bing dazed. What should I do?

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