After breaking up, the ex -girlfriend became pregnant, and the American man was forced to "hand over children": there should be us in the twins

Recently, a 29 -year -old American woman posted on the anonymous website Reddit, telling her bizarre experience after she was pregnant with her boyfriend’s child.She was not only asked to give the children to them by her ex -boyfriend and his current girlfriend, but she was also harassed and attacked after refusal.

Screenshot of anonymous post

According to the Daily Mail, the anonymous woman and her boyfriend who had been dating for three months broke up and found that she had a twins. Although Joe had reunited with his ex -girlfriend Jin Pojing at this time, she still chose to give birth to the child.It was unexpected that after learning that she was pregnant, Qiao and Jin were "ecstatic" and also proposed to talk to her house to talk to her.

Jin Xiang’s pregnant mother proposed that she wanted to "participate" in her pregnancy, because she would become her stepmother in the future."She told me that I should give birth at home. After the child was born, he had to drink formula milk instead of breast milk, so that they could bring children half of the time every week." The report said that Jin had no fertility. PreviouslyHere.


The woman posted that Qiao and Jin even posted on social media that they would usher in a pair of twins in a "non -traditional" manner, and invited relatives and friends to hold a "welcoming party", but the expectant mother himself is not among the guests.EssenceShe angrily stated that she should not treat herself as a surrogate mother. The child was not her. Before the child was born, Joe had no monitoring.However, this has attracted the opponent’s intensified harassment and accusations. Qiao and Jin scolded her as a "bastard", and Jin’s mother even called the phone that she should "give them" one of the twins directly.

Twin diagram

Not long ago, the woman involved updated the post saying that after she exposed the entire incident, the shameful Jin Jin even ran to her work unit to make a noise, damaged her car, and smashed the glass of several offices."She shouted to me, how did I have to stole her life, everything I have was her." Because the prospective mother’s work has children, Jin was intentionally injured, illegally invaded, and illegally invaded andCrime arrest of children.

This incident caused warm discussion among netizens. Some netizens commented that what Qiao and Jin’s actions were creepy. Prospective mothers should appeal to obtain all monitoring rights, and then apply for protection that allows Qiao and Jin to be close to children."Oh my god, I can’t imagine raising children with such a ex -boyfriend. In the next 18 years, every decision to make a child, you may have to quarrel with Jin." The prospective mother responded, saying thatShe has applied for a protection order against Qiao and will leave the states she lives in her current life, so that Qiao and Jin cannot sue her in accordance with the state’s law to not let them see their children.(Ten tube)

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