After checking the pregnancy, the boyfriend’s family began to avoid marriage and did not talk about it (finished)

After checking the pregnancy, the boyfriend’s family began to avoid marriage.

Laughing to death, the abacus was heard in the outer space.

But what they don’t know is that I don’t take it at all of those who think about it.

What made them even more unexpected was that I was not pregnant at all.


After coming out of the hospital, I was still a little stunned.

Unexpectedly, I was really pregnant.

The test sheet was scattered on the table at the door of the laboratory, and no one looked at it.

But I still found my report: at a glance:

【Qin Lu HCG-Positive】

I called Lu Yang and told him the good news.

His voice is cheerful: "It’s so good, wait for me to go home!"

Even I laughed with me.

To be honest, I have not been ready to be a mother.

But when I thought of being able to have a love with Lu Yang, it felt pretty good.

Lu Yang and I are college classmates.

He looks good and his grades are good, that is, the family conditions are not very good.

But that couldn’t stop the pursuit of countless girls.

And I was pursued by him.

In the past few years with him, I have never told him my real family situation.

But now that they are pregnant, it means that divorce is not far away.

In my impression, he has always been a very strong man.

It seems that I want to tell him euphemistically.


Before Lu Yang returned, I just called my parents.

They are dissatisfied with my unmarried pregnancy, but this is the end, and they can only put their marriage on the agenda quickly.

"Lul, anyway, you know the rules on our side, marrying a girl, dowry is three times the gift of gifts. You are our family liver and liver, and my dad will divorce you five times! AnywayOh. "

I held my phone and said happily: "Thank you Dad, after a while, I will take the landing Yang to see you."

As soon as the phone was hung up, Lu Yang returned.

He couldn’t even take off his shoes, so he went straight to me.

"Lulu, thank you!" He hugged me, grateful.

I climbed the crimson on my face and pushed him away: "How can there be thanks, but it’s strange to say that we have taken good measures. How can we still get pregnant?"

He coughed uncomfortably: "No matter how good the measures are, there will be surprises, which is normal."

I nodded and didn’t think much.

"Lu Yang, since I am pregnant, we have to put the marriage on the agenda. Parents of both parties meet, engage in, take wedding photos, and then get married to get a banquet, I have to finish it before I didn’t show it!"

He released me and sat next to me,

Rub hands unnaturally:

"Lulha, how are you calculated on your side gifts?"

The conditions of the Lu Yang family are not too good, but if they are really poverty, they will not be so poverty.

Coupled with his graduation, I carried him the company that he arranged him into my dad’s friend’s house, and his salary was ideal.

Seeing his nervous look, I joked: "Well, there are no specific numbers, but the more the more you usually, after all …"

After all, we marrying women over there are three times the dowry.

Before I finished speaking, he was interrupted by him:

"That’s great. Since there are no specific numbers, just follow us?"

I was interrupted by him, stunned, and motioned him to continue.

"We are usually 880,000, but you also know our conditions, how about 66,000?"

Six thousand six?

I have arranged for him to work more than 20,000 a month.

I will marry me for three months?

I loosened his hand and held my hand, but still kept a smile:

"Okay, I’m okay."

Anyway, the less you give, the less I am accompanied.

He was relieved, holding me and said, "We Lulu is the best!"


I thought that the matter of Cai Li was just like this.

It turned out that there were no two days, and the moth was released again.

Taking advantage of the weekend, I was called Yiman Man, and I asked the city’s largest wedding planning company chief planner to come to my house.

Under the planner with a rainbow fart, when I waved my hand, I had to set a 20W package.

Just then, Lu Yang’s phone called:

"Lulu, I told my mother’s pregnancy."

Aware of the wrong tone, I got up and walked to the bathroom.

"Then what?"

"My mother meant that our family had just bought a house and was still paying the mortgage. You are pregnant again. Can this gift be less?"

Sixteen sixteen?

I pressed the anger and continued to ask, "How much do your mother think?"

He opened his mouth and said: "How about 10,000 million? Pick one by one, it’s good."

"One by one thousand miles, you have to marry your wife for half a month?" My tone was obviously bad. "I don’t care if I regret it anyway.What about those? "

Before Lu Yang’s words were finished, the mobile phone was captured.

His mother’s voice came through the handset:

"Lulha, I am Yang Yang’s mother. What I mean is that you two go to get the certificate first. As for marriage or something, isn’t it just a pass? Simply do it.. As for the diamond ring and Sanjin, even if it, save some money and leave it to the child, isn’t it okay? "

I laughed directly.

Regardless of what his mother still said, "I didn’t pay money in their house buying a house, I don’t know how much pressure Lu Yang was" and so on, I hung up the phone directly.

I didn’t pay for any buying a house.

I didn’t pay for it, because I didn’t know if I bought a house.

I still remember that Lu Yang took me a real estate certificate at the time, and happily said that we finally had a home.

When I opened it, it was only his name.

Which home is this?


After sending away the planner apologize, I was paralyzed on the sofa.

Ye Manman pulled me and said that this was not good for the fetus.

I had to sit up and sighed heavily.

Ye Mangman and I are a university roommate. She is a native and the only person who knows my family.

Lu Yang was admitted to the provincial capital. After graduating from college, he stayed here.

I considers that I really like this city, and I can’t bear to make Lu Yang embarrassed. Two months after returning home, I resolutely left the prosperity of the super first -tier cities and came here.

Now, Lu Yang’s mother’s words are still entangled in my ear, and for the first time, I regret my decision.

"What does Lu Yang mean, willn’t it look at you when you are pregnant and take advantage of you?"

I looked down and looked at it. Although I was unwilling to admit it, I did feel this.

"But when he was in college, isn’t he very strong? Usually go out with me to eat, and he will try to ask me as much as possible."

"When will you invite your girlfriend to dinner? It is an advantage? Why don’t you count the gifts you gave him? I have not agreed with you to be together. Anywayof!"

Seeing me frowning, she comforted me again: "Boys and men are always different. Don’t look at him with the previous filter. If you are really blowing, I will raise this child!"

I said, "What, if he is such a person, I won’t be with him anymore!"


Since that unpleasant conversation, Lu Yang and I have been in a strange cold war.

Of course, he also contacted me during this period, but the meaning inside the words is that no matter how angry I can, I can’t just hang a fuck phone call.

I even wanted me to apologize to his mother.

Then I was so angry that Lu Yang’s contact information was black.

Unexpectedly, he simply stopped looking for me, and it meant me.

Ye Manman picked up a glass of water and handed it to me, asking me what I plan next.

In a short time, she was afraid that I was in a bad mood, so she moved over to live with me, and she was busy all day long.

Compared with Lu Yang’s father’s father, he really has a high opinion.

I touched the flat belly and sighed:

"I called him to let him come over and talk about his attitude. If their family didn’t care about my feelings at all, it would be a big deal."

When I said the last sentence, I clearly felt my heart trembling.

This feeling is really uncomfortable.


I called Lu Yang, but I didn’t expect that the fucking came together.

If I let me use a word to describe Lu Yang fucking, it is the city.

She worked hard to make a good look for me, but the greed in her eyes couldn’t cover it.

I asked them to sit down and open the door to see the mountain road: "This marriage, do you want to get married?"

Lu Yang just wanted to speak, and was gently pressed by his fucking, motioning for him not to speak.

A small move, it seems that Lu Yang has no right to speak today.

I glanced at him disappointed and directly aimed at fucking.

"It’s like this, Lulu, marriage must be ending, but you also know that Yang Yang’s dad has gone early, and it is not easy for me to grow up hard to pull his sister and brother.

"I actually think that just get a certificate. You are all a mother immediately, and what do you have to whistle? But since you want to get a wedding like this, then this wine will be given by your family."

What does this mean, let my family spend money to apply for a banquet, and then do your family get money?

How do you think so beautiful.

My silence probably gave Lu Yang a great encouragement, so she continued:

"Our family gives you a 10 -dollar gift, and don’t bring you back, you use those money to buy some three gold or something. We gave it a gift, and we also bought three gold. The house did not let you pay.Do you have no points with a car? "

I heard it for a while. For the first time, I knew that the account was so calculated, and the empty glove white wolf was just the same.

Besides, what the house does not make me pay for me. I really want to marry, and I still have to repay the mortgage with Lu Yang.

I couldn’t help asking: "When you marry Sister Lu Yang in the future, you plan to do this?"

His mother looked at me at a glance: "What is this called? Can you compare with his sister Lu Yang after you are pregnant? Now, in addition to Lu Yang, which man is married to you?"

Ye Mangman really couldn’t hear it anymore, protecting me in front of me: "You use less pregnancy to grab Lulu. She is not a locals, I am! I grow so big, I have not heard of who is married, I give 10,000 to 10,000.First, the woman has to go to the wine! "

As soon as Lu Yang heard this, he stood up immediately: "Ye Manman, you are less blended with our family, especially when you talk to my mother!"

Seeing her son supporting her, Lu Yang’s mother continued to say that she was not amazing:

"Lulu, your friend is right, 10,000 is a bit less. In this case, for Lu Yang and your face, you can say 88, it sounds good."

I realized how ridiculous my previous concession was.


The so -called discussion ended with the gloomy complexion of Ye Manman.

Before leaving, Lu Yang’s mother was still instilling the shit remarks that "when pregnant is not to love, to recognize reality".

I was so angry that I made an appointment for the next day.

That night, Ye Manman and I lay together and talked about our college time.

She asked me, "Are you really sure you are going to kill this child?"

I looked at the ceiling confused, but nodded firmly.

In just ten days, it is enough to see a person.

My concession will not make their family feel grateful, and only make them make more and more unreasonable requirements.

At this time, it is really the best way to stop loss at this time.

Ye Mangman poked me, "You said, if their family knows that your family is so rich, would he regret death?"

Before I answered, she said, "But fortunately, they didn’t let them know. Now they think that your conditions generally hold you. If you know that your family is rich, it is estimated that you want to go directly to the Phoenix men."

I leaned on Ye Mang and listened to her scolding Lu Yang, and suddenly felt funny.

"When I was in college before, we were squeezed on a bed, and you talked with me like this."

"Huh, if you listen to me early."

Yeah, if I listen to you early.


The next day, we got up early.

Ye Manman helped me clean up things and asked me where I was the medical insurance card.

I washed in the bathroom and shouted loudly: "It should be in the drawer under my bedside table!"

When I got out of the bathroom, I saw Ye Mang virtually sitting on the sofa.

"What’s wrong?"

She looked up at me and made me psychologically prepare.

I was a little nervous by her and asked her what happened.

I saw that Ye Mang slowly spread his hand, and his palm was a set.

A bad guess appeared in my mind.

I raised it, and I could clearly see the small holes on the packaging.

Thinking of Lu Yang’s uncomfortable expression when I questioned why I was pregnant at the time, everything was all said!

I pinched tightly, and my body shivered.

If I was only disappointed with Lu Yang before today, then from this moment, I only felt deep nauseous!

I couldn’t hold back my inner anger, and called Lu Yang directly:

"Are you moving your hands and feet? Lu Yang, are you fucking a man!"

He was a little nervous and couldn’t say it.

The fucking voice came faintly, and I didn’t know what to say to Lu Yang.

After a while, he talked: "Lulu, since you are pregnant, don’t care about these. Anyway, we will get married."

I was trembling by his shame: "Whoever wants to marry you, your family’s food is so ugly, I won’t let you go!"

In the last second before hanging up the phone, I accurately heard Lu Yang’s fucking words:

"Don’t care about her, wait for the month, she will not be crazy!"


I can’t imagine how Lu Yang did such a thing.

When I got to the hospital, I still cried.

It wasn’t until the doctor’s words that I returned me:

"You are not pregnant, what kind of tire?"

Both Ye Mang and I were stunned, and I was busy asking the doctor what it meant.

She supported the glasses and looked at my medical records:

"You’re Qin Lu, right, this is justified. Have you come to check it once?"

I nodded.

"You get the wrong checklist, that’s the same name as you, the order is not right, you didn’t find it?"

The doctor’s words were like a thunderous thunder, and he fried me fiercely.

I pressed my inner excitement and continued to ask, "Then, I haven’t come to my aunt a few months ago."

"That’s the irregular work and rest. Go back to get some Chinese medicine and condition."

I wiped the tears on my face randomly, pulled Ye Manman’s hand, and kept saying it was great.

After we got out of the hospital, the two of us were still unable to be happy.

Ye Manman asked me, "How do you plan to tell Lu Yang and say that you hit the child and die at him?"

I shook my head, my eyes were unprecedented:

"No, without me, there will be the next victimized girl. Now that they want to use their children to grasp me, let them taste the taste of being taken by the children."


Probably the original sadness became a great surprise, so I had this idea.

But this impulse calmed down shortly after I got home.

I was really stunned by Lu Yang’s family, and the first reaction turned out to retaliate against him.

What do I think!

I don’t run such a man?

Ye Mangman also visible to the naked eyes, rubbing his face, and said, "This is really my eyes, otherwise we can go out to celebrate!"

"Forget it, no, I haven’t put on makeup yet, let’s order takeaway, I order more."

When she said to herself, she began to take out.

And I was sitting next to me, watching the "home" that I and Lu Yang arranged little by little. In just a few days, there was a feeling of feeling like the next generation.

This house was determined to buy this city. It was not very large, two -bedroom.

At that time, Lu Yang had rented the house with others, a three -bedroom and one living room, and he lived on the side.

He didn’t want to move over with me, but he couldn’t bear the rent he had paid over there, so he could only give up.

I pulled him and me to arrange my first house with me.

Every item is full of my fantasy of my future.

He also cooperates, but occasionally inadvertently says: "The rented house, as for such a hard work?"

In fact, I didn’t talk to him about whether the house was rented or bought.

But in his subconscious, I always felt that I should not be as good as his existence.

So he paid the down payment with the first project commission, and he couldn’t wait to move in before renovating.

At the same time, it will also show off in front of me intentionally or unintentionally, and the bottom of my eyes is clearly visible.

At that time, I only felt that he was probably too happy, but ignored the slight disdain.

I looked back: "I will find a moving company in two days, and I will dismantle these!"

Some things are not annoying.

Ye Manman said with emotion: "Fortunately, you recover quickly, otherwise I don’t know how to comfort you."

I smiled bitterly.

Where I recovered quickly.

Anyway, more than five years of feelings, and how can a calm person come out quickly?

It’s just that I still have some reason.

Their family can make design my pregnancy today, and use children to take care of me. It has already made it clear that I don’t pay attention to my attitude.

If I really marry, what good life can I have in the future?


When I was determined to stay away from the Lu Yang family, his mother and his sister came to the door.

The doorbell rang,

I put down the chopsticks and walked to the door: "Ye Mang, how many takeaways did you order?"

I think I can feel the happiness of Ye Manman, for nothing else, just order a whole table takeaway.

She slid her mobile phone and puzzled: "No, it should be all together."

Before the words fell, I had opened the door.

At the door, he stood up to Yang Yang’s mother and his sister.

Lu Yang hugged her daughter, squinting up and down at me:

"I don’t know what you eat for Yang Yang. He is still afraid of you to be a flow of people. I said, how can you want to miss my son such a good object."

As she said, she bumped into me and went straight into the door.

With a light rain outside, she threw the umbrella directly next to the shoe cabinet, and the wet shoes leaving two lines of stains in the room with mud water.

I rubbed the painful shoulders.

When I was about to grab her, I heard her exaggerated shout:

"If you are pregnant, eat these things?! What if you eat badly, what should I do if you eat badly!"

She twisted a fried chicken: "This kind of junk food is hormone! Do you want my grandson to have four legs?"

I sneered, if I really followed your house, it was really no different from the four legs.

"Also," she poked the salmon with chopsticks again, "I don’t know how many parasites have such things, how do you be your mother?"

Before she said enough, Lu Yu poked at her and watched it beside him.

Next second-

"Hairy crab! Do you know if you are cold in hairy crabs? Do you young people do n’t you go online? Do you go and see what to say online, can pregnant women eat this?"

After speaking, she sat down calmly: "And Lulu is not me, you don’t have any tutor. Now it is indeed the season of hairy crabs. I can understand if you are young and greedy, but you did n’t expect itSend me some of my sister Lu Yang, and I don’t know how your parents teach it. "

When she said this, her eyes kept on the table. I could even see the fluctuation of her throat when she swallowed saliva, and her hand stretched sneaky.

I looked coldly: "Before saying this, let me spit out the hairy crabs in your mouth. If you don’t ask yourself, you can steal you or not? Since you say that I didn’t give you a gift to meNo tutor, why don’t you say that your son hasn’t mentioned something to see my parents? "

How much jokes she listened to: "Where are your parents?"

Lu Yu also smiled, leaning on her mother, and raised her chin unconsciously when she saw me.

I suddenly understood that one of the reasons they wanted to take me was that I was married.

In their opinion, I have no family members to support them, and it seems to be their territory.

I clenched my fist, and my nails pressed the pain of my palm to make me return to God:

"Do you believe it, if I tell my dad, two hours later, his hand will definitely hit Lu Yang’s face."


My face is extremely serious, and in fact, I can do this.

Lu Yang’s mother was also shocked by me, and I did not naturally open the topic: "I don’t tell you these, anyway, Yang Yang asked me to see you, I’m afraid you will really have a miscarriage.Since you are okay, you can also accept your heart. Think about the current situation at home. After all, we are still very popular! "

When I said the last sentence, I keenly caught her inadvertently in her tone.

"What’s the meaning?"

Lu Yu didn’t speak for a long time, and at this time, he couldn’t help but speak: "What else can you mean, my younger brother is handsome, it is not difficult to find one. Who do you think you like you?Family you want to be a gift. "

I frowned and didn’t speak.

"Okay, then let’s go first. These things will take you away, saving you to eat and affect my grandson!"

Lu Yang said, he was not idle, and he took the dishes on the table with Lu Yu.

I gave Ye Man a wink.

She nodded and started to shoot.

"No, what are you doing!"

Seeing this posture, Lu Yu quickly blocked his face with his hand.

I leaned on the chair and watched them want to grab Ye Man’s mobile phone.

"I still say that," I said, "I didn’t ask for myself. I told me before I heard that you told me that you talked about a good object, or a unit. If you said, if I take thisSend them to them, what do you think of you? "

Lu Yu in the video is invisible to say,

Especially with her mother, the greedy color overflows.

Lu Yang’s fucking carelessly: "You scare us less, just a video, what can you think of us?"

Lu Yu secretly changed her face.

It is not a big deal to take a few takeaways, but her boyfriend is extremely good. It belongs to the type where there is no money in the pocket and must be installed.

Lu Yang didn’t talk about it with me.

Sure enough, she pushed the bag on the table: "What are you pretending, just a few takeaways, it’s worth you, it’s really shameful!"

Indeed, a few takeaways are not worth it.

But that spent Ye Manman’s salary for half a month,

The dozens of hairy crabs alone will have a thousand dollars.

She pushed that she didn’t want to go out without makeup. In fact, I saw that I was in a bad mood.

She tried her best to mobilize my emotions, not to take advantage of these two people.

Lu Yang’s mother obviously also thought: "You bad woman, this is your future aunt! What are the benefits of you who let her shame in front of the in -laws in the future!

"You think everyone is like you who do not love unmarried before you are pregnant. Our daughter marries to enjoy blessings, but it is not a sin!"

After they walked indignantly, I realized that it would be painful to slap itself.


After they left, I pulled Ye Mangman to continue eating.

Anyway, it is something you bought, but you can’t waste it.

But Lu Yang’s fucking sentence has been echoed in my ear.

I asked Ye Man Man: "What do you say," What is her son is very popular "?"

"Maybe you deliberately 吧 you, want you to have a sense of crisis, and then marry early."

"What’s wrong? Don’t you really be brainwashed?" She asked a little worriedly.

I shook my head, since I was dead, how could I be brainwashed.

"Nothing, if the fucking is true, I don’t know which unlucky sister looks at him."

Ye Mangman peeled a shrimp inadvertently and said with emotion.

She said in a word in a word of dreams.

Although Lu Yang’s actions made me sad and spurred, my feelings of my heart must not be because of him.

But Ye Mang’s words made me understand,

I was originally dissatisfied with Lu Yang’s behavior. This dissatisfaction not only originated from his harm to me, but also a sense of insulting and weakness.

As a woman, I seem to be abducted by morality and secular.

It is obviously that a child is a matter of two people, but the incident has become a shackles that belong to women.

This is too unfair.

I looked up at Ye Man Man, with a serious face: "Man vine, if there are girls who really like Lu Yang, I think I need to remind me."

She was hesitant and disliked: "I don’t think it’s necessary to do it. Even if you say one more thing, even if you say it, people don’t have to read you."

Ye Manman’s words are not unreasonable.

Perhaps people have long known that this is also willing, and maybe I think I have no intention.

But what about that?

There are many things that do something in this world.

Since it is raining by yourself, he should be able to support someone to support an umbrella for others.


Later, Lu Yang also found me a few times and told me that he was busy with a big project recently, so that I would think about getting married again, and don’t make trouble anymore.

His trouble, this is what he said the most to me.

Behind the barren language is his reality that he has no reason.

There was no way to blame me, and he could only persuade me not to make any noise.

I also asked Uncle Chen, my dad’s friend, the owner of Lu Yang Company.

According to him, the company has a good project recently. In theory, the project is still not working in Lu Yang, but I do n’t know what’s going on, but the company opposite the company has named him.

And Lu Yang did live up to expectations and made a plan that made the other party very satisfied.

After the project is promoted and implemented, he can get a lot of bonuses.

It is for this reason that Lu Yang’s attitude of talking to me is getting differently:

"Lulu, my mother is also for us, then you said before, to keep it in our little home, is there any need for it? You can also understand our family and wait for you to marry., You concentrate on bringing children at home, and I will be responsible for making money to raise you in the future. "

I did not hesitate to refuse: "I have my own job, and I can’t do a full -time mother at home. But you say that I will bring the money back. It is better to give me more and say it is okay."

"How can that be the same, isn’t that the property of your pre -marital property!"

His mouth quickly said the true thoughts in his heart.

I rolled my eyes and didn’t speak.

And Lu Yang was immersed in the joy of being a father, and thought that I gradually accepted this fact and continued to output his thoughts:

"To be honest, I really recommend that you leave. Even if you don’t resign, which company do you think will continue to have a mother who has just given birth to a child?Isn’t this enjoying a blessing at home? "

Obviously it was very unreasonable, but he took it for granted.

"I know you earn more than me now, but this is not a long time. When my project is completed, you can be promoted to salary and increase. There is a large amount of commission. It must be a prospect of your job."

In fact, one thing I appreciated the most before is that he was very motivated.

During college, he has been the chairman of the Student Union, and his grades have always been good.

After work, he is also diligent. Although he has been promoted slowly, he has always been very hard.

But all this change is after I officially joined our branch.

He asked me how much my salary was for the first time, and I reported it casually, and saw him slowly changing his face.

Later, I learned that my salary with the mouth was more than Lu Yang’s salary. Since then, he no longer supports me to work.

That is, at this time I discovered that some people’s self -esteem originally wanted to rely on suppressing their partners to achieve it.

Those so -called workplace discrimination and gender discrimination come from the closest to the people around them.


I was too lazy to argue with him and asked him directly:

"You tell me this, is you going to use this money as a gift for me?"

Lu Yang was stunned, and he was right: "That’s not."

I looked at his eyes quietly: "What does that mean? Do you think you give me 2,000 yuan a month, and then let me pause four dishes and one soup, set up all daily necessities, and give you and childrenBuy your clothes, pants, shoes, and wait for your mother and your sister by the way, and then give you a thousand dollars at the end of the month. Is this the raising us in your heart? "

He didn’t speak.

No way, my stomach is not good, I can’t eat such a big cake.

Seeing him like this, I asked what I wanted to know: "Your mother has come to me, she said that you have gone close to a girl recently."

He heard the words, panicked on his face, and said hard, "How can there be any girl, don’t listen to my mother nonsense."

I nodded: "I know, who can blindly look at you besides me?"

I know Lu Yang too much, he likes to show off how many girls who chased him during college.

It was just that I was so stupid at the time, but I just felt that the more popular he was, the better my vision.

So when I was excited, he would definitely set up.

Sure enough, he retorted: "Who said it didn’t, my project was with her …"

When he said this, he glanced at me again and changed his tone: "Lulu, you also know that I am outstanding, and it is normal to be welcomed by some, but as long as you are at home with your husband, I will not mess around."

At this time, I still PUA me, but I did n’t have any opinion, maybe I really fell into inferiority because of his words, and then he was placed by him.

But now I am no longer the original me.

I silently wrote down the clues he gave, as long as I reminded the girl, Lu Yang and I should no longer have.


I asked Uncle Chen again:

"Uncle Chen, which female colleague did the project with Lu Yang?"

He was sitting in my office, took tea and looked around, and then returned when he heard me:

"That’s not. It was originally a female director who was in charge. I didn’t know what was going on. The company named him on the opposite company. Now almost this project is fully responsible for him."

"Who is the opposite company docking?"

He said: "It is Lao Qi’s daughter, just on the top of our company.

"Oh, you don’t know yet. Lao Qi is the company’s boss. His daughter just graduated this year. When he entered the company, he cooperated with Lu Yang."

The intuition of a woman told me that that girl must be her.

"Uncle Chen, do you have her contact information?"

"Yes, I will push it to you when I look back."

I thanked him with satisfaction.

He pursed tea and said with emotion: "I and your dad are friends for many years. At that time, he asked me to take care of you more. I didn’t expect to take care of your boyfriend. You are fighting here.I really got the name of the name. I heard that you are still bidding recently.

I laughed and said, "I still had a vision at the time, and said that I couldn’t control where I wanted to go, but I had to have my own career. Fortunately, he had his teachings, otherwise I would really love my mind."

When Lu Yang and I were in good faith, I also thought about being a good wife and mother at home.

But my dad said to me, "I have raised you so much, not to make you a housewife who can only be attached to a man without thinking. If this is what you love, I don’t stop you; butIf not, you have to do something. "

So I started to focus on my career.

I started to prepare branches in this city, and I followed up every step.

Everyone is boasting that I do well.

Only Lu Yang never wanted to understand my efforts and achievements. I only moved my mouth and disdain me to resign home early.

Fortunately, I didn’t give up my career.

This is why I did not feel long after knowing what Lu Yang’s family did later.

After all, my life does not allow me to be sad.


With Uncle Chen’s contact information, I quickly contacted Qiyuan.

She still has the immatureness of the university on her face. After listening to my encounter, she blushed angrily:

"I appreciated him very much, but I didn’t expect him to be such a man!"

Before I asked, she said her business with a mind:

"I just went to work in our company not long ago. Sometimes when I went to work late, I met him. He held the elevator door every time he was waiting for me."

Qi Yuan’s words brought my thoughts back to freshman.

I still remember that I couldn’t get up at eight o’clock in the morning, so most of the time I stepped on the classroom of the bell.

When I first noticed Lu Yang, I found that I would meet him every time I was late.

He would hold down the elevator door and said to me, "Classmates, hurry up, it’s getting late."

Then I will rush over. In the small elevator space, I said "thank you" softly to him.

After I was with him, I knew that he deliberately stayed outside the teaching building every morning. After seeing me, he hurried into the elevator and waited for me.

Unexpectedly, the same routine was used on another girl this time.

I recovered my thoughts and continued to ask, "I heard, you are the daughter of the boss of the company upstairs. Do you know that there are many people who know this?"

She nodded: "I know, and my dad also gave me a big project, which was to dock with their company. At first, he was a sister. Later, he took the initiative to find me Mao Sui to recommend himself.I was pretty good to him, so I changed to him. "

I admit that Lu Yang has some abilities, but I did not expect that he would use this way.

Qi Yuan wore a beautiful small skirt with his hands on his chin, thinking about whether you want to change the docking.

She heard that I was going to see her and chose the newly opened net red milk tea shop.

The entire background is pink bubbles.

I took a sip of milk tea and asked, "Aren’t you afraid I am deceiving you?"

Qi Yuan widened his eyes, and was a little shocked to me: "There are so many men in the world, is it worthy of our quarrel? Besides, I have to thank you for reminding me."

I couldn’t help laughing, but she didn’t care about it, but she had an inexplicable sourness.

That is, so many men in the world, this is not a big deal, do you have to hang it on a tree?


After I was in a good mood, I went directly to Lu Yangfa and informed him about our formal breakup.

At first he didn’t care about it, and felt that I was making trouble again.

It wasn’t until I found that I had deleted all his contact information, and then hurried to my house.

As soon as he entered the door, he looked at me in a hurry.

"Fortunately." He stared at my face and pulled me for a long time.

I threw my hand and frowned him out.

It seems that I really want to move home.

Lu Yang crossed me directly, leaning on the sofa helplessly, saying, "Lulu, when will you make trouble, is Cai Li so important for you? Why did I never find that you worshiped gold so much?"

His eyes turned around on my stomach.

He thought I broke up, but wanted more gifts.

I looked at him with my chest: "Let me tell you the truth, I am not pregnant at all."

"Impossible!" He did not want to deny it.

I don’t know who gave him confidence.

"If you don’t believe me, I can go to the hospital at any time."

I don’t have to separate from him quickly. If he doesn’t believe it, I feel that I can accept a large breaking breaking in place.

Lu Yang still refused to believe that he tried to get some different information from my face.

There was a dialogue of eight o’clock on the TV.

"Xiao Wen is my child? Why didn’t he tell me that year?"

"Why tell you? Our mother and son live well, please don’t come to get involved in our lives!"

"What you know, as long as I am willing, you can’t grab me by the child’s custody."

"Why! Even if I do my best, I won’t let you take away Xiaowen!"

A very exaggerated dialogue, the emotions of the two actors were in place, and the sound of exhaustion spread in the living room.

I was noisy with a headache and reached out the TV.

Lu Yang frowned and looked at my movements, slowly, and calming the eyebrows:

"That’s it."

He raised some wrinkled suit, walked in front of the door, lowered his head and looked at me: "Lulu, my mother is really right. Sooner or later you will take your child to ask me. She originally advised me to consume it.You, but I really have feelings for you, so I am willing to add some gifts, so, should you be satisfied? "

The tone of this alley said from his mouth, as if I was really sitting in the golden woman.

I looked at him indifferently: "You open your mouth and close your mouth are all colorful gifts. Who do you think it is rare that money. What I want from beginning to end is just a respect."

"Do you think I don’t know in your heart? You do it over and over again, and even when you design it, I feel that I am not worthy. I do n’t deserve so many colorful gifts, do n’t deserve a wedding, and do n’t deserve a respect.

"But I understand that this kind of non -match is not because of my reason, but because you are greedy to calculate, inferiority is at your own risk, blocking your mother in front, and you are talking nonsense like a turtle behind him.

"You say you have feelings for me. I think you have emotions that you spent on me before? Don’t say that I have no pregnancy at all. Even if I am pregnant, I have to fight it twice!"

I finally said what I want to say.

I am full of disgust with Lu Yang, and his approach can completely destroy a girl.

He couldn’t hold on his face, and he was about to leave with his handle.

Before he left, I felt that I was rolling in my stomach. It was probably too emotional. I vomited a dark earth at the wash pool.

When I went back, I could only see the open door, rolled into the wind, dangling in the house, blowing away the obscure of Lu Yang.


The day when Lu Yang left angrily, I made an appointment with the moving company.

But unfortunately, I had acute gastroenteritis, and I lay down in the hospital for two days before I dragged the disease and was sent home by Ye Man Man.

Before I went downstairs, I saw a group of people surrounding there.

Several familiar crying came from the crowd, and my heart shook, and the police bells were making a masterpiece.

"Ouch! I have a hard time, and I have worked hard to pull the two children. I finally talked about the object. As a result, the daughter -in -law had not entered the door, so I was pregnant with our family."

"That’s it, my prospective sister is a gold worship girl, which is my brother’s money. My brother spent a lot of money before!"

I was shivering and ran away, and when I saw them holding hands, I sat on the ground and cried.

Several aunt squatted beside him and persuaded them to see me.

"Big sisters, you can comment on me." Lu Yang pulled a aunt’s hand and continued to cry, "My son works in a big company, and the house has been bought.? And there are me at home to bring her children, what can I be tired of her, isn’t marrying to enjoy a blessing!

"Relying on my child, I want to raise a gift, and I also lie to my son to say what is not pregnant. I definitely want to take my grandson away. It’s too bad! It’s too bad!

"I went to see her that day, and found that she ate some cold things and raw food. If you talk about it, how can this be like a mother!"

Sure enough, when I heard this, the people around me looked more dissatisfied with my eyes.

After all, they may be able to accept a daughter -in -law who wants to be a gift, but cannot accept an irresponsible mother.

I had to explain it pale: "I have no pregnancy, nor do I want to stab their family. Instead, they are in their family.

No one listened to my speech. Lu Yang’s crying voice was very influential, and almost everyone present was biased by her.

I found my phone from the bag and did not hesitate to call 110:

"Hey, Comrade Police, I want to report that some people here disrupt social order, affect residents’ lives, and also create rumors!"

My words were gritted, and they were all startled, and they stopped crying for a while.

I have a function and relieved slightly.

But the next second, they recovered the original appearance.

"Want to drive us away, no door! We are talking about facts, you are unwilling to marry with your child, isn’t it because of the gift? I said wrong! Anyway, I won’t go, the King of Heaven is not useful!"

Then I found that the middle -aged woman in front of me had a hand in the concept of stealing.

I was indeed because Cai Li refused to marry, but that was not because I started the price.

And I have also seen the situation. I did not directly evidence to prove my words. Instead, Lu Yang was very infectious and attracted the people present frequently.

I flipped through my phone and wanted to find the test sheet I took at the time, but found that I deleted Lu Yang because I deleted all those contents.

Just when I didn’t know what to do, Ye Manman stood in front of me:

"Let’s continue to make trouble. Anyway, it is not your fault anyway, it is Lulu’s fault. I just go to the police station. At that time, no matter who you can catch it, you will leave the case. At that time, your grandson, and you will alsoThere is a grandson in the future, but you will directly lose the opportunity to compile the test and test. You can do it yourself. "

Ye Mang was frightened to Lu Yang’s mother. For her, when she entered the police station, it was really no different from going to prison, and she was frightened.

Lu Yu was also a little dull. Under such circumstances, she also forgot to think and stopped crying with her mother.

Two people hurriedly got up from the ground, and before leaving, I didn’t forget to let me say a fierce words: "I only left for my grandson! Anyway, our family, you have to marry, you have to marry, you have to marry, you have to not marry, you have to not marry.To marry, you have to give birth to my grandson without marrying! I will come to you again! "


I returned home exhausted.

The sound of discussion under the building seemed to be echoing in my ear.

I am a foreigner, and I have no relatives here. I fell on me with dialects, which made me have a dazed pain.

Ye Mang helped me to the bed, and when I saw me weak, I unconsciously blushed my eyes.

I comforted her: "It’s okay, I moved away soon."

She suddenly looked at me at her: "Lulu, do you remember coming out of the hospital that day, what did you say?"

I lowered my head and thought:

"What I said is that without me, there will be the next girl to be killed."

I did help others, even if it was just one.

"No, you also say that since they take the children to grasp you, let them taste the taste of being handled. I support you and them to cut off their contacts, but now it seems that you don’t provoke them, they will also provoke"

"You think you can go away smoothly when you say that you are not pregnant. But I see the situation today, I have no doubt that you throw the evidence on their faces. They can care about Lu Yang in the next secondThe money spent on the body. "

"It should be too late when the day retract. In this case, it is better to count it, let them experience it, and you feel."

This is the first time that I have seen Ye Manman’s appearance, and I am probably fierce.

Her words made me feel very reasonable.

My concession does not make them converge, it will only become an excuse for them to intensify.

Of course, I can leave everything away, but why?

I want to stay in this city, not only because of Lu Yang, but also because of my love for it.

But at the moment of the incident, what I could think of just fled the city.

Why is me away?

The person who should go is him, the person who does the wrong thing.

I can also choose to sort out all the evidence and put it on the Internet vigorously, but this behavior will undoubtedly have a great impact on me.

In this case, it is better to treat me to treat me.

Return to teeth with your eyes, and eyes with your eyes.

twenty one

So the next day, when I received a call from Lu Yuqi, I was not surprised.

She shouted on the phone and asked me what I wanted to do.

The background sound is her mother’s cramped explanation.

I hung up the phone and stood not far from the Luyang family unit downstairs, watching the farce.

Ye Mangman looked at it and said, "How, my three aunt grandma is awesome."

That’s right, this is arranged with Ye Manman.

She invited the most scolded grandmother and the younger sisters of the three aunts in her house to go to Lu Yang’s community together.

Nine o’clock in the morning, it was the time when the uncle and the aunts took the children and bought good food.

They learned that Lu Yang’s fucking appearance yesterday, sitting on the ground and crying with heartbreaking lungs:

"Ouch, our family is obedient, spread to such a family. While pregnancy, we will be freshes. The eighty -eight gifts have fallen to 66,000 and another 10,000.For many years, I have never seen such a person who will calculate such a calculation!

"Our family says not to marry, and their family is unwilling to make rumors to discredit our obedient, and think about it, and think about it.

"That’s all. Even the banquet wants to let our woman’s family go out. There is no such thing as Sanjin. Which girl is so aggrieved!"

This sentence poked Lu Yang’s fucking pain point, and immediately picked up: "Which girl is your girl?

Seeing that it was about to quarrel, the three aunt rubbed tears, and dragged a few aunts like a nest and said, "I am here today, I don’t want to make anything. I just want to ask their family.Home. We can’t afford it, can we still avoid it? "

Grandma Sannan and her group of younger sisters were almost seventy, and she was so angry at this time.

Compared with, Lu Yang’s mother and Lu Yu were much inferior. They could only be angry and trembled, and they started to say nothing:

"Whoever is rare she enters our house, I just want my grandson! In our country, there are more women who can live and do it.If I hadn’t designed her pregnancy … "

As soon as this statement came out, there was an uproar around.

Lu Yu was shocked to cover her mother’s mouth quickly, but it was too late.

"Okay, you still have a daughter, and you have to design a little girl like this. Why don’t you let your daughter get pregnant? Why don’t you go to your family and tell you that your family does not have a gift, why not post your family!"

There were uneven sounds in the crowd around.

"Also show off your son in front of us every day, such a scum is embarrassed to show off, really shame!"

"Don’t let us know who to get married with your family, otherwise we have to talk about it!"


The sound of the surrounding sounds intensified, and there were still a few people coaxing: "Hit the child! You can’t give birth to such a child!"

Lu Yang’s mother heard this and was scared to sit on the ground:

"Can’t fight, can’t fight!"

When I passed, the people around me gave me a way.

Lu Yu took her mother and looked at my eyes full of hatred.

After all, this incident is also an impact on her marriage.

And her mother’s helplessness, just like me yesterday.

twenty two

In the end, Lu Yang came back and ended the farce.

He went home with his mother and looked at me with a gloomy face.

I asked Ye Mang to bring the three aunt to them back, and then followed the downstairs with Land.

As soon as he entered the door, he broke a ceramic decoration at his hand:

"Qin Lu, what do you want to do!"

I don’t care about saying: "Did your mother go to my house yesterday?

He rubbed the temple: "Don’t you just want a gift? I give you 66,000, can I?"

When he said this, I could see his mother’s impulse that he wanted to rush up.

But it was probably scared by the battle just now, and still did not say opposition.

I pulled a chair and sat down with a flat belly:

"60,0006? I don’t look at it, if you want to marry me now, at least 1880,000!"

"Are you crazy? You are all children now, who dares to say so?"

I raised an eyebrow: "Child. Do you always want to take me, just rely on this child?"

Lu Yang still couldn’t help but rushed in front of me and cursed: "You, a woman who is not greedy, wants to be crazy? Are you pregnant, which man do you think of you …"

Before she finished speaking, I was interrupted by me: "Lu Yang had a child outside without getting married. After I was born, he had to pay for the salary of one and a half every month. Then I will see it tooWhich girl will marry such a home and see which girl is willing to give others a stepmother at a young age!

"Don’t you love me the most? I have time to spend with you. If you want to find someone to say other relatives, you have to consider the current situation!

"Also, you speak a big grandson with a mouthful, and I also tell you, when this child is born, he will only follow my surname and have nothing to do with your Lu family!"

A passage I output completely shocked them in place.

They can think of the worst situation, but I just beat the child.

I did not expect that I wanted to go to my father to stay.

I have to pay them back every word that fucking says to me!

The three silent and shocking faces responded to me.

For a long time, Lu Yang looked at me and spit out a word: "Qin Lu, I can see you clearly. Our feelings for so many years, you really don’t talk about it."

Let me talk, why don’t I talk.

It’s just that I talk to you about feelings, and you talk to me about money.

When I talk to you about money, you start to talk to me again.

How do I talk about this?

I was too lazy to talk nonsense with him: "Anyway, you can do it. My salary is comparable to Lu Yang Gao. Don’t think about the lawsuit to fight for custody.

Lu Yang held his punch, and his handsome face was covered by the haze, and it looked a little bit tight.

After a long time, he spit out a "good" word from his teeth.

"But I also have a condition. You have to quit your job and wait for delivery at home."

Before leaving, Lu Yang did not forget to mention the conditions.

I have no job, but I have to hold more than I have a job.

I opened the door with a smile and agreed quickly: "Okay, I will not go to work from today, I won’t go to work."

Anyway, I am a boss. What does it matter if you go?

twenty three

After listening to their family, Ye Mangman laughed and talked back and back:

"It’s so bad. For such a person, you should return your teeth!"

I also feel happy. Sometimes, the wicked people have a wicked man, which really makes sense.

What Ye Manman thought of, and came over and asked me, "What should I do next? Can you really marry him?"

"How is it possible." I don’t want to do it, "Don’t forget, the most precious thing he is now is not me and the so -called child."

twenty four

I really rest at home for more than two months.

Lu Yang did not doubt him, and also believed that I had resigned and returned to the family.

From time to time, I started brainwashing in front of me, and wanted me to lower the gift.

Whenever at this time, I will go back mercilessly: "Don’t give it, don’t give it, keep it as a supporting fee in the future!"

Occasionally, I will also hear Lu Yang’s mother’s instructions to Lu Yang: "Anyway, she has no work anymore. When your project completes the promotion and salary, she wants to take the child again.At the time, can the custody right be robbed of us? "

I thought it was their private discussion.

After hearing it a few times, I realized that it was intentionally stated to me.

I pretended not to hear, and every time I continued to let Lu Yang take care of me:

"No way, my parents are not around, don’t you have to bother you?"

She was stunned for a moment, thinking of the child in her stomach, and she could only give me a meal every day.

Recently, Lu Yang has become more and more busy. The project is immediately in the stage of heat. It can be said that after this time, his promotion and salary increase can be regarded as a nail.

I don’t know what their family has discussed, and my attitude towards me is obviously.

After eating the stir -fried cabbage brought by Lu Yang for three consecutive days, I think it’s time.


The recent weather has become colder and colder.

I got up very early to make up, and even found a slim skirt from the closet and put it in the coat.

Before leaving the door, Lu Yang called me:

"Lul, I advise you to think about it again. As long as you are willing, we can get a certificate tomorrow.

A bad words, but I understand what he mean.

I hung up the phone without hesitation.

After this time, he really didn’t contact him again.

The huge conference room,

I was sitting behind the staff in the corner wearing a mask, completely reducing my sense of presence.

Everyone hurriedly picked up the notebook and planned to record it,

There were a few voices that passed into my ears.

"Lu Yang is really amazing, this project can be completed so well."

"Yeah, I heard that he followed up almost the whole process. I think this time, promotion and salary increase is stable."


At 7.88, Lu Yang came in from the outside wearing a straight suit.

The face was full of energy.

Being around him was Qiao Qianyuan. I didn’t know what Lu Yang said to her. She bowed her head and showed a shy smile.

At eight o’clock, the project staged report officially started.

Qi Yuan sat in the middle position and gave Lu Yang a certain nod.

It was the sound of Lu Yang’s calm report.

The result of one item was shown on his PPT, and the surrounding sounds were praised.

Lu Yang’s voice gradually increased with the praise, and the subsequent work plan was also arranged by him.

His eyes were full of Qi Yuan, as if he was sure not only the project, but also her.

With the end of the PPT, the entire meeting room sounded high excitement applause.

Some colleagues even rushed up and gave Lu Yang a big hug.

Celebrating his upcoming success.

After the applause faded, everyone looked at Qiyuan.

She looked around, and finally paused on me for a few seconds:

"Manager Lu, everyone’s ability is obvious to everyone. Without you, this project cannot be completed so well."

She opened her lip lightly and gave everyone the answer that everyone was going to hear.

But Lu Yang’s mouth has not had time to bloom, and Qi Yuan continued:

"But from now on, our company asked to replace the project docking person."

With her voice falling, a capable woman with short hair came from outside the door, and slightly moved to Qiyuan.

Everyone present was shocked by this scene.

"Why is Sister Hua? Didn’t Lu Yang say that she was going home to prepare for pregnancy?"

"That’s it, what’s the situation now?"

Lu Yang obviously did not respond, and kept asking Qiyuan with his eyes.

After not getting a response, he was a little anxious: "Qi Yuan, what’s going on? I did this project so perfectly, why should you change the person?!"

Qi Yuan leaned on the chair and said unmotivated: "I still remember that you came to me at the time, saying that Sister Hua had a plan to go home to prepare for pregnancy. If I gave this project to her, on the one handOn the other hand, if Sister Hua is successful in pregnancy, there will be no way to take care of the project. Therefore, I will give you the project to you.

"But as far as I know, you will be promoted to your dad immediately. In this case, you will definitely focus on the family at that time. It is better to put this project as soon as possible to others, but you can’t delay you."

After Qi Yuan finished speaking, Sister Hua also explained to everyone: "I really have a plan to prepare for pregnancy, but at that time I received the project of Miss Qi, so I was stranded in this pregnancy plan. I did not expect that Lu Yang took the opportunity to preach, and it was promoted.I was dismissed by my superiors for the first time, and the project I was in hand also drifted.

"I obviously did nothing, and everyone forgot my previous achievements, as if I had a child, I would become a workplace waste.

"But I believe, Xiaolu must also care about me like this. Fortunately, President Chen understands the situation in time. Since Xiaolu first has a child, it is just like me at the time, go home to take care of the family."

Everyone present was not a fool. Between the swords and swords of the tongue, the ins and outs of the incident have been understood.

There are also many girls who look at Lu Yang’s eyes after listening.

Use women’s workplace disadvantages to grab resources, shame and lost.

At that moment, all applause and honor disappeared in front of Lu Yang.

Instead, it is infinite taunt and disdain.


After the people in the conference hall left, I took off the mask and came to Lu Yang.

He seemed to grab his life straw, holding me tightly.

Soon, he found something wrong.

He looked at my lower abdomen with some unbelievable slim skirts in the coat, all of which showed the fact that I had no children.

"You … you hit the child?"

I took a step back: "No, I didn’t get pregnant at all. I took the wrong test sheet, but no matter how I told you, you don’t believe it, you can only say that you are too confident in yourself."

The news was undoubtedly worse to him, but he did not let go of my hand and pulled my hand: "Lulu, I know it is wrong, it doesn’t matter if there is no child, we will have it again."

"You’re awake!" I shook his hand, took out the notice of removing from the bag, and threw it in front of him.

Lu Yang didn’t pick it up, he was not stupid, at least he already knew that all this had my participation.

"Why? How can you be so vicious? What is the benefit of me like this?!"

I looked at him hysterically, and suddenly felt a little funny:

"So hurriedly jumped? I just let you feel what should happen to me.

"Rumors, crowded gifts, and then given up by your PUA. According to your plan, these things will happen to me, isn’t it?

"When you are doing this, have you thought about what’s good for you?

"You use the ubiquitous shackles of the world to seek more benefits for you.

"Since there is a plan to grasp others, you must be ready to be controlled!"

I left this last sentence and strode out of the company.

The sun passed through the thick clouds and finally flashed golden light.

Just like my life, it will be bright in the future.

-The full text-


On the day of the meeting with Qi Yuan, before leaving, she had already done a plan to change to people:

"Cooperating with such people, even if he has the ability to be outstanding, but the character is not good, it is disrespectful to the company and the project."

Later, I wanted Lu Yang to taste the taste of being handled.

So I contacted Qiyuan again.

I was in charge of contacting Sister Hua to understand the beginning of the matter, and let Qiyuan stabilize Lu Yang.

After all, the most painful loss in this world shouldn’t it be lost at the peak?

After Lu Yang was dismissed, he voted for several companies and was rejected.

House seemingly endless rain.

Lu Yu saw that I had to hold their children at the time, and the lion opened 1880,000.

So she also designed her pregnancy and wanted to hold her boyfriend.

But I did not expect that the other lady’s old lady was twice as fierce than Lu Yang’s mother.

Release the words: "If you love to marry, marry, anyway, you do n’t do n’t, you look at it yourself!"

Lu Yu cried and learned what I looked like at the time: "Then I will give birth to the child and make trouble every day. I see how you say what you will say in the future. Your family has to give me a lot of support."

The innocence of Lu Yu over there: "You love to give birth, anyway, who can prove that this child is from our family. If you dare to make trouble, don’t want to step into our house in your life."

Lu Yu did not kill the child’s courage, and finally married aggrieved.

After this, Lu Yang sold the house and returned to the county with his mother.

He found a small job, and he never had the sense of intentions of the year.

The family also told him his daughter -in -law. He was a storm, and he scolded his mother at home every day.

I don’t know about it later.

At that time, I had gone back to inherit the company at home. I sat in the office at the highest place.

I also helped more and more girls,

Watching them glowing and fever is my most grand mission.

Author: Coconut Qincai

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