After drinking, I find that I am pregnant, can children ask?

Can I drink alcohol during pregnancy?

I believe that everyone’s first reaction is "Can’t, isn’t this common sense?"

Ying Caier also talked on the show: "Nine months of pregnancy, you can’t drink a sip of red wine."

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But even when the concept of "ban on pregnancy" is so popular, there are still not a few people drinking during pregnancy.

In the United States, 10%-11%of women drink alcohol during pregnancy; in Canada, about 10.5%; in the United Kingdom, Russia and other countries, it can reach 21%[1-2].

There is currently no authoritative and reliable statistics in China, but a survey of a survey of 614 pregnant women in Shanghai shows that [3], the drinking rate during pregnancy is 8.3%.

A survey of a 22-40-year-old women in a region in Jiangxi Province showed that 46.8%of women had drinking drinking during pregnancy [4].

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The reason is that on the one hand, the awareness of alcohol is not high, so it is not avoided; on the other hand, many sisters often drink alcohol without knowing their pregnancy.

It is understandable to say that the second reason is that after all, wine culture has a long history in China. The ancients often said that "why not solve worries, only Du Kang."

Today, family gatherings, units dinner, and public relations entertainment always have a cup or two, and it is not uncommon to find that they are pregnant after drinking.

For the first reason, it really needs to knock on the alarm!Alcohol is a recognized teratogenic agent. It is harmful and good for pregnant women.

Today, let’s talk about what harm is drinking during pregnancy. Don’t let your children unknown.

Drinking during pregnancy is much harmful

■ Drinking during pregnancy will increase the risk of abortion, death, low birth weight and premature birth.The more you drink, the greater the danger.

■ Drinking alcohol during pregnancy causes alcohol -related birth defects (ARBD). Children with ARBD may experience heart, kidney, bone bones, or hearing defects.The highest prevalence of ARBD is Australia, which can reach 10.82 ‰ [1].

■ If drinking during pregnancy, alcohol may damage the fetus’s neurons, causing the fetal alcoholic spectrum dysfunction and fetal alcohol syndrome.It is manifested by the decline in IQ, growth and development of infants, limited growth and development, not high, light weight, small head circumference, facial malformations, and weakened execution and cognitive ability, dysfunction of language understanding, decreased logical reasoning capabilities and decreased logical reasoning capabilities and decreased logical reasoning capabilities and decreased logical reasoning capabilities and decreased logical reasoning capabilities.Behavioral abnormalities et al. [1].

According to survey data, nearly 15 of the world’s 10,000 babies with fetal alcohol syndrome, showing the high incidence [5].

Unfortunately, the diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome or fetal alcoholic spectrum disorder is usually after birth (some even after adulthood). At this time, alcohol injury has become irreversible and permanent.

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Therefore, the pregnant mothers who know that they are pregnant and drinking are simply destroying their baby by themselves.

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However, there are relatively few "evil -making" mothers. Most pregnant mothers drink alcohol without knowing her pregnancy, and then start worrying, regret, hesitation and then ask: "Will my child be abras’?Can you ask? "

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After drinking, I find that I am pregnant, can children ask?

The essence of this problem is actually "the correlation between the amount of alcohol and the teratogenic". It is the so -called sidelines to say that the toxicity is a hooligan.

Drinking more wines and less, it will definitely affect the ending of the fetus to a large extent.If you want to know that you drink more or less alcohol, this requires us to have a basic concept of drinking.Common alcoholic alcohol content [2]

Standard drinking amount

According to the Canadian Obstetrics and Gynecologist Association’s "Guide to Drinking and Pregnancy Clinical Practice", a "standard volume" refers to the pure alcohol containing 17.7 ml in alcoholic beverages, which is roughly equivalent to 350 ml ordinary beer and 150 ml wine.Or 45 ml liquor [2].

Based on the standard drinking volume, you can evaluate which risk level your drinking is.

Generally speaking, low -dose drinking has a small impact on the fetus and should not be regarded as a indicator of termination of pregnancy. Especially those pregnant mothers who just sipped a few sips of wine or eat a few wine chocolate at all.Don’t worry too much.

The moderate to severe drinking has proven to increase the risk of children’s behavior problems, and fetal alcohol syndrome may occur.However, it is also closely related to the frequency of drinking. Occasionally, a large dose of alcohol, the fetal teratogenic is not as serious as it is continuously drinking. [1-2]

And in the early stages of pregnancy, if the baby is "alcoholic", it may flow directly.If he lives strongly, it is enough to explain his strength.

At the same time, pregnant mothers should strictly cooperate with the production examination in accordance with the requirements, pay close attention to the development of the fetus, and consider termination of pregnancy if necessary.

It should be reminded that although low -dose drinking has a small impact on the fetus, fetal alcohol syndrome may still occur.There is no so -called safe drinking amount during pregnancy. Drinking at any stage is unsafe. The first thing to find after pregnancy is to stop drinking.

Seeing this, I presumably the pregnant mothers also know it.

But what Xiaobian wants to say is that although the baby’s accident is like a surprise, he may also be accompanied by more concerns or even frightening. Instead of panic, it is better to settle down and solidly.Preparation for pregnancy.Little surprises, one more healthy.

How long does it take to quit drinking for pregnancy?

Preparation of pregnancy is a matter for both husbands and wives. The baby’s health should not only rely on the mother, and the father has an unswerving responsibility.

The DNA of the male sperm carrys important information, which has a important impact in the process of fertilizing egg cells, bed and fetal growth and development. Alcohol can cause sperm or fertilized oval malformations.Essence

A study found that, compared with drinking alcohol, if the father drinks three months before pregnancy, the risk of congenital heart disease in the baby will increase by 44 %. If the mother drinks alcohol, the baby’s congenital heart disease risk will increase by 16 % [6 6].

Therefore, for safety reasons, it is recommended that men should not drink alcohol within at least 6 months before fertilization, and women should stop drinking a year ago [6].

For the health of the baby, we must "drip the wine without sticking" during pregnancy and pregnancy. Do not have a chance. You must know that it is wine that drinks, but the poison is precipitated.

Source of this article: obstetrics and gynecology channel in the medical community

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