After eating for so many years of lotus seeds, I know that the green lotus core is not bitter, and fried beef is too delicious.

I always think that Lianxin is bitter and can not be removed, especially for children to eat it.Today, my friend introduced a newly listed lotus puff, but it is fresh! Seeing that I do n’t get started, let ’s cut first and then buy good people to send it to the door.

After receiving the ingredients, I muttered in my heart, is it troublesome to eat a lotus seed? No matter what my friend is so sincere to give me a hand, he must have his intention.

Of course, there are new "toys". Besides, the "fresh" of this fresh ingredients is different.Friends on the side also moved their hands, removed the lotus seeds and went directly into the basin. They suspected why they did n’t remove the membrane or core? As a result, they told me that it did n’t need to remove it because it was fresh enough and tender.It is equivalent to the degree of maturity of "kindergarten", and do not believe in eating.

After I tasted it, I also took it, and I also understood why my friends were so recommended. This kind of lotus seeds are different from the "age" that they used to eat in the past.Cereal exchanges with such a special lotus seeds come to a yellow beef to add bricks.

In the gap of pickled beef, a lotus core was quietly pierced to see. It turned out that it was really not as green as the lotus core after it was completely mature.Combined with beef.

The beef stall owner has cut the slices of beef for me. I don’t know if the friends in the north have such a service.

Because the lotus seeds are tender enough, the dry starch is taken slightly, and the taste after fried crispness is more layered. Stir -fried with beef can absorb the aroma of beef and retain the fragrance of the lotus seed itself.

Beef slices are tender and tender. When you eat the beef and lotus seeds, they are "inseparable" in the mouth and can’t put chopsticks.

Thanks to my friends for sending such a great ingredients, I almost wanted to go home and re -engraved after I tasted the dish after trying this dish.

[Material purchase]

A bag of fresh lotus puffs, 200 grams of beef, onion garlic, red pepper, a little wheat starch

Seasoning: one spoon of cooking wine, one spoon of oyster sauce, one spoonful of sugar, a spoonful of pepper, a spoonful of pepper flour, Honghu lotus puff*3 catties of fresh tender lotus puffed fruit lotus, the raw Honghu lotus seed hair

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