After eating pepper, the 30 -year -old pregnant mother’s hemoptysis is more than … Doctor: Don’t do this action

30 -year -old Ms. Li (pseudonym)

Love to eat "spicy"

It’s almost not falling

Even if you are pregnant

Can’t quit "it"

However, this "habit"

Make Ms. Li regret it

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Recent morning

Ms. Li, who has been in the third trimester

After eating peppers, I was stunned for a while

A fierce cough

Who knows noon that day

Ms. Li suddenly started hemoptysia

Blood in the throat keeps surging

Can’t stop anyway

The family hurriedly sent the doctor nearby

In the evening, Ms. Li was hemoptically baptized again. She wanted to try to swallow blood back. After she knew her head was holding her head, she immediately felt difficulty in breathing and dullness, making her condition worse.It turned out that Ms. Li in Zhejiang suffered tuberculosis 5 years ago. The local hospital immediately contacted Zhejiang Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Hospital (Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital and Hangzhou Chest Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical College) for further treatment.When the 120 emergency car sent Ms. Li to the Zhejiang Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, Ms. Li’s hemoptysis was more than a huge threat of pregnant women and fetuses.

All departments jointly treat Ms. Li’s mother and son

Considering Ms. Li’s full month (38 weeks), the hospital’s emergency department linked to the obstetrics and gynecology department and the surgery anesthesia center to organize rescue.Under the close cooperation of various departments, the child was safe with a crispy baby crying.

Ms. Li’s baby landed safely

However, what is unexpected is that Ms. Li’s crisis has not been lifted after giving birth to her child.The deputy chief physician of the tuberculosis surgery, Fang Ming, read the film by carefully, found that there were multiple abnormal thickening blood vessels in Ms. Li’s lungs, and even the coronary blood vessels of the heart also participated in the blood supply to the lung lesions -these blood vessels may be LiThe culprit of ladies hemoptysis.

The result of Ms. Li’s angiography

Due to the complicated condition, the director of the Department of Cardiology also performed the coronary arteries for Ms. Li. It was found that Ms. Li’s coronary veins were almost completely blocked, and the operation was slightly careless. Myocardial infarction may occur at any time.The doctor decided to perform surgery for Ms. Li.Under the dual protection of the Department of Cardiology and Radiology, the doctor finally stopped the six abnormal lung blood vessel bleeding with embolism, and the surgery was smooth.It is reported that Ms. Li recovered well after surgery and never had hemoptysis.At present, both mother and child have been discharged from the hospital.

Ms. Li, who recovered after surgery

Doctors are particularly reminded that the most dangerous thing about hemoptysis is suffocating!Do n’t like Ms. Li, thinking about taking blood back. This kind of behavior is very dangerous. If the blood that flows into the airway does not cough, it can condense into a blood clot in a few seconds.of.The doctor emphasized that if hemoptysis occurs, he should immediately take the position of the position, turn his head to one side to prevent suffocation, and call the 120 emergency phone as soon as possible.

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