After eating Yuting, I found pregnancy!Can this baby still be either?

Yuting is a commonly used emergency contraceptive. By inhibiting ovulation and preventing fertilized eggs, it also increases the consistency of cervical mucus and obstructing sperm to achieve the purpose of contraception.

The survey shows that the efficiency of emergency contraceptives is about 80%, which means that about 20%of mushrooms will still be pregnant after taking Yuting.But once you are pregnant, is this baby "stay" or "flow"?

"Leave", fearing that the baby is not good, it will cause family tragedy; "flow", reluctant, worried that he can no longer be pregnant after the operation, regretful for life.

So, will Yuting definitely cause fetal deformity?

This is to talk about the problem of medication time and drug classification.

Let’s talk about medication time:

Yuting usually eats within 72 hours after the same room. Generally, the fertilized eggs are formed 24 to 72 hours after the same room.Within 2 weeks after fertilization, the embryo is just an unfinished cell group. At this time, the impact of any drug on the fetus will only be "all" or "none".

"Full" means a comprehensive impact. The embryo dies directly and miscarriage; "none" means no effect at all.It will never appear, and the embryo survives but there is an intermediate state of deformity or defect.

In other words, if you still get pregnant after eating Yuting, as long as the fetal heart is normal, it means that the baby is healthy and not affected.Don’t be nervous, you can keep your pregnancy.

If it has an impact, this fetus will not survive.

Besides the drug classification:

According to the safety of drugs to pregnancy, it can be divided into A, B, C, D, X, and five categories.Class A and B are safe, available during pregnancy, use caution C, D, and X for disable.The main component of Yuting is Zuo Nuo progesterone, which belongs to Class X.That lethality is a lever ~

A large number of studies have proved that there is no significant difference in the innate deformity and newborns who have not taken this drug after taking Yuting after taking Yuting.

Therefore, even if you eat Yuting, as long as your baby is still there, don’t worry, just do the birth check -up on time.

If you don’t want your baby yet, you should flow away as soon as possible.However, it is even more needed for contraception in advance.

Contracence cannot always be a gun, either wearing a sleeve each time, or insist on taking short -acting contraceptives.Now the four generations of short -acting oral contraceptives, but it is very safe ~ I will not get fat ~

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