After giving birth to a baby, I am pregnant before my aunt!Is this the legendary "touch"?

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Oh my god, my cousin is pregnant again!

It was a great event, but now I can’t get up …..

This is the case. Centers are cesarean section. After giving birth to a baby, it is only 5 months old and is still breastfeeding.

Last night, my cousin pulled me and cried: "Sister, what should I do? I only gave birth to my baby for 5 months. The aunt hasn’t come yet, but she is pregnant! Isn’t it that she will not get pregnant during breastfeeding?"

I was a little speechless. Looking at her weakness, she said distressedly: "Who tells you that you won’t get pregnant during breastfeeding? Why not take contraceptive measures?"

The cousin said pitifully: "We only once after giving birth, why are we pregnant? The most important thing is that the first menstrual period of my postpartum has not come yet, which is incredible! What should I do now?"

I said with a bitter smile to her, "You are the legendary" touching ". What can I do? I can only go to the hospital for a detailed examination and listen to the doctor’s professional treatment opinions."

In fact, this situation is not surprising at all, but people’s cognition has a small deviation!

Many sisters know that menstruation means that a female reproductive ability is mature and can have the ability to have children; it is wrong to think that only after menstruation will have fertility, and no menstruation will not get pregnant.

In fact, breastfeeding is not an absolute safety period. The fertility ability will be reduced during breastfeeding, but it does not mean that there is no fertility. We must attract attention and avoid accidental pregnancy.

After giving birth to a child, breastfeeding mothers are relatively high in the body of lactation during lactation, which will inhibit the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in the body, and may not have menstruation for several months.

However, the ovarian has quietly restored the ovulation function. If the first egg was discharged without conception, the menstrual tide would be occurred.However, if the husband and wife do not take contraceptive measures at this time, it is possible that they will "win" again before the menstrual recurring tide and become pregnant again.

There are many examples, and our office has several living cases.The most impressed was a colleague called Xiao Jing. When I was pregnant, she was confinement.Unexpectedly, she returned for a 3 -month birth leave and told me that she was pregnant with a second child again.The two children in her family are only 11 months old.

How long does it usually come to menstruation after giving birth?This is based on the situation of each person. After the child is born, the situation of each mother recovers differently, and the time of menstruation is early and late.

Postpartum Bao Ma’s body in the body will inhibit the pituitary function of the brain and further inhibit ovulation.However, the hormone level in each Baoma has different levels of hormones, and there will be differences in the length of suppression.

Take me to give an example. My two children are breastfeeding. After giving birth to Dabao, the first menstruation came 3 months after giving birth. After I gave birth to Erbao, I have been in the 6 months after giving birth.Menstruation.The sisters around them have different menstruation time after childbirth. The fast sisters are here one month after giving birth. The slow sisters are only menstruation for more than one year after giving birth.

Generally speaking, the recovery of the ovarian function of pure breastfeeding will have a longer time than the mother who does not breastfeed, and the probability of conception within half a year is less than 2%.

There is a smooth saying that it is said: after a child is born in the uncomfortable, he is a father unknowingly.Therefore, from the aspects of physical health and priority, couples after giving birth to live a sweet life, they must pay attention to contraception.

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