After going to the ring again, I was pregnant again, and the 43 -year -old rough mother killed the formal fetus

Ms. Wu is 43 years old this year, only one baby son, because when she was young, she did not open a second child policy. In addition to the pain of fertility, Ms. Wu and her husband decided to have only one child.I was pregnant again, so I performed a birthplace of IOC.

Since February of this year, Ms. Wu has not been menstruation. She also thought that she was under great pressure and menopause, so there were no more care.

However, recently, Ms. Wu found that her underwear would occur from time to time, thinking that she had any gynecological inflammation, so she didn’t care too much. She felt that she would change her underwear.However, Ms. Wu suddenly felt that her lower abdomen had a soreness in the middle of the night. She went to the bathroom and felt that she had something to flow when she went to the toilet. Take a closer look.Ms. Wu quickly asked her husband to take her to the hospital.

It turned out that Ms. Wu had been pregnant for three months. Although this statement was very incredible, the hospital’s inspection report was very clear.This result is undoubtedly sad for Ms. Wu.

So why did you have done the surgery of the Shekuan or pregnant?

It is possible that the big pregnancy after the upper ring may be that the ring has fallen out of the cervix, so it will cause the endometrium to not be exposed to the ring, causing the fertilized egg to bed again.And people and people are different. Some women are not sensitive to them inside the body after going to the ring, which will cause contraceptive failure.

Some people think that even if contraception fails, when she is pregnant, they will definitely know that in fact, in the real life, many women are very careless and confused about pregnancy.Careful women should judge whether they are pregnant from these points.

1. Menstruation stops.Although it is normal for many women to be irregular menstruation, if you do n’t have a delay in your menstruation and exceed your normal cycle, you must pay attention. It is best to go to the hospital for examination. The most responsible for your own body.

2. Frequent urination.If you suddenly start to feel that you often urinate, it is the signs of pregnancy. Because the uterus will compress the bladder after pregnancy, it is prone to frequent urination.

3. Breast change.After pregnancy, women’s breasts will gradually become larger, and the color of the areola will become darker and darker. If you have this condition, don’t just feel that your breasts are bigger and happy, and you must pay attention to whether you are pregnant.

Although the fetus has just been formed, it is also a small life. Do not erase the happy life that a child should have because of his carelessness.

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