After half a year, I became pregnant again. We must pay special attention to these things.

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One of the benefits of delivery is that the interval time of a second child after delivery is not restricted. If there is no contraceptive work, it is basically a mother who has a normal ovulation and pregnancy after the confinement.However, for the health of the new mother, it is better to rest for one and a half years and half a year. After all, the recovery of the uterus takes 42 days, and the physical function recovery of the new mother will take about 3 months.

The phenomenon of "half a year after giving birth" was common in the past.

At that time, there was no propaganda family planning, no effective contraceptive methods. In addition, most women did not have common sense in this regard, so this situation has become "normal", and many women have been pregnant with children in half of their lives.Just like our grandmother and grandma, most of the children at home.

However, in today’s society, not only has there many contraception methods, but also the propaganda of eugenics and eugenics is more scientific in this regard.Therefore, many new mothers also pay attention to their health after giving birth. The phenomenon of pregnancy after half a year after giving birth has decreased a lot, and the fastest is basically pregnant in about 1 year.

A grandmother in my family gave birth to 9 children. It is said that the fastest time was that the child was pregnant in less than 3 months.

My colleague is the same. The baby is pregnant in less than 6 months. Fortunately, if there are second -born plans to give birth, they are not daring to hold Dabao with a big belly.I was in the hands of my in -laws, and I was also careful throughout my pregnancy, for fear of being hit by Dabao.

Regardless of whether it is in the plan or the plan, what are the "special matters" need to pay attention to during pregnancy?There are mainly the following points.

1. If the boss is breastfeeding, you need to stop breastfeeding

A small life requires a lot of nutritional supplements in her mother’s belly, and if the new mother is still breastfeeding, then the nutrition she consumes must meet the needs of 3 people.It is not enough, so it will have an impact on the three people: it may cause the two treasures of the stomach to develop slowly; it may be due to the low milk quality, which will cause Dabao’s malnutrition.Wait for nutritional diseases.

Therefore, after half a year of delivery, the new mother, if she is pregnant and intends to leave the baby in her belly, she must decisively break the boss’s breast milk, change the baby’s formula milk, and leave nutrition to the baby in the stomach.

2. Don’t hold Dabao

After half a year, the new mother who has become pregnant must give enough care to Dabao, but they cannot hold Dabao or let Dabao stick to themselves at all times.

Because at this time, Dabao was still young, and was not even full of one year old. It was when he liked his mother to take care of it.After all, the most afraid of the fetus in the stomach is to be hit by the outside world.

Coupled with children’s easily crying, it is difficult to control the mood. It will seriously affect the mood of pregnant mothers. In the long run, it is not good for the physical and mental development of the second treasure in the mother’s belly.

Therefore, new mothers who are pregnant half a year after delivery, do n’t feel sorry for Dabao, you often coax the child to prevent the children from accidentally injured their stomachs. They usually accompany their children on the side.Stories, singing children’s rhymes.

3. Check out on time, follow the doctor’s advice

Many second -child mothers feel that they have just experienced the first pregnancy and childbirth, and they know more about the production inspection, so they are not willing to go during some conventional examinations, and even some second -child new mothers do not go throughout the pregnancy throughout pregnancy.Check inspection.

In fact, doing this is very dangerous.

Although it is said that after experiencing pregnancy and childbirth, your body has changed hugely, and many potential factors will change with the fetus.wait.

And after half a year after the birth, the probability of premature birth and shortering in the third trimester will be relatively large. If there is no timely check -up, these unfavorable factors may occur, and doctors cannot prevent them in time.

Therefore, the new mother of the second child should go to the birth check in time, and when necessary, listen to the doctors’ suggestions, so as to ensure the health and safety of the mother and baby.

4. Preventing depression during pregnancy, and also to prevent postpartum depression

Now that you plan to have a second child in such a short period of time, the new mother must be prepared for psychological preparations. Do not worry about life in the future in the process of pregnancy, and do not complain about Dabao too noisy during pregnancy, and Bao Dad is not considerate enough.

Although this is the emotional changes caused by physiological changes and changes in life characters, as a pregnant mother, try to learn to regulate the mood to avoid the tendency of depression during pregnancy or postpartum. This is for the entire family.A big blow.

In short, as the mother of two children, no matter how hard during pregnancy, learn to relax, because the child’s life is created. You must take care of the two children, think about a beautiful future, and enjoy the joy of joy from Dabao.To enjoy more movement that Erbao brought to you during pregnancy, all bad emotions can be resolved.

In summary of these analysis, the suggestion of Beijing’s mother is to get pregnant half a year after delivery. Although it has little impact on the physical body of the new mother, for Dabao and the upcoming baby, the mother’s energy and physical strength may not be allocated enough, so it cannot be more.Okay to take care of the two treasures, so the new mother still has to do a good job of contraception after giving birth. I really want a second child. I should also consider it slowly after weaning.

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