After her husband was "hidden rules" by the female leader, the wife of the charm became rich overnight!

My husband led the female.

The female leader bought him a house and car, and he coaxed my son to call the female leader.

Later, I became the richest man in the city overnight.

He cried and said he regretted it.


When I came back from get off work, Xiao Gang was paralyzed on the sofa.

After speaking, pull out your mobile phone to play the game.

I have been married for five years, and I face these housework every day.

For the family, I am willing to pay everything, but Xiao Gang did not cherish it at all, and he was derailed.

He was a ten -year -old female leader.

Female leaders often take him on a business trip.

"Haha, Sister Miao gave me a bonus again today."

Xiao Gang’s family is ordinary, but he is very vanity.

Especially after the female leaders on the top of the top, they even worsened. Not only did I mockery that I would not make money, but I even asked me to follow me.

I am so angry that I am responsible for my children and housework, but the expenses want AA?

Since it wants A, that housework should be a!

"I have no obligation to iron you."

"Also, I made dinner tonight, you remember to brush the bowl after dinner."

I walked away with my son and my son, and I didn’t look at him.

Xiao Gang obviously did not expect me who had always been to him, and dared to disobey his orders.

He stunned for a moment and rushed over to yell at me: "Xu Lu, are you fucking? Did you make Lao Tzu wash the dishes? Is it a man to wash dishes?"

The next second, I fell the chopsticks on the table and made a loud noise.

"Aren’t you human? Why can’t you brush the bowl?"


I have never lost my temper at home.

My son was scared by me, and Xiao Gang was also qi who was suddenly irritable.

"Really speechless, don’t you get angry, I’m aa with you, as for the trouble?

"Really a small belly chicken intestine!"

I didn’t care about him, finished meals expressionlessly, and returned to the room.

Closing the door, a mechanical sound suddenly sounded in my head–

"Ding! Congratulations to you being picked by the koi system and became the richest man in the city, getting 9999999999.99 yuan!"

"May I ask for withdrawal?"

I thought I had an illusion, but the mechanical sound repeated again.

I tentatively said the card number and applied for withdrawal of 1,000 yuan. Soon, the mobile phone received a transfer reminder.

This system turned out to be true!

I’m going to become rich?Intersection

My mood was excited, and with these money, it was enough to let me leave the scumbag and take my son away.

But soon I woke up again. If it was withdrawn to my account, Xiao Gang in the future is likely to be divided into half, and he will never be cheap!

After thinking about it, I planned to mention my dad’s card first, and then divorced Xiao Gang.

In the past, I was looking for a job and was rejected by the company’s marriage. Xiao Gang also used this to grasp me and let me be a cheap nanny.

Now I have enough money. Xiao Gang and the female leader derailed in the marriage and squeezed my value.

I can finally tear them away.


Just when I planned the future, the door door was knocked.

Xiao Gang looked at the door proudly, and lost his suit without saying a word.

"You, go to the suit to iron me."

"I am still like before, give you two thousand living expenses a month."

The gesture of his alchemy made me disgusting. I grabbed the suit and threw it towards him. "No time!"

Xiao Gang was smashed with a blushing face, so he was so angry that he ordered me with his fingers. "You fucking, Xu Lu, I advise you not to get in the ruler, it’s too much trouble, I don’t give you a penny!manage!"

"Hey, I’m so scared."

I sneered and walked to him: "Xiao Gang, in a first -tier city like Jinghai, 2,000 yuan a month, you want me to maintain a family of three, are you really stupid or stupid? If it wasn’t it meWrite a part -time manuscript every night and ask my mother to borrow money. Do you think this family can support it now? "

"Two thousand to open your mouth and close your mouth all day, but you take two thousand to ask a nanny to come back? Now the nanny will have eight thousand!"

"Isn’t your mother saying my grandson in the country? You let her come over, why can’t she come over? I want me to say, all your family is a selfish ghost, my mother comes to helpIt ’s delicious and delicious. The money you earn is yours, and the housework at home is all mine. You are real double -the -standard! I ca n’t find people who are more selfish than you in the world!"

Xiao Gang was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

I was finally happy in my heart, and I threw it to the door.


The next day I was sleeping, and I was awakened by the noisy voice in the living room.

It seems like my mother -in -law is here?

I walked out of the room and saw my mother -in -law video call with people in the living room.

"Yo, you can wake up. If you don’t know, you think you are in the room. I won’t get up for a long time!"

"And you look at this family, what is dirty!"

"No pots in the kitchen are brushed, which is like a woman …"

As soon as I woke up, I was too lazy to quarrel with this wife.

I went to the kitchen and cooked some meals, told his son to get up for dinner, and sent him to the school bus before returning.

As soon as I entered the door, I was blocked by my wife: "Why did my son marry a woman like you without education? Just now you go to the kitchen to cook rice, why don’t you brush the bowl and wash the pot? Are you blind?Living, do you want me to be a reminder for your elders? "

"This is my house, you can’t get used to it."

I finished speaking lightly and went to the bathroom, how could she scold me anymore.

Today I am going to the bank.

Before leaving the door, my mother -in -law stopped me again and asked me to clean up the house and go out.

I dialed 110 directly in front of her, and the police talked to her, and she counseled, but still scolded me on her mouth.

"See how my son comes back to clean up you!"

I laughed.

In a few days, who is cleaning up is not necessarily.


I took my dad’s bank card and came to a self -service access machine.

When my dad saw my life tight, I gave me the pension card. Later, Xiao Gang knew that I had this money, so I often owed living expenses.

There is now 8,000 yuan on the card.

I quietly called the koi system and applied for withdrawal to my dad’s card.

Soon, my dad went to account 999999999.99 yuan.

Seeing this amount with my own eyes, my mood was irritating.

I have a hunch, my life is going to hang up.

I immediately took a taxi to my parents’ residence, but before I entered the door, I heard my mother’s cry.

"Lao Xu, your leg, what can I do …"

"Xiao Gang, a beast, borrowed you 100,000 in the past two years. Now you have to cure the disease. He does not admit it, and he has no conscience."

"It’s really not possible, let’s tell Lulu, maybe Lulu said to Xiao Gang, can you do it?"

My dad sighed, "Don’t say it, Lulu is difficult now."

"When I first saw Xiao Gang home, I felt that this person was unreliable, but Lulu was pregnant, and there was no way. Later, the company at home went bankrupt. You look at the beast’s face, which is simply snobbish."

My mother cried even more sadly.

"But if you don’t have enough 100,000, your legs are abandoned …"


I heard tears outside the door, and finally couldn’t help pushing the door in.

"Mom, what’s wrong with this?"

My dad’s legs were wrapped in gauze, and his face was lying pale on the bed.

My mother burst into tears and pulled me crying.

My family used to be a small family. My dad operated a logistics company with an annual income of more than one million, but was later maliciously targeted by his peers. In addition, my mother was seriously ill at the time. My dad spent all the money to save my mother’s life. My family was completely.bankrupted.

The company, house, and cars are all sold.

The old couple rented in the village in the city, and my dad moved bricks on the construction site to maintain his livelihood.

The day before yesterday, my dad was smashed by the steel bars at the construction site and was taken to the hospital for rescue. The compensation criteria in charge of the factory kept my dad’s leg, but he had no consciousness from then on unless he could do better treatment and rehabilitation.But you need to spend more than 100,000.

Yesterday, my mother went to Xiao Gang to get the previous 100,000, but he did not admit, "Dad is old, and he is lame. It is not necessary to spend 100,000 yuan to recover the legs.The wind was scraped … "

No matter how my mother asked, Xiao Gang refused to pay back the money, and asked the security guard to drive away my mother.

"Mom, don’t ask him, let’s have money!"

I picked up my dad’s mobile phone and binds him a bank card.

At this time, the balance in the bank card appeared in front of my parents.

Balance: 10000007999.99 yuan

My dad and my mother were stunned on the spot.


I told my parents about the koi system.

My parents felt unbelievable first, and I was so excited that I couldn’t speak.

I said that I was blessed.

"Parents, you can rest assured, I will divorce Xiao Gang soon."

"Let’s cure your legs first."

After listening to my guarantee, my parents finally nodded.

I know they are afraid of my love, and then tell Xiao Gang, but I am completely awake.

The hospital finished the examination for my dad, and quickly arranged for hospitalization. My mother accompanied the bed, and I went to buy it.

But when I was carrying a food box through the corridor, I saw two people.

Xiao Gang, and his female leader Miao Qiao.

Xiao Gang held Miao Qiao’s waist intimately. After seeing me, he panicked his hand.

"Xu Lu, why don’t you clean up at home and run the hospital?"

"My dad is hospitalized."

I put on the female leader next to my eyes and looked at Xiao Gang: "You borrowed 100,000 yuan for my dad in the past two years, it’s time to pay back."

Xiao Gang started to pretend to be stupid, "What 100,000 yuan? I don’t know!"

I had expected that he would react. He didn’t talk nonsense with him, and went directly to the female leader.

"May I ask if you are the leader of my Gangzi? In the past two years, the family was in trouble. Gangzi asked my dad to borrow 100,000 yuan. The two days ago, my dad broke, and the rehabilitation cost has not yet settled. Leader, you see, you see, you see, you see,Can you pre -paid wages in advance? I think Gangzi is embarrassed to speak to you, so I have to talk about it. "

"What are you talking nonsense!" Xiao Gang bombed his hair and pushed me away.

I deliberately fell out, making a painful shout, which attracted the attention of passers -by.

"Husband, I beg you, you can pay back my parents’ money. My dad’s leg is no longer cured, so I ask you, I will be you and the female leader, as long as you save my dad, I am willing to be willingDivorce, you all … "

I cried more and more loudly, and more and more people were watching.

The face of the female leader is increasingly ugly. In the discussion of pointers, Xiao Gang opened the distance.

Xiao Gang was also irritable, but he took me again.

"Give … I give! Don’t be crazy!"

After receiving a transfer of 100,000 yuan, I sobbed and stood up.

Seeing that the female leader was angry and left, Xiao Gang was anxious to coax, and I was so cool.

It turned out to be so crazy.

100,000 yuan arrived.


In the afternoon, I went to pick up my son from school and went back after eating outside.

As soon as my mother -in -law came back, she scolded her head and scolded: "Xu Lu, where are you going! This time, I came back. My son came back immediately. You hurried to the kitchen to wash the dishes and clean up, not like a woman at all."

I don’t want to ignore her and bypass her to let her son enter the room to do his homework.

When she was about to enter the room, her arms were dragged by her mother -in -law, and she slammed me fiercely.

"You’re reversed! I talked to you, you shouldn’t hear, are you dead?"

I never wanted to bear it anymore, throwing away the wife and pushing her a stun.

"Old things, you really treat me as your house!"

"I tell you, I won’t do the housework at home. If you like to do it, do not pull it down, and you will bother me!"

In the past, the depressed grievances and anger were vented directly.

My wife was frightened by me, but immediately cried and wiped over, "You dare to push me, you dare to push your mother -in -law! I, I fight with you!"

She fucking a mop and pushed towards my head. I grabbed it and pushed her away.

My wife was lying on the ground and wept, "Sweeping Star! You are a broom star! Why did my son marry you such a pretty daughter -in -law, why don’t you die! …"

"Why do not you go to hell!"

I shouted at her and threw the broom on her feet. "If it wasn’t when Xiao Gang took me home, you were stunned by you, deceived me for pregnancy, and cried and asked me to propose to me?Marry your son?! And you, when you said that the child was born and helped me, have you brought my grandson? Old things, I have been for a long time! "

"Since you say that my daughter -in -law is bad, let me see how bad I am!"

I was mad, and rushed over the luggage she brought from the countryside to the ground.

Then I came to the kitchen again, crackling, smashed the bowl inside!

"Don’t you think I don’t brush the bowl? Since you don’t brush it, what do you have to do, smash, all smashed!"

My mother -in -law saw a wolf borrowing in the kitchen, pointed at me, and stamped for a long time.

"You see how my son comes back to clean up you! You villow! Poor! You must get divorced!"

"Divorce? That’s great."

I sneered and turned back to the room.

After waiting for divorce, whoever cleans is really not necessarily.


It feels good to get crazy.

I have an unprecedented smoothness in my heart, what good daughter -in -law, good daughter -in -law, see ghosts!

I opened a phone call.

"Miss Xu, tomorrow I will help you meet with the owner of Chaoyang Company and discuss the investment."

"In addition, afternoon you explained that I bought Tianzi No. 1 villa, and the procedures have also been completed."

"Rehabilitation equipment and professional rehabilitation division are being equipped, and soon they can pick up Mr. Xu and Mrs. Xu to stay in hospital."

After thanking each other, I hung up the phone.

Zhaoyang is a Beijing -sea company. Xiao Gang served in his branch. The female leader is the deputy manager of the branch.

I plan to invest in Zhaoyang as the capital side.

Xiao Gang and Miao Qiao’s future destiny will be controlled by me.

It’s really turbulent Feng Shui.

Next, I will withdraw from Xiao Gang to take my parents and son in the most luxurious villa in Jinghai.

At the time, the poor housewife finally turned over.

Arrange everything, I lie down and prepare to sleep.

But Xiao Gang’s voice came home from the living room, and then Xiao Gang came to kick my door.

"Slutter, come out for Lao Tzu!" Come out! "

"You’re pitted with Lao Tzu’s money, dare to hit my mother when you come back.


The banging door, irritable scolding made the night full of danger.

But I still opened the door.


Xiao Gang rushed in and smashed my face with his fist.

I fled to the living room holding my head, he followed the living room, picked up my hair, and kicked me hard.

I struggled painfully, but my body was even more injured.

"Kill her! Kill her! This kind of daughter -in -law should fight, the son is good, fight for the mother!"

The mother -in -law stood beside him viciously Xiao Gang.

Xiao Gang’s eyes red, holding my neck fiercely, "Xu Lu, do you want to find death! I tell you, the 100,000 yuan, if you don’t pay me back, give you the lame dad, I can’t spare you! "

I shed tears blurred, and I was about to breathe.

But I still stared straight at him, spit out of my mouth, "You better remember now."

Soon, the door was strenuous.

"Bang Bang!"

"Is anyone?! Open the door! Police!"

When he heard the police, Xiao Gang panicked and pushed me away and wanted to keep me in the room.

I made a crazy struggle for help, and the sound of the police knocked on the door even more.

Xiao Gang couldn’t help but opened the door.

"Xiao Gang, a neighbor reported your family violence, what are you doing just now?!"

A female policeman saw my injuries and scolded severely: "Mr. Xiao, you deliberately hurt people!"

"No, no, we are playing with it, haha, playing with it."

Xiao Gang secretly gave me a warning look, and I was afraid to hide behind the female policeman and cry.

In the end, Xiao Gang was taken away by the police.

I was taken to the hospital to check the injury. When I got home, Xiao Gang also returned.

He stared gloomily at me, as if he was going to kill.


"Xiao Gang, let’s divorce."

I looked straight at him, there was no fear just beaten.

I fell the injury report on the table.

Xiao Gang didn’t move, just looking at me with the eyes like a poisonous snake.

After a long time, I squeezed out of my teeth: "Xu Lu, do you think Lao Tzu will not be able to leave you? Do you dare to be a demon like this?"

"Who is a demon, who knows in your heart."

I said faintly: "I have enough, I don’t want to be your free nanny anymore. Today, your family violently me, and the police have already filed. If you still want to keep your reputation outside, keep your sister Miao …"

"You give me the child, give me 300,000, and I leave this house immediately."

Xiao Gang suddenly became angry and pointed at my nose and scolded.

"You fucking, who do you think you are? See you all over and down, worth 300,000!"

"You still want a child, the child follows you to drink the Northwest Wind? I tell you, divorce can, but you want children, you want money, you dream! I want to see, what else can you go!"

I looked at him calmly, "I don’t care, it’s a big deal with you."

"It is you. There are decent jobs in the big company, and there are such richest people who have a rich confidante, send you a luxury car, watch … If you are willing to give up these, then we will continue to consume and see who can’t hold it first."

Xiao Gang looked at my eyes gradually a little scared.

Yes, in his eyes, I was a housewife who was a gentle and well -known house, but began to threaten him at this moment.

He was of course scared.

After all, I am the one who was forced to desperate.

"Let me think about it and reply to you tomorrow."

Xiao Gang turned back to the master bedroom, and the back of the back was a little fled.

My eyes are bound to get.


The next day, my mother -in -law was not at home, and I saw a note on the living room desk.

"Xu Lu, divorce can, I give you 100,000, but my son must follow me."

I sneered in my heart.

I really look down on 100,000 now. My goal is only my son.

After sending my son’s school buses, I put on a mask out.

When I arrived at Zhaoyang Corporation, the big boss came to pick me up and discuss investment in detail.

I used the financial knowledge of the university to sign an investment contract with Zhaoyang with the help of the investment manager.

At noon, the big boss invited me to dinner at a high -end restaurant.

I readily agreed.

Just when I was passing by a box, I heard the voice of Xiao Gang and my son.

"Xiao Yu, this aunt will be your mother in the future, good, be called mother."

"She is not my mother, I don’t call …"

"Xiao Yu, your mother will not make money at home all day. This aunt will buy you a lot of toys!"

"I don’t want toys, I want mom, mother …"

"Well, Sister Miao, the child is still young and not sensible. I will teach him again. Thank you for being willing to accept my son."

"Xiao Gang, what is the same thing, your son is my son, after you divorced that woman …"

Listening to the words of this pair of dogs and women, anger almost burned my sense.

I can’t wait to rush in and grab my son back.

"Miss Xu?"

At this time, the big boss saw that I stopped halfway and did not leave, and came to ask me.

He was surprised to see the people in the box along my sight. "Miss Xu knows the people in it? That lady is the deputy manager of my branch, called Miao Qiao, that man seems to be my branch company.The employees underneath … "

I slowly retracted my eyes and looked at the big boss.

"That man is my husband."

The big boss was dumbfounded.


The big boss quickly guessed my family dog blood plot.

He was a little angry, "I did not expect Miao Qiao to destroy your family! Miss Xu, you can rest assured, I will send someone to handle this immediately."

"Thank you, but not now."

I looked at the big boss and politely: "When I need help, please cooperate with you, can you?"

The big boss immediately agreed and expressed his respect for any requirements for me.

I thanked him.

In the afternoon, I went to a law firm and then arrived at Xiao Gang.

Xiao Gang saw me, his expression was full of obscurity.

"Xu Lu, what are you doing when you come to our company! Are you sick!"

"Look at this."

I handed the divorce property division agreement to Xiao Gang.

My appeal above is: the property is divided, and the child belongs to me to raise it.

"Put the division? You dream! Why should I give you the hard work of making money."

"Don’t you just do housework and see your children? Didn’t I say, have you seen so much money in my life?"

"I warn you, hurry up!"

Xiao Gang was not serious about it at all, and threw the agreement on me.

I’m not in a hurry, "You look at your phone, if you don’t agree, I will send email now."

Xiao Gang’s face changed slightly and took out his mobile phone to see.

Inside is the intimate photo of him and Miao Qiao when he opened the house …

There are also emails from colleagues in the company.

"Xu Lu !!!"

Xiao Gang was so angry that he stared at me scarlet.

But he didn’t dare to attack because it was in the company.

These intimate photos were discovered on the phone after he was drunk last month.

It was also from that time that I knew Xiao Gang was derailed.

I back up these all, I hope to protect my rights and interests in the future.

"Consider yourself, I will give you ten minutes."

I just need to move my fingers to make him fame.


Xiao Gang finally compromised.

He asked the supervisor for leave and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau for procedures with me.

We submitted a divorce application and obtained a rebate, and we need to wait for 15 days of the cold period.

From the Civil Affairs Bureau, Xiao Gang snatched my mobile phone and deleted all the intimate photos.

But I’m not afraid, I still have backup.

"I take my son away tonight. Remember to turn the money over."

"See you 15 days later."

After I said, I wanted to leave, Xiao Gang called me and mocked.

"Xu Lu, do you know, you are really stupid."

"Divorce me, don’t you even have a house, squeeze the rental house with your parents?"

"After 15 days, don’t cry for me!"

Xiao Gang has long been a good transfer of property in marriage.

Therefore, even if the property is divided, I only have 400,000, and 400,000 in Jinghai can not afford the down payment.

But he wouldn’t think that I am the richest man in Jinghai.

I live in the most luxurious villa in Beijing.


Leaving from the Civil Affairs Bureau, I picked up my son home.

On the way, I told him about divorce, his son was very good, saying he was willing to follow me.

I guess Xiao Gang forced his son to call Miao Qiao’s mother at noon, scaring him.

When I got home, I packed up my son and I was about to leave, but at this time, my mother -in -law came back.

"Body, what are you doing! Where do you want to take my grandson!"

The mother -in -law stopped the door, and wanted to grab the child fiercely.

I quickly blocked my child behind, and said coldly: "I divorced your son, I took my son to move!"

"Divorce? Are you divorced?"

The mother -in -law’s eyes turned and laughed proudly.

"Great! Let you have a siber every day, my son should have divorced you long ago!"

"I rely on my son at home all day long, but now you are getting out …"

I disdain to compete with her, "What do you say, let it open, I’m leaving."

But my mother -in -law just doesn’t let me, "Huh, you can go, but don’t take my grandson, my grandson doesn’t get along with you."

"Grandma, I want to follow my mother."

At this time my son said milk.

My mother -in -law was angry and raised her hand to the air, "What are you say! You little cub, I don’t know how good!"

My son was frightened by the mother -in -law’s face, holding me and crying.

My patience is to the extreme, "I ask the last sentence, you let you let it go!"

"Don’t let!"

I took out my phone and called.

My mother -in -law laughed madly with both hands, "Hum, your little bitch still wants to call people? I want to see, which policeman dares to catch my wife away and let me look at my grandson!"

Of course, the police couldn’t control the sour and wicked mother -in -law.

But someone can.

In less than two minutes, the four burly men appeared in my house.

This is the bodyguard team I invited before going home.

My mother -in -law looked at this muscular scar man, and his face was scared. "Who are you, who are you!"

"Do you not let us go to Miss Xu?"

The scar men’s scar man asked her mother -in -law fiercely.

Without waiting for her mother -in -law to speak, the scar man took out the knife and played in his hand.

My mother -in -law dared to speak, and her legs were scared.

In the end, under the escort of the bodyguards, I left my son and left the house.

Sit in the car back to the villa.

My heart was full of freedom, five years, and finally relieved.


After living in a mansion, my good day began.

My dad’s legs can stand up under rehabilitation treatment.

My mother’s heart disease has finally improved for many years, and she laughed with grandchildren every day.

I also studied knowledge madly during this time, and re -added these five years of cognition to the outside world.

I learn yoga, dance, and adjust my figure.

I learn finance, risk control, law, and improve my knowledge.

To meet different friends in different fields, life has become colorful and more fulfilling.

I finally recovered me before marriage.

I finally found my own value from the identity of the housewife who was regarded as a parasite.

"It’s time to divorce."

Fifteen days of calmness, it finally arrived.

I replaced the beautiful and precious skirts with simple clothes.

Taxi came to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, Xiao Gang and Miao Qiao held hands, loving like husband and wife.

"Xu Lu?"

Seeing me over, Xiao Gang’s eyes flashed in surprise.

I haven’t seen it for fifteen days, and my look is obviously different from the difference between his imagination.

He thought I would be miserable.

But the opposite is the opposite.

At this moment, I exudes a sense of relaxation from the inside out, my skin becomes fair and smooth, and my body has restored the firming when I was young.

Even if I wear ordinary, my temperament has changed completely.

"It’s been a long time, Mr. Xiao, Ms. Miao."

I greeted them lightly.

Xiao Gang was stunned, and Miao Qiao looked at my eyes.

But after all, it is not a man all the way. Without a lot of greetings, in less than ten minutes, we received a divorce certificate.

After receiving the certificate, Xiao Gang looked at me hesitantly, "How are you doing recently?"


My tone is alienated and maintaining a sense of distance.

Xiao Gang seemed to have a lot of words to tell me, but vomited.

Until I was leaving.

He couldn’t help but shout at me, "Xu Lu, you will regret it in the future, I will not lend you a penny."

I waved my hand with a smile.

Free, self -confidence, never turned back.


Back in the car, I sent a WeChat to my friends.

"Can start."

There was an OK expression over there.

I leaned on the back of my seat, squinting my eyes, and my heart finally gently.

Next, Xiao Gang and Miao Qiao will usher in their retribution.

I have never been the Virgin.

Two days later, I finished yoga and suddenly received a friend’s WeChat.

"I cut Miao Qiao and transferred to the county."

"Because Xiao Gang injured my new appointed manager because of his refuse to accept, he had been fired."

"Miao Qiao dumped Xiao Gang and told him."

I was a little curious and asked each other, "What did Miao Qiao tell him?"

"Miao Qiao told him to show fraud, and he had to return all the things that had been sent before.

After Xiao Gang was on his side, he spent money and became big.

I guess Xiao Gang’s probability is that he has no money to pay back. In the end, the house is estimated to be forced to execute.

I never expected this ending.

It’s surprising and surprising.


A month later, Xiao Gang’s house was auctioned.

When I got this news, I was not very interested in Xiao Gang’s information.

I have to learn a lot every day.

Xiao Gang, more like a period of memory of my previous life, can’t remember it.

On this day, I drove to pick up my son from school, passed through the intersection, and suddenly saw a familiar figure.

"Mom, it’s Dad! It’s Dad!"

The son suddenly shouted out of the window.

When I saw the intersection, Xiao Gang was holding a briefcase and looked at it.

Xiao Gang recognized us and rushed to the car.

I had to stop the car.

Xiao Gang looked at my latest Rolls -Royce worth 2 million, and looked at me and my son.

His expression was full of shock and puzzlement.

"Xu Lu, who is this car? When did you learn to drive?"

"This car is limited, where did you get it!"

He seemed to have been stimulated by major stimulation, and asked me excitedly.

I looked at him and felt so unfamiliar, and I couldn’t believe it. I had married such a man.

At this time, my son was scared by him and retracted back to his neck.

"Xiaoyu, you told your dad, who are you taking this car?"

Seeing that I didn’t speak, Xiao Gang asked his son softly.

My son glanced at me and whispered, "It’s a mother."

"Paled! How can your mother have money to buy such expensive cars?"

Xiao Gang suddenly shouted, and the whole person was a little overwhelming, "Xu Lu, where did you come from?"

He stared at me and sneered suddenly.

"Oh, I know, you must take my 400,000 to the plastic surgery packaging and climb the branches!"

"No wonder you don’t take me now."

"Xu Lu, I really did not expect that you have become those scams that lean on your body!"

I pressed the horn directly, and said coldly: "Get away!"

"Hehe, I have money, and even say a word to tell me, Xu Lu, what do you think you are!"

"You used to wash my clothes at home when you was ugly when you was washing and cooking for me, and I still remember clearly."

"I really think I turn over and become a Phoenix?"

Xiao Gang pointed at me with a smile, and the whole state was a little wrong.

I don’t want to continue to stay more, step on the accelerator directly and hit him. Fortunately, he knew life and died in time.

I drove out of the car and finally got rid of this scum.

But it’s still very obscure.


Last time, I thought it was just an accident.

But next, Xiao Gang did not know where to find out the news, and found my current mobile phone number.

Starting to chase me, I asked for reunification.

"Lulu, the last thing I did was blame you, I was wrong, I shouldn’t scold you."

"I was in a bad mood at the time, so I vented it on you. I would definitely scare you and my son, sorry."

"I heard that your car was bought by our dad. I didn’t expect Dad to be able to be capable.

"Don’t worry, I’m not your money, I just miss my son."

"Let’s take a while, let’s meet."

The money I gave by the koi system rationalized by the lottery.

My father and I re -entered the top circle of the Jinghai business community.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Gang even found out the news.

Speaking, he said that he didn’t try to make money, he wanted his son, but after divorce, he never took the initiative to see his son once.

"Xiao Gang, if you entangle me again, I will call the police."

I was annoyed and issued the last warning.

But at night, I was driving back to the villa, and suddenly stopped by the big stone.

I didn’t dare to get out of the car and want to reverse the road.

But behind the car, Xiao Gang kneeling straight behind the car, and there were some people in the dark night.

I was startled.


"Lulu, please forgive me, I know wrong."

"I just make a mistake that all men will make. I have learned lessons."

Xiao Gang was crying and knelt on the cement floor.

He cried and fanned his face.

"I swear, the only one in my heart is you. Miao Qiao is a liar. She took those gifts to lie to me, and finally dumped me and asked me to sell her house to return her."

"Mom scolded me at home every day, saying that I ran a good daughter -in -law, and my mom regretted that before you."

"Lulu, look at your son’s portion, you give me another chance, I beg you, I give you a hoe."

I looked at Xiao Gang’s performance in the rearview mirror coldly.

To be honest, I didn’t move in my heart, and even felt nauseous and nauseous.

But I still got out of the car.

Xiao Gang welcomed me, kneeling down, tears on his face, "Lulu …"

I looked at him and asked faintly, "I said I forgive you, can you leave?"


Xiao Gang froze and asked bitterly: "I … can we still remarry again?"

I shook my head.

Xiao Gang suddenly widened, and it was difficult to accept.

"Lulu, do you still mind about the past, I swear, I won’t bully you anymore, I will respect your career in the future, even if you let me cook it as a family, I am willing."

"Let’s reconcile, okay?"

I said faintly: "Not good, Xiao Gang, we have divorced, you’re so dead."

Xiao Gang stared at me wrongly, looked at it for a while, and suddenly stood up.

The pitiful moment on his face turned to anger.

He pointed at me and roared fiercely:

"Xu Lu, did you forget how did you ask me for money before?"

"Remember, what about it?"

"You! You! You have money now, wings are hard, do you think you can look down on me?"

"I tell you, you think about it!"

Xiao Gang rushed up and held my neck, "Now let your dad give me five million, otherwise I killed you!"

I feel a little breathless.

He is more hard, "Quick! I only need money! Give me money!"

Xiao Gang pestled his mobile phone in front of me and threatened me.

"If you don’t play again, you will die, give me money, call !!!"

He was extremely crazy, obviously moved his heart.

I stared at him.

With all his strength, he kicked hard towards his key.

Xiao Gang was so painful that I was looking for a chance and slapped his face with a slap!


He did not stand firmly.

When I reacted, I wanted to rush to me again.

I used the fighting skills I learned these days to leak his power and fell him to the ground.

If he had a sudden attack just now, I would not let him encounter me.

"Xu Lu, I killed you!"

Xiao Gang still wanted to rush over again, then my bodyguard came.

The four big men stood in front of me like a hill, and they fainted with one person.

"Miss Xu, what do this person do?"

I looked at Xiao Gang coldly on the ground, "Waste, let him get out of Jinghai!"

Soon, the bodyguard dragged Xiao Gang away.

I finally relieved, but my dying despair just made my brain clear.

Fingers are shaking.

The heart is also shaking.

Fortunately, Xiao Gang will never appear in front of me.

When I got home, I went to bed and went to bed, and habitually picked up a book.

There is a sentence clearly on it.

When you really have a complete and independent soul, you can see through all the lies in this world.

I will always believe this sentence.

Because of this, the world has become clearer since then.


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