After Lixia, these 5 kinds of fruits are best not to eat. Supermarket employees do not eat themselves. Customers rush to buy

Hello everyone, I am Longer. Summer is a season when various fruits are listed. Everyone knows that eating more vegetables and various fruits for the human body is very good for the human body.

But do you know?Although it is said that fruit is listed in summer, it is not recommended to eat these five kinds of fruits, and it is not recommended to buy it. Even the owner of our fruit shop does not eat it.So which five types are it?

Let’s take a look at the video below.When there are five kinds of fruits in summer, it is not recommended that everyone eat it. Maybe many friends will feel particularly surprised. What fruits cannot be eaten in summer?

Don’t say, there are so many kinds of unsuitable in summer.The first one is that this kind of Sydney I took in my hand is not only Sydney, but also a variety of pears in jujube, crisp pears, and other varieties of different varieties. It is not recommended to eat in summer.

Friends in our city may not understand, but many people in rural people know that the season of pear mature is in the late summer and early autumn.

So, summer is not the season when pears are mature, so at this time, where did the pears from the market and supermarkets and the fruit shops come from?

We don’t need to know.That’s right, these pears were picked up from the tree last year, not to say that they were placed here as soon as they were taken.

Because these pears have been stored in the cold storage after picking it up, it is not until this season to sell them, so the pear in this season not only tastes bad, but also is not fresh.

And due to long -term preservation, the nutritional ingredients and moisture inside have also lost a lot. Many ions are preserved for too long, so the surface looks very bright.

However, the nucleus part of the middle occurred, necrotic and rotten. This is why the pears we bought home were bite and biting it in the center.Pear this season does not recommend that you buy it. Not only is it tasteless, but the nutrition is not good.

Therefore, we like to eat pears. In the late summer and early autumn, we will buy it in autumn. It is cheap and delicious, with sufficient water and sweet taste.

The second kind of mango mango is not only nutritious, but also sweet and sweet, very popular with everyone.

But some of the mangoes at this time are fresh mango just came out this year, and a large part of it was last year’s inventory.

Therefore, when we buy mango, we must pay attention to the bright eyes, otherwise it is easy to choose the previous pure mango. If it is the mango left last year, then it is likely to appear rotten and deteriorate.I believe that many friends have encountered this situation.

So, we must polish our eyes when buying mango this season.

The third kind of fruit that is not suitable for summer is oranges. We all know that oranges are generally in a mature season after winter.

Now the oranges have been stored in the cold storage. The inventory has been less than half a year in the cold storage, so we can see the oranges or citrus such as citrus in this season.Very smooth.

But after peeling, the flesh of many oranges in it has appeared to be dehydrated or the epidermis becomes dry. It tastes light and tasteless, dry, and no orange taste.

And we can also find that the price of orange fruits in this season is very expensive, and the taste is the worst, so we should not spend high prices to buy "lessons".

The fourth kind of strawberry, this season’s strawberries have been sold in the sale. We can find that the price of strawberries is more expensive than before.

However, I ca n’t find a fresh strawberry. It is generally smoky and there is no water. The corruption situation is also very serious.Don’t let you choose.

The strawberry like this kind of strawberry only has the appearance of strawberries and has no strawberry taste. It tastes light and tasteless, soft and soft, and a little strawberry has no taste.

The fifth type of lychee, which was originally the season when the litchi was listed this season, but in June and July, the lychee at this time was basically in the midsummer.adequate.

And it is very full, it tastes sweet and delicious, and the juice is full. We found that although the lychee that has been selected home recently is much cheaper.

However, they were all picked before and kept it in the cold storage. We carefully observed the remaining lychee. There were many lychee surfaces that had been corrupted on the surface, and the root of the roots had also appeared.

After buying home, I opened the litchi and looked at the shape, but the color inside changed, and it had a squeak taste.

So do n’t say cheap lychee in this season, even if it is for nothing, we should not buy it anymore.

So what fruits are suitable for summer?First of all, the first one must be our melons, such as watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, etc., are all the seasonal fruits of our summer.

Not only is the price cheap, but it is very clear, but also relieves the heat. It is really cool to take a bite, especially when the mouth is dry and dry.

The second is peaches. Summer is also a season when various peaches are listed. The price of peaches in this season is very cheap.

With such a large oily peach, we are only two dollars a pound now. Whether it is butter peach or our red -skinned oily peach, the price is only two pieces. It tastes crispy and delicious.Season fruit.

And this kind of hairy peach is my favorite. Not only is it large, sufficient in water, but also very sweet. You can see that the leaves on the peaches are still green. It can be seen that it has just been taken from the tree.oh.

The third fruit that is suitable for eating in summer is plum, and plums are also seasonal fruits of this season.

All kinds of plums are also very cheap now, and they are sweet and sour. Like this kind of bone -proof pear planted in our rural areas, it is only five1 pounds. It is very delicious and I like it when I was a kid.

I didn’t expect to see it again today when I was shopping in the supermarket. Although it was not big, it was one of my favorite plum varieties. In addition, the most common plum was this kind of pig blood pear.

Although this plum looks very red, it is really sour to take a bite, and the memories left by childhood can’t be wiped out now.

So do you like to eat that kind of chestnut?Is this pig blood pear your favorite?

Today’s videos mainly share some fruits suitable for summer and some fruits that are not suitable for summer. I hope to help you.

I remember my video and pay attention to the collection, then the video sharing in this issue is here. Goodbye to the next video ,e, andevy.

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