After marriage, what should a woman do not have children?The practice of three men is very chilling

In a traditional country with family concepts in China, if a family cannot raise children normally, if a marriage does not have at least one child, then such a marriage is destined not to be happy.

I have to say that in the traditional marriage concept of China, children are actually one of the most important part of a healthy marriage.There is a child’s bond in a marriage, so this marriage will be tied together because the child will firmly tie the two people, which can reduce a large part of the example of divorce because of impulse.

There was a statistics that of more than 80 % of the couples who divorced the country across the country, and more than 80 % of them were young couples without children, and both husbands and wives had children, especially children were still in the minor stage, unless there were some.In particular, even for children, the two of the couple will not easily move towards the road of divorce.

So, if there is no child in a marriage, can such a marriage last long?

My husband and I have been in love freely. I have walked through each other for more than ten years from acquaintance.In the past few years we have been crying, laughing, helpless, tired, and sad …

It can be said that over the years I have watched him from a poor boy who came out of a countryside, climbing step by step to Boss Ding in the current population.We can’t afford to eat from the previous meals. It is difficult to eat a small couple who eats a cheap barbecue for a month, and now it has become the owner of the three hot pot restaurants.

In the years of starting a business, we only wanted to work, and we put all our time and energy on work.In fact, in the past few years we have been together, there have been two children, but because it is not time to come, it will affect our career at that time. In the end, we can only choose to kill the child. After our career is stable, I retreat to the second line.When I wanted to have a baby, I suddenly found that my body is difficult to conceive.

I went to the hospital to check many times. Every time the doctor suggested that we are not trying to conceive, because I have had a history of abortion twice, and the body is difficult to conceive again.The membrane does not support me to give birth to my children at all, and the final result must also be miscarriage.

After learning this news, my husband and I felt that the sky was going to collapse. We worked hard for so many years and made money desperately. Isn’t it that their children can grow up rich in the future?Isn’t it because the child will not worry about money in the future?As a result, we have lost children now. What does it mean to make more money now?

For a long time, my husband and I were very sluggish. I even thought that my husband and other men had a child. As a result, my husband was scolded;

I also want to adopt a child in the past, but because of various reasons, this idea has not been realized.In the end, my husband and I decided to be a couple of Dink and enjoyed the world of two of us.

Since then, we have not been so enthusiastic about our career, but have enjoyed life more.Without a child, it seemed to let me and my husband have no goal of continuing to fight again.

My husband and I met when I was on a blind date. There was not much relationship between us. The reason why he was willing to marry him is largely because he feels that he is not bad anyway.And the most important thing is that they are very close to my house, and there is only less than 30 minutes to drive.

Of course, because of the blind date, many customs in marriage must have, and it cannot be worse than others. Otherwise, does it look like I am worse than other women?With this kind of thought, when I was in color, my mother also asked the lion with a big gift of 200,000.

These 200,000 lottery husband’s house gave it, but the impression of me was not so good, because my mother received these 200,000 colorful gifts. It is reasonable to let me bring them back.200,000 lottery money is actually a problem of face.However, my mother did not bring me back when I got married, but only let me bring 80,000 yuan.

This made her husband’s house very unhappy.Because these 200,000 are not only all of their family’s family, but a large part of them borrowed from relatives and friends. Originally, I just walked a passing field and could pay back when I was married. Now my mother is so troubled.Essence

If this is the case, my husband and parents recognize it. After all, I am married to their house. Although spending more money, I feel like a routine, but I will not say anything. The most angry thing is that one year after marriageMany, my stomach didn’t respond a little. In the end, both of my husband and I went to the hospital for examination. The final result showed that I was the kind of innate infertility.

After confirming this news, the whole family’s attitude towards me has changed a 120 -degree change. My status at home has changed from a little princess to who is annoying infertility.

In fact, I knew in my heart that since they know that I have been infertile, I have been instigating my husband to divorce me. Although my husband’s heart is very reluctant, I can feel that he has such an idea.

In the final ending, my husband and I divorced after all.In fact, I can understand them, compare my heart, and the two people who have no feelings formed a marriage together because of each other. I also spent such a large price to marry me home. In the end, I would still be a woman who could not have children.Can’t accept it.

As a result, my current result is not allowed to complain about others, and I blame myself when I was young.

I have had a history of love. When I was young, I was ignorant. I felt that as long as I liked it, I could be with him. I was so happy that I thought about what happened.

In these seven paragraphs of love, I also chose artificial abortion after many accidents. When I was young, I felt that there was nothing. The child could have no more.The second is the unintentional winning bid.

However, after I really waited for me to get married, I realized that the wrong thing I did when I was young now need to be repaid.

After two years of marriage, I have been going to major hospitals across the country and tried various treatment methods. In the end, I have considered artificial conception. However, the result is still not successful.

Now that I have divorced my husband for more than a year, in fact, after I started to know that I was difficult to conceive again, I knew that my marriage could not be kept.If you make mistakes, you will always pay for it yourself.

I don’t wonder the cruelty of my husband. In fact, I am sorry for him first. I only hate that I was too important when I was young, which caused a person to eat bitter fruit now.

Children are a link of healthy marriage. This bond plays a very important factor in a harmonious family. We must not ignore his existence.

There is no child’s marriage, it is destined to be difficult to last, let alone many marriages are not so pure from the beginning. Even if they are pure and beautiful, they have no children after

Today’s topic: Do you think there are no children between husbands and wives, can you last long?

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