After paying the fee, you cannot continue to study the car due to pregnancy, the Changbei campus of the Nanchang Blue Sky Driving School refuses to refund the fee


She at the Changbei Campus of the Blue Sky Driving School

After paying the tuition fee of 3380 yuan

Only two lessons

Due to physical reasons, it is impossible to continue to learn the car

Time to refund the remaining courses

Dedicated by the driving school

Ms. Yan told reporters that after her paying for her fees in 2017, she read her own books and passed the subject one. After two subjects, she found that her body had a condition after two classes.During this period, the coach called her many times and urged her to come to class. Ms. Yan told the other party that she had no time to come to class for the time being.

Ms. Yan is currently pregnant for 6 months

Considering that I can’t learn a car test driver’s license for a year and a half


When Ms. Yan filed a refund application to the driving school

He was rejected

This makes Ms. Yan feel unacceptable!

"A total of 8 lessons in the subject 2, I took 2 sections, is it unreasonable to retire the remaining 6 lessons?"

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed Minister Liu, who was responsible for teaching the driving school on this matter. The Minister Liu said that we found that she had signed up and did not retire.In order to retire, you can only return the training fee of the subject three.

Ms. Yan, who can only see the retirement table of the driving school students, can only get a refund of 535 yuan in only two lessons.

Ms. Yan questioned this

As the largest driving school in Nanchang, even the students could not get a voucher without class. Isn’t it a loophole in management?I took the two lessons before, at the time, there was a fingerprint in and out of the record. If you check it, do you know if I have come to class?

Questions about Ms. Yan

Minister Liu said

The fingerprint at that time was just for school safety management

Not to record the number of classes

It’s been too long to verify

So like Ms. Yan

Should driving school be refunded some tuition fees?

Chief Zhang, the marketing department of the Market Supervision Bureau of the Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that the training period of the driving school is valid for three years. Consumers have not completed the training during the validity period.How is it agreed.Chief Zhang suggested that in addition to complaining to the market supervision department, Ms. Yan can also follow the judicial channels to resolve disputes if necessary.

[Source: Jiangxi Morning News]

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