After pregnancy, 3 women usually become "stinky", especially in the second, the husband will "suffer"

Once a woman is pregnant, psychological and physiological will have relatively large changes, especially the physiological changes are also produced. Many mothers become very troublesome after pregnancy, especially after pregnancy.It is likely that there will be stinks in this place, and see how many you have.

After pregnancy, 3 women usually become "stinky", especially in the second, the husband will "suffer"

1. Fart stink

After a woman’s pregnancy, the level of progesterone in the body will also change very much, which will have a great impact on our body, especially for our stomach, the stimulus is also relatively large. Many mothers are pregnant.After that, some problems in excretion will be encountered, especially if it is prone to constipation. In addition, in the process of defecation, they will also find that they will be very stinky when they fart or defecate. This is also because of our gastrointestinal functional function.Caused by decline.

2. "Stinky"

Moms will have a clear change after pregnancy, that is, I feel that my temper has become more and more stinky. The reason why this happens is also on one aspect. Because of the changes in progesterone in our bodyEmotions are always in an abnormal state, making our feelings more sensitive, so there will also be irritability. In addition, during pregnancy, the pressure and pain that mothers need to bear are relatively large, so they will also be able to suffer, so they will also be.Give them some negative psychology, so that their temper is worse. At this time, the husband must pay more attention to understanding his wife!

3. bad breath

Many mothers will find a very obvious change in our bodies after pregnancy, that is, suffering in the mouth, and sometimes it will be accompanied by some odors.I often eat some fresh air foods, but there is no way to change. In fact, this is also a normal reaction after pregnancy. Because our gastrointestinal stomach is stimulated, it will weaken our digestive capacity.There are a large amount of toxins and garbage accumulation in the mouth, so that the mother’s mouth is red and smelly.

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