After pregnancy, are these changes in breasts normal?

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers not only change their stomachs, and breasts will change tremendous changes.

What, as a pregnant mother, you don’t know this?Then let’s take a look at why pregnant women tender breasts in early pregnancy, and how the two piles of meat can eventually be able to breastfeed their babies step by step.

At the beginning of pregnancy, "body" test

Breast pain in the early stages of pregnancy is actually not a manifestation before menstruation.

About 10 days after fertilization, a hormone called "human chorionic gonadotropin" began to increase in the body. It is the HCG we often hear.And "two bars".

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This hormone can increase the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, and they jointly find the breasts in the breast, which will affect it.

In other words, you may have known when you have not realized that you are pregnant.For some women who have experienced pregnancy, they may have their own idea of "whether the breasts are extremely sensitive", and they will have their own idea of "whether they are pregnant and pregnant."

Cup "Big" upgrade

With the large increase in estrogen secretion during pregnancy, not only the whole body blood flow will accelerate (which makes pregnant mothers always feel hot), but also make the breast ducts in the breast thicker.

In the first three months, the chest will really become larger!The big cup is about.

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Do you want to be bigger?Always want to be big?I’m sorry, but I can only send you two words: dreaming.

Of course, some pregnant mothers may worry: if the chest is too small, will there be no milk?The principal said responsible: Never!The size of the breast is not important for breastfeeding.

Go, buy a bra

If you usually wear very comfortable bras, you are tight and tight like sports underwear. If you usually feel very soft and close -fitting underwear, you suddenly have a sweater -like thorn. Don’t hesitate to go to the underwear shop.

This is reality. Many pregnant mothers need to change bra at this time.

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In the past, wearing comfortable personal underwear was no longer suitable for wearing during pregnancy, and a comfortable underwear suitable for wearing during pregnancy would bring how much satisfaction and joy in themselves. Only the parties knew.

When is it suitable to change the breast?It is generally recommended that when the breasts start to get larger in early pregnancy, change it as soon as possible.The three rows of or four -breasted wear will be more comfortable. When picking the size, ensure that the most tight row hook is just right for your current bust, so that even if the back is up, you can use the wide rows without buying again, no need to re -buy it again.Essence

Maybe you can buy a few more comfortable night bras, and they can also gently protect the breasts at night!Especially after starting to breastfeed the baby, you understand their use.

You can look at it from a distance, not to play

The pregnant mother’s breasts are sensitive during pregnancy, and she will be painful if she starts with heavier.

As a result, at this time, the seductive breasts became the "restricted area" of touch.

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However, some women also found that the sensitivity of the breast area would increase her sexual interest.Look, this is the legendary "other people’s breasts".

But I dare to guarantee that even the most sensitive pregnant mothers will have the time when they want to touch the breast regardless of the pain.That’s … the time of tickling, haha!

Don’t think that I’m joking. You must know that when the breast growth becomes larger, it will really cause itching, and it may even become more and more itchy.

If it itchy, go to the dermatology department for a rescue …

Breast ugliness is normal

Within a few months, the breasts of the pregnant mother will become like abstract paintings. The curved red silk lines and blue lines are twisted, and they are gathered to the nipples of the dark, touching, and pimple.

In fact, these "blue threads" are thickened blood vessels, and slightly pink lines are "stretch marks" brought about by skin tight expansion.

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As for the darker of the nipple, it is attributed to estrogen.It will cause excessive pigmentation on the whole body. For example, some pregnant women will have a longitudinal black line on the stomach, and there will be some stains on the face.

This is more significant in women with darker skin tone, because their skin itself naturally contains more pigments.

But don’t worry, these skin color changes are usually gradually recovered after childbirth, or after breastfeeding.

In addition, the nipples during pregnancy will become larger.No need to worry, this is preparing for breastfeeding.The summary nodules on the nipples are called "Moncore Mali’s nodule", which will secrete oil to moisturize the nipples and avoid nipple cracking.

Do not squeeze first milk

When the pregnant mother’s body is prepared for "breastfeeding", the breast may be dripping out, and it will even happen a few days, weeks, and months before the due date.

Human first milk is slightly yellow, thick and nutritious.Don’t squeeze, this is not pus, nor is it dirty. For the baby, this is a good nutritional supplement and immune shield.

Some pregnant women will flow out of colostrum around 37 or eight weeks.According to experience, some pregnant mothers suddenly felt that the whole breast was hot when taking a bath, and then the liquid exuded from the nipple.

I sincerely wish that every birth baby has a good appetite, otherwise it is not a hard -working and hard -working breast …

Born, what will happen to the chest?

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When the baby was finally born, the pregnant mother turned into a mother, and the breasts were fully opened in the "lactation mode". When the "dairy cow" feeded for two hours, the breasts’ most important change began.

Generally, this transition occurs in three to four days after childbirth.Pregnant mothers are worried: just drooping?No, the principal will surprise you.

The following experience comes from an anonymous mother to share: I was born, and took the first time I took a bath for the first time on the third day.I looked up at the mirror at the time, I was really scared!Is that giant busty woman me?I went … I rose from A to B for the first three months, and I did not rise again.

However, some mothers’ big breasts will shrink immediately after feeding … and many mothers say that after giving birth to baby, the breasts will sag.

Dagging is not an inevitable destination. As long as they often breastfeed, choose the right underwear, and avoid fast weight loss or weaning, they may not sag!Of course, breast surgeons also say that they really can’t resist the gravity, drooping is like being old and sick, very natural …

It doesn’t matter!Don’t be frustrated, underwear with chest pads is the gospel of a woman.If you have big breasts more confident, there are many ways to "get bigger" in health!

Not only is breast problem, after pregnancy, expectant mothers will encounter all kinds of confusion.

Since pregnancy, expectant mothers have encountered all kinds of confusion.

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